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Jake's pet peeve and meeting Mr. Sex on Two Legs.

The saiyan roared as he pumped his first load into Goten, the torrent of jizz being so massive that it sprayed out around the beast's cock. He then withdrew his monster cock, Goten came again, his little ballsack drained completely and his cock now shorter than his fingernail. The boy lies twitching in ecstasy while the form of the Saiyan of Legend hovered over him his cock even more engorged than before.

Trunks sat there his inferior cock at full mast, dripping precum as the giant saiyan pulled his testicle from Trunks's warm mouth. The monolithic cock hung in front of him, pulsating, Trunks licked up and down the shaft, his vision blurred by ecstasy. The son of the prince soon bent over, his well used asshole dripping cum. The monster cock then slid right up his ass, the heavy balls of the saiyan soon rested against his own now baby sized scrotum.

When the saiyans big, superior cock began moving in and out, Trunks's cock began spurting uncontrollably, he was becoming the saiyan's bitch, moreso than Goku ever could've made him. His eyes rolled back and the saiyan had Trunks ride his cock, eventually gripping the half-breed's hips and going as deep as he possibly could, forcing a mind numbing orgasm from Trunks, both the boy's cock and ass spasmed erratically, cum sprayed from Trunks's little dick. The load almost completely went into his mouth, which he eagerly swallowed, bouncing on his master's cock. His moans became louder, until the monster cocked saiyan pulled out and came all over Trunks, covering his front. The half-breed drank up as much as he could, fingering his spent, cock loving asshole. Trunks then crawled over to Goten and began making out with him, swapping their master's cum. They're little cocks now at full mast yet again.

"Kakarot, your holes are mine!" He shouted dashing toward Goku who was just realizing what had happened.

"BROLY!" Shouted Goku as he was gripped by the throat and held down by the monster. "We... Beat you!.. How!?" He choked out as the massive, monolithic cock of Broly hovered over Vegeta, who had been fucked into unconsciousness. Broly then shoved his cock up Vegeta's ass, lifting him off the ground with his cock alone, and began pounding, waking the prince from his slumber.

"BROLY!" Vegeta shouted, he then felt the big, fat cock in his ass and smiled. "Let's see what the Legendary Super Saiyan is capable of!" He exclaimed gripping Broly by his mountainous shoulders and ramming the cock further into himself. The Saiyan Prince's cock spurted uncontrollably as this superior man drove his cock deeper into his asshole, he knew Broly was gonna make all of them his bitches and for some reason, maybe it was the monster cock, maybe something else, Vegeta was okay with it. Broly dropped Goku and gripped both of Vegeta's hips pulling him all the way down, cum began spraying out Vegeta's ass, as well as his little cock, he had been broken by a real man.

Gohan was jerking his seven inch cock to the scene as Broly orgasmed, during the cum spray, crawling under the monstrous god of cock and drank as much as he could shooting his own, inferior load onto the grass. Then, as the orgasm ebbed, Vegeta fell onto the ground next to Goten and Trunks, his ass agape and his little dick still leaking cum. Gohan knew he was next and presented his tight, round ass to Broly.

"Kakarot's spawn, I'm going to relish wrecking this boypussy of yours, SLUT!" Shouted the saiyan, unleashing his Legendary form before Gohan's very eyes. When the bright green glow finally subsided, what stood in Broly's place was a massive, hulk of a saiyan, wielding a massive 18 inch cock, thicker than Gohan's forearm, the view was so awesome that Gohan's now flaccid shriveled cock shot a tiny load onto the grass and became stiff with excitement. Goku knelt in front of Gohan's face, his 8 inch cock, absolutely dwarfed by the real cock now prodding his son's ass.

Gohan felt Broly rub some cum on his ass and saw him lube his cock with it, then with little warning, the legendary cock was deep insi

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