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Dominated before and during a private dance.

Katie found Laysha to be such a fun play toy and although she never thought she had a lesbian bone in her body, she felt completely at ease with Laysha and loved being physically intimate with her. With one hand fucking her cunt the other explored her body. Katie squeezed her tits, felt the tightness of her abdomen and the strength of her neck. Her fingers probed her mouth and roughly pulled on her hair. All of this attention made Laysha feel all the more crazed with desire.

"Ohhh, Ohhhh, Ohhhhh!!" she cried. "I'mmmm coommmm-innng." With her body wracked with convulsions she exploded. A jet of nectar shot out and caught Katie unexpectedly in the chest. But there was no stopping her now. Katie continued to fuck her aggressively with three fingers. Her prolonged orgasm kept cumming and what felt incredibly intense at first now became almost unbearably so. Laysha screamed as the waves of pleasure detonated from every possible region of her loins.

When Katie finally relented the hung goddess' body slowly transitioned from convulsing to shaking to Laysha whimpering. She hung limply. Her body beautiful in every imaginable way. Deb and Katie watched the girl whimper and shudder as aftershocks from her many orgasms continually erupted.

"God she looks hot," Deb admitted.

"I know. She is so much fun too."

"She'd make a good slave if you asked me. She's more submissive than dominant."

"Mmmmm," Katie sighed.

With one arm draped around Katie's neck and with the two of them watching Laysha hanging Deb suggested, "Maybe the slave you are looking for is right here."

Katie grinned. "She's fun but I need to get my first love."

"Your first love? Who is she; your second?"

Katie giggled. "She's something like that."

"Then why don't you eat her again. Go on."


"Yea, make her cum. I want to watch."

"OK, if you say so." Katie giggled again.

"Bobby, pull the bottom spreader bar back and tie it around that anchor," Deb said suddenly feeling more playful. "I want this slave hanging like she's flying while Katie makes her cum."

A minute later, Laysha's precious body hung arching and nearly horizontally. Katie came at her from behind, held onto both of her slender hips and took a long lapping lick from clit to anus.

Laysha sighed. "Mmmmm."

Katie lapped again. With each stroke Laysha moaned with pleasure.

After watching Katie arouse the young goddess once more, Deb came at her from the opposite side. Lifting her head, she forced her neck as far back as she could.

"You are such a slave girl. Aren't you?"

"Ooooohhhh," she said. Her eyes lolly-rolled in response to Katie's attention down below.

Deb kissed her but this time it was Laysha who forced her tongue into Deb's mouth. Pulling away she slapped her face.

"No slut does that to me. You're my slave. I'm the one who violates you. You don't do any such thing to me ever!"

Her words seemed to fall on deaf ears.

"Mmmmm, ooooohhhhh, mmmmmmm, Ohhhh g-goddd"

Deb came at her again and this time making out with her and squeezing her firm mounds all while Katie continued to attack her pussy.

"God you're making me horny," Deb said holding her head up so she could look into her eyes.

BY now Laysha was a mass of moans and groans and bucks and humps. Driven to the point where she appeared to be losing her mind she writhed in wild frenzy. Katie withheld the orgasm she so hungrily sought. With Deb mauling her face and neck she passionately grabbed and stroked her ass, loins and thighs, all while licking and sucking on her engorged cunt.

"Do it Katie. Do it now!" came the directive.

Following Deb's orders she honed in on her clit and within seconds took the lithe beauty over the edge and into the abyss of lust and lost thoughts. Squealing she came.

"Oooiiiiii! Gasp, gasp.

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