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"You're always falling asleep on me."

Benny moved from sleep to hyper-awareness in one split second. The amused voice was pitched lower than Phil's tenor, the aftershave citrus rather than the woodsy scents Phil had favored.

"Hey," Matt said, his fingers now tracing along Benny's jaw. "Sleepyhead."

Benny pushed himself up and away from Matt, eyeing him warily. Other than his general build -- and Matt was taller and lankier -- he had nothing in common with Phil, yet this was the second time Benny had been tricked. He hoped to hell he hadn't been talking in his sleep again.

"Too much food makes me sleepy. Sorry about that."

"Too much food? You didn't even finish your burger!"

Benny shrugged. "Never was a big eater." Uncomfortable under Matt's appraising look, he stood up and wiped his suddenly damp palms against his jeans. "I'll help you clean up."

Matt didn't budge, his bare feet propped against the coffee table and his arms stretched out along the back of the couch. "But you weren't this thin before," he commented. "From the wear pattern on your belt, I'd say you've lost a good ten or fifteen pounds."

"Cheez Doodles," Benny muttered, starting to stack the empty containers.

"Are you trying not to use bad language or something?" Matt grinned.

"Probably ten of those pounds were due to Cheez Doodles. And other assorted junk food," Benny elaborated.

"And the other five?"

"My Coke habit." Goddamn, but Benny missed his Cherry Coke.

"Not the white powder variety, I take it."

"I'm eating healthier now. I'm okay."

Matt suddenly leant forward and laid his open palm against Benny's abdomen. Benny simply stood there, holding a stack of containers, feeling the warmth of Matt's hand seep through his T-shirt. He tensed as Matt's hand drifted downward and twisted, so that the long fingers insinuated themselves under the waistband of his jeans.

"I should take these into the kitchen," Benny said, but he didn't move. His heart felt like it was trying to burst out of his chest with a slow, thumping beat that left him breathless and slightly queasy.

Matt set his feet on the floor and reached for Benny's hip with his other hand. "Just put'em back on the table. They'll keep."

Benny swallowed hard, still frozen to the spot, until Matt took the containers from him and set them on the floor next to him. Then he reached for Benny again, curling one hand around Benny's belt buckle and pulling him forward between his legs.

"Are we gonna do this, Ben?" Matt asked, looking up, his face flushed along the cheekbones.

Benny slid his fingers through Matt's hair, pushing it off his forehead, and traced the fine eyebrows lightly with his thumbs. "Yeah. Yeah, I think we are."

Matt smiled, then turned his attention back to the Benny's belt, unbuckling it and unbuttoning the waistband. He pushed Benny's jeans down to his knees, then slowly swept his hands up the outside of Benny's thighs.

"You're shaking. Relax," Matt instructed, nuzzling at Benny's cotton-covered crotch.

Benny gave a strained laugh. "I don't think I can." He combed through Matt's silky hair again, the feeling of the cool strands between his fingers soothing. He tugged on them, forcing Matt's face up again, and bent down to kiss him. Matt parted his lips, allowing Benny's tongue in and then sucking on it. Never losing contact with Matt's mouth, Benny sank to his knees on the floor between Matt's legs.

Matt was wearing loose-fitting cargo shorts, and Benny slid his hands down Matt's back and under the waistband only to find bare skin.

"Naughty," he murmured, pinching the taut flesh, and Matt's lips curved under his.

"Laundry day."

Benny tugged at the waistband and Matt raised his hips, helping him shove the cargo shorts down his long legs and off.

"Ah, Jesus, you're beautiful," Benny breathed almost reverently, his fingers tracing up the vein on the underside of Matt's cock, then lightly touching the already leaking slit.

Matt's breath hitched.

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