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Chemistry and pheromones do it again.

'Maybe', he thought, 'they are all out somewhere celebrating Earth Day with relatives. This is one of their big holidays, after all. Gees, maybe they have an Earth Day parade. He imagined Native American Indians dressed in full regalia with full feathered headdresses marching down Main Street while chanting, singing, and playing their native music. Boy that would be fun to see Native American Indians in authentic costumes celebrating the Earth Day holiday.

'Yeah, that's probably it,' he thought. 'They're at the big Earth Day parade and celebration after. He wondered what kind of food they ate, if they barbequed. They probably won't be home for hours. Maybe, they'll stay out the entire evening and won't be home until tomorrow.' With thoughts of sleeping over and her cooking him breakfast tomorrow, he made a note to ask her when she expected her family home.

Damn, he'd love to sleep over. He imagined making love to her tonight and again tomorrow morning. He imagined taking a shower with her and making love in the shower. His sexual excitement for her was unparalleled. Never has he felt this way about any woman he has dated.

'Maybe, they go to the burial grounds and visit their dead relatives on Earth Day.' He thought to ask her where her parents and siblings were, but not now. For now, he had only three thoughts on his mind.

'Ass, tits, and pussy...'

He figured that if her parents knew that he was about to have sex with their young, innocent daughter, they'd pile wood around the totem pole out front, tie him to it, and burn him at the stake, that is, after they scalped him and skinned him alive, of course. He laughed at the ridiculousness of that thought. He was so very excited with the thoughts of finally making love to Lisa. Then, he wondered, if he was correct about thinking that they may be upset that their daughter is dating a Caucasian man instead of a man of her own race.

'Relax, calm down, and about think baseball. Ass, tits, pussy... You don't want to ejaculate prematurely.' The thought of ejaculating prematurely to him was like tripping over the third base bag before reaching home.

'Ass, tits, pussy... Let's just take it slow and have the fucking, fucking time of your life! Ass... Okay, relax again. Tits... Take a breath. Pussy... Calm yourself down and think about baseball. Ass, tits, pussy, ass, tits, pussy, ass, tits, pussy...'

As soon as he began his descent down the stairs, he imagined he heard Tom-Tom drums and the soft jingle of bells. Sleigh bells. That's what they sounded like. They sounded like sleigh bells and as soon as he heard them, he thought about Santa Claus and Christmas.

He wondered if they celebrated Christmas or if they had a similar holiday. He wondered if they exchanged gifts at Christmas time and he wondered what he'd buy her for Christmas if they did celebrate the holiday. Definitely, if this evening worked out the way that he thought it would, he'd be shopping for an engagement ring. Only, he's unemployed and would have to get a job, but that's okay, he'd work to support her, the love of his life.

He imagined she was wearing nothing but feathers with little silver belled cuffs that they wear around their ankles as they dance naked. Slowly, cautiously, and eagerly, he descended the stairs.

'Ass, tits, pussy, ass, tits, pussy, ass, tits, pussy...'

As he neared the bottom of the stairs, he heard Native American Indian music playing with Tom-Tom drums and the soft sound of sleigh bells in the background. Then, he heard a man's voice singing in the way that a Medicine Man would sing as he danced around the inside of a Teepee trying to cast his magic Medicine Man spells to cure the ills of the sick.

She was playing Sioux Indian music. Maybe, this music gets her motor running, but he thought it a bit weird. The music did nothing for him but make him anxious and weary.

The music chilled his spine.

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