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Dean Pelt receives a surprise visit from Ginger's friend.

"You do a lot of that."

"Sorry, when you grow up on a military base you don't get many compliments. My dad was a bit of a hard ass you might say."

"I am sorry," I said.

"Sorry, I don't understand?"

"You said was I assumed..."

"Oh hell no, that old fart is as strong as two oxen. He'll outlive both of us just out of spite."

I poured another round of champagne and we laughed and got to know one another very well. From time to time she caught me staring at her and she would blush and I would just smile. There was definitely something different about Melody. Her nationality was as unique as her voice and I could pick out several different countries in her features and amazingly they all blended together perfectly.

"So tell me about those mad skills that got you this job," I asked her.

"I think it was more my personality that won over Mr. Shaw than skills but here goes. I speak thirteen languages and read another four that are considered either dead or so esoteric they should be pronounced dead. I have my Masters from Harvard in Law, Linguistics and Business. Oh and I can fly anything from a single prop engine to a Huey gun ship. Speaking off care to join me in the cockpit?"
"Don't you think the pilot might not like it," I asked.

"Nah, I am the pilot."

So after checking on the auto pilot we sat in the pilot's compartment and watched the ever darkening sky. It was my first sunset at thirty thousand feet.

"Wow," I said seeing the clouds igniting with crimsons and golds.

"I forget how pretty it can be," she said. "I've see it so many times. It's kind of nice to see it through someone else's perspective."

"You talk like you're a hundred."

"Hardly," she chuckled. "I just turned eighteen."

"You are shitting me," I cursed shocked at her age. "But three Masters degrees... what the hell is your I.Q.?"

"You sure you want to know, some men find intelligent women threatening."

"The only thing I've ever found threatening is the Yard on a full moon," I told her.

"The Yard, you make it sound like prison," she said and then stopped. "Stupid me... I'm sorry Jon."

"It's ancient history. Besides I have a glorious sunset and the company of a beautiful woman to share it with."

"You think I'm beautiful?"

"You have no idea how lovely you are in my eyes," I said and there went the blush, damn that was so sexy!

She reached over and I took her hand giving it a little squeeze. I looked down and noticed her long delicate fingers with their short painted nails. But I guess it was the ridge of her hand that caught my attention suddenly. I ran my index finger across it and though the skin was soft and supple there was strength to it as well.

"You left out something," I said.


"You left out martial arts training."

"Nick said not to underestimate you and he was spot on. Did you really think the daughter of a marine general would not have combat training?"

"I guess you'd have to be skilled to fight off all the boys," I replied.

We both laughed and enjoyed the rest of the sunset in perfect silence. The reds turned to blues and then to indigo and at last the flawless black of night fell across the sky. The stars began to poke out and soon the heavens were ablaze with a sea of incandescent points.

"Wow," I whispered.

"You want to fly her," Melody asked.

"What, oh no I'm not sure that's...," I tried to protest but it fell on deaf ears.

"Switching off the autopilot," she said undeterred. "Better grab the controls Jon."

I snatched at the controls and she let go slowly.

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