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She gives him a fashion show and he thanks her.

The huge dog came closer as well, trotting to join the man at his side.

Under normal circumstances, she would not have put herself into a situation such as this. She looked around, checking her surroundings. There were very few escape routes. No one was around to save her. On the other hand, the love of her life had found another woman and would never be hers. She had nothing to lose... what did it matter what this stranger's intentions were? She shrugged to herself and came closer, reaching out to touch the dog as it came within arm's length. "What are you doing here?" she asked up at the man, as she crouched around to scratch the dog under his chin.

The man crossed his arms nonchalantly and leaned against a tree with his arms folded.

"Me? I'm here for you deary. I was just hanging about and I heard you coming a mile away." he said. "The true question is.. what are YOU doing here? You seem like a girl with everything to gain and nothing left to lose." He said it in his strange singsong voice without a hint of sympathy or pity, instead there was a sense of anxious anticipation in his words, like he wanted to say more, but was holding himself back, though his face betrayed nothing of whatever was going on in his head.

He was right, she thought to herself. Eydva nodded mournfully. "I..I can't go back home," was all she said. She stood up, stretching. Her body was stiff and sore from running all day, the chill of the weather settling heavily into her bones. She shivered, wishing she hadn't been so rash as to have forgotten her coat and scarves. The large statue of the man and dog was silently staring back at her.

The man smiled at her gently, waiting. When Eydva remained silent, he slipped from the tree to where she stood facing the strange statue with surprising speed, almost as if he had just appeared in front of her out of thin air.

"YOU are NOT running FROM something. YOU are running TOWARD something. .something you want... something you neeeeeeed..."

"...hey! Don't start that yet!" A low growly voice declared from behind her. Eydva started, a hand coming up to her chest in surprise. She was sure there hadn't been anybody else around...

The large dog came around in front of her again and sat down beside the man. "She stopped petting me," he complained and pouted.

"He can talk!" she declared.

The man rolled his eyes. "Talk? By old Sheo's mad beard he can talk! The hard part is getting him to shut up!"

Eydva was looking at the pair of them now, in front of the statue. Man and dog in mirror image of the larger stone versions behind them. She looked only once back and forth between them and she felt the ice of fear in her heart.

This was no coincidence. The statue... the man and the dog in front of her. They were the Same! She recalled a lecture from her mage school days about Daedric princes and wished she had paid more attention. Her eyes went wide and she started to back away instinctively.

"You're... you're..."

"Devilishly handsome? Incredibly charming? Generous to a fault? Always willing to help the brokenhearted and despondent?"

"You... you're... VILE!" The name finally popped into her head, and it did not taste very pleasant on her tongue.

"BAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... she's got you pegged!" The dog fairly howled, as he rolled onto his side shaking with laughter till he started to cough.

The little man stood frozen in place, his grin never faltering as he waited for the dog's laughter to subside. "I would prefer it if you used my full name, deary. It sounds so ...unpleasant... when you only use the last bit."

Eydva recalled her lectures now suddenly very vividly. Daedra were spirits from the dawn of creation. They had generally sided against the mortal races in the old stories and some of the worst were considered evil monsters bent on the destruction or enslavement of all the races of Nirn. At best they were untrustworthy... at worst, well, she didn't want to think about the worst.


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