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Linda giggled and changed into her little girl voice, "When do you believe the festivities first started?"

I answered with a grin, "When you and Barb took her bags to the pool house. She gave you your first orgasm with her tongue."

They both blushed and Barb ask. "How did you know?"

"Well," I said, "Linda was flushed some, when ya'll came to the patio, and when you kissed me, I could taste Linda's pussy. That is a taste I am very familiar with. I love it. It made you taste so good to me."

Linda laughed and said, "Barb, we won't get much passed him."

I said, "Barb, it's a little bit late, but I do have a question for you, if you don't mind."

She looked at me and nodded.

I went on, "Do you have anyone in your life that would be hurt if they knew about our night together?"

She shook her head no and said, "No Luke. I do have a, fuck buddy, boyfriend. He and I see each other about twice a month, but we are not exclusive. I suspect he likes our arrangement the way it is. I do not have a girlfriend. In fact, I haven't been with another woman in about three years. I had thought that maybe I had outgrown my interest in women, until Linda came on the scene. When we had lunch last week, I got butterflies. I felt a real need for her. I'm so glad it worked out this way.

"Good enough then," I said. "I'm glad I didn't screw up to badly by not asking you, when we were on the phone the other morning. I guess my mind wasn't working properly during that conversation."

I took a minute to look closely at Barb in the muted light. She is a remarkably pretty girl. I don't think of her as a woman, like Linda. I had understood she was five years younger. I think she might be younger still. I've never seen anyone with eyes like hers. The amber color is unique, and the irises look like the angels outlined them in black. She was wearing a small amount of make-up when she got here, but it's gone now. She really didn't need it, she is just naturally young girl pretty. Her alabaster skin is blemish free. Her red hair is shorter than Linda's, and it hugs her head like a fluffy helmet. It was wet a half hour ago. She just dabbed it a bit with a towel, shook her head and ran her fingers through it. She is sitting here now looking like she just came from the stylist. Her body is beyond nice too. I always wonder why a girl this good looking wants to be with me. All things considered, she's almost as pretty as Linda.

I asked, "Do the two of you want to make some plans for the rest of the night, or are we going to just let it happen?"

Barb spoke, "If it is okay with both of you, there are two things I want to happen."

I said, "Go ahead."

Barb paused and looked at each of us, and said. "I want a reasonable amount of time alone with each of you."

Linda said, "I'm sure that's acceptable."

I nodded.

Linda went on, "There is one thing Barb. In every encounter you have had so far with either of us, you seemed to be in a hurry to reach climax. Luke and I like to make our sessions last longer, most of the time. How about this? I would like to go one on one with Luke for an hour, when we first go back to the pool house. I want you to watch but not participate. I want us to show you how we can go for hours. We have done a three hour session and could have gone longer. I think an hour will be enough to show you how we do it. After that hour is up, Luke will want to sleep anyway, we can have whatever time together you want, then we can sleep. In the morning you can have as much time as you want with Luke. He will be almost totally recovered by then, if we leave him alone. You had better save some of yourself for that. I know how much he wants you."

Barb blushed and smiled. She said, "Sounds like a plan to me. How about you Luke?"

I asked, "Can I watch some of your alone time, girl on girl action?"

Barb answered, "I really wish you wouldn't, it would probably inhibit Linda to one degree or another.

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