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Part Three of the series.

She had her right breast cupped in her hand.

"So we got back to the room and shut the door, and I just got down on my knees and unbuttoned their jeans and pulled them down. They took their shirts off, and suddenly there I was, kneeling with two naked guys standing in front of me and a thick hard cock in each hand. I remember thinking, 'If only my parents could see their sweet, innocent daughter now.' Then I just went with it, I started stroking those cocks, running my hands along the length, touching their balls. They were kind of talking dirty to me, but in a sweet way, telling me how hot this was, that they couldn't believe they were doing this, that it felt amazing when I stroked them. They looked so beautiful, those big dicks, I leaned forward and rubbed them on my face, one on each side. I was worshipping their cocks, like I was totally in love with cock."

My finger circled my clit, moving faster, my hips rising with the growing pleasure. Shanna was tweaking her nipples and finally broke out of her daze. Looking over at me, she got up on one elbow to watch me better.

"Then it got really hot. I started sucking them, back and forth, one to the other. A few wet strokes of my mouth on one cock, then I'd switch and suck the other. I kept them nice and slippery with my saliva, so the cock that wasn't in my mouth was always getting a great handjob. At one point I held them close together, just an inch apart, and flicked my tongue over the tips of both cocks at once. They were groaning and moaning above me, and I started sucking hard and fast. I pulled back for a second and just jacked them off, a cock in each hand. I let go just long enough to pull off my tanktop, then resumed jerking them. You know at the time I didn't want to taste cum, so I told them, 'Guys, just don't come in my mouth.' They were like, ok, where should we come? I was still drunk, and without thinking I just said, 'Wherever, on my face or on my tits or something.'"

I spread my legs wide open at this point, putting my right leg on top of Shanna's naked hip. She made an "Mmmm" sound and ran her hand along my leg, leaving it there as she resumed the story. I was working two fingers over my clit, spreading my juices around and rubbing it a lot harder.

"I leaned forward and switch sucked them a few more times, but then they started making those noises, and I knew they were going to explode. I pulled back and kept going with the double handjob. I wasn't really aiming them, just jacking them near my face without thinking, and Scott went off first. Man, you thought he shot a big load earlier tonight? He fucking drenched me that first time. All these huge blasts of thick cum, and he just kept spurting and spurting. Later he told me they'd been on a team trip so he hadn't jerked off in over a week. I got all of it. Across my forehead, my cheeks, in my hair...a lot in my hair, actually. I could feel some hanging off my ear, dripping down my earring. Some dripped down my neck and onto my tits. And while Scott was still coming, Tony blew his load. I swear there were spurts of cum criss-crossing in the air and hitting my face. He nailed me right in ther lips, and I was smiling and laughing the whole time, so I ended up with a bunch in my mouth. I think Tony felt bad - he grabbed his cock to aim down at my tits, so he finished jerking himself off that way. He must have been on the same trip as Scott, because his load was pretty amazing, too. I looked down and I could see big streaks of cum on my chest."

I reached my left hand down to slip two fingers up into my pussy, pumping myself while my right hand worked my clit furiously. Shanna's hand on my thigh felt like fire and ice.

"The crazy thing was, I mean I'm sitting there completely splattered with cum, I just sucked off two guys at once, and I felt so hot.

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