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The day after the pool, more fun begins.

His anger rising. He didn't see the phallus on her, but he knew she had it. Sure, she could have dropped it between the time he saw her slip out the door and he left the office, but he knew she hadn't. Her body language just reeked of thief.

Roger pulled her along, checked traffic and hauled her to his porch. "Get in there," he told her after opening the front door.

Annie hissed her displeasure, but went inside the Dakar home. "I don't know what your talking about and when Bab gets back I'm telling her what your doing. I'm a popular customer," the lie rolled off her tongue. She was a popular browser.

She watched Roger roll his eyes and she glared at him. Nevertheless, she followed him when he order her to. Her horror was apparent the minute he walked her behind a large cherry finished desk. There on the small monitor was a colored screen of the store across the street. She watched Jennifer place glass phalluses from the box into the cabinet. She wondered if the girl knew one was missing. "Fuck," she muttered under her breath.

"Where is it?" Roger asked. His eyes moving over Annie's body. He saw her large breasts covered by the loose sweater and when she moved to walk away from him he saw the deformity that was poking from her stomach. He smirked, grabbed her wrists and hauled her against him. "Never mind. I see you've grown hard just with the thought of being in the same room with a real cock." He pressed himself against her.

Annie's face blushed as she felt the glass toy between them. There was no denying what he had felt or witnessed on the screen. Her shoulders slumped and she sighed. "I'm sorry. I'll take it back."

Roger let her go and then thought for a moment, Annie had been coming to the shop for a long time and he knew she was a good kid and she just acted impulsively. "Annie, wait."

Annie stopped and looked back, her fingers were easing the long toy out of the waist band of her jeans and Roger's eyes noticed how well her hand wrapped around the multi-colored tool she'd stolen. Annie saw his eyes and smirked.

"You know," she said, a hint of mischief in her voice, "I could just give it to you and let you take it back."

She slipped the toy back into her pants and then out again. She did this several times, Roger not once asking for the phallus or for her to stop.

His eyes moved over the glass and her fingers, then he slipped his gaze to her breasts and saw her nipples hardening. Roger's cock reacted and he pulled out the chair from the desk and sat down. "I could do that for you or. . .you could keep the toy and work off the cost."

The smile that rose from Annie's lips was genuine. She eased the beautiful piece of art from her slacks and then walked over to Roger's desk. Her eyes moved over his hard cock and she smirked. "How much would this one cost?" she asked. "They weren't priced yet."

Roger took the toy and pulled Annie into his lap. "Sit here and I'll see if I can't find that out for you." Roger turned his chair toward the desk, Annie's nice round ass pressed against his ever-increasing sex. One hand clicked the computer mouse, the other ran the head of the toy up and down Annie's crotch.

Annie moaned and opened her legs further. Her fingers lay on her lap and her head rested back on Roger's shoulder. It wasn't long before Roger's eyes moved from the computer screen to the glass object of Annie's desire. "Stand up sweetie," he told her.

She did and waited for him to tell her what he wanted her to do. Roger scooted his chair back and ran his palms over her ass, squeezing the round cheeks. His hand reached down and he pulled open the bottom drawer. He found what he wanted and wrapped his fingers around the plastic tube of K-Y. Annie saw him from the corner of her eye and her mouth formed an "O" and she purred with excitement.

Roger chuckled.

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