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A 19-year-old has sex with an older man.

As I walked back I couldn't help but stare at her perfectly rounded ass and her clean anal hole. Again I noticed that she was totally tanned all over. I guessed that she probably used a tanning salon to maintain her beautiful skin tone. I covered her ass with a small towel in an effort to maintain an atmosphere of professionalism and also to avoid the throbbing that was beginning in my own shorts.

I began to massage her head and shoulders while we talked and learned more about each other. She told me that she was 39 years old. That made her 14 years my senior. She had been married when she was 17 and had two daughters, Tracy and Teri. Her ex-husband was basically gone with his new wife, but had provided well for Trish and the girls. In fact, she and the girls had taken a year off from work and school following the divorce. She worked to make their lives better, but she felt as though they had all of what they needed to live comfortably. She hadn't really found time to date while raising the two girls. That was perhaps the only empty aspect of her otherwise well adjusted life.

As I worked my way down her body, I could feel her relax. When I reached her legs she spread them slightly to allow me easier access to her thighs and hamstrings. I pushed the towel aside and worked my hands into her glutes. I felt her rolling her hips as my hands pressed into her cheeks. And I heard an encouraging sigh as my fingers approached the area between her legs.

I commented on the gold ring that I could see piercing her clitoris. Trish opened her legs even more and raised her hips to allow me a better look. Then without me saying anything she rolled over on her back and spread her legs wider still. She rubbed her index finger lightly across the ring and spread her vulva open. Then she smiled at me and said that I could massage it if I wanted to.

How could I resist? It wasn't part of my massage training, but I knew just what to do. As my fingers worked their magic on Trish's pussy her juices began to flow. I could smell the aroma and I longed to taste her. I removed my hand and put my fingers in my mouth. Trish watched seductively as I sucked her nectar from my hand. My resistance was gone. I climbed up on the table between Trish's legs and dove into the treasure that lay before me. Her skin was so smooth. The absence of hair made it easy to lick and taste her all over. I pulled gently on the gold ring and she squirmed with delight. I looked up to see her pinching and pulling on her hard little nipples.

'Oh Rob! That feels so good!' she cried.

She raised her hips to force herself into my face. My tongue slipped even deeper inside of her and I sucked hungrily at the fluid that was now flowing freely into my mouth. I felt her orgasm building to its crescendo and Trish grabbed my head and pulled me tighter to her groin. I could barely breathe but I was content just to inhale her sweetness.

She cried out and bucked her hips as I gave her the most intense orgasm I've ever known a woman to experience. I continued to suckle on her as she gradually came down from the incredible high that she had brought on herself. When she finally relaxed her grip on my skull, I looked up to see her chest heaving and her face showing the obvious signs of her total pleasure. I crawled up her body and kissed her soft skin as I covered her belly and then her breasts and finally her neck. And when our lips met, it was electric. She was tasting her own cum and I was tasting the sweetest mouth I had ever kissed. It was incredible! Trish's tongue was all over my mouth and she held my head in her hands like she was never going to let go.

When we finally stopped I just stared into her eyes.

'I've never given a massage quite like that before.' I chuckled.

'God I've never had such an intense orgasm.' Trish answered.

We lay there together for almost ten minutes. Not needing to say anything. Just taking it all in. Trish stroked my hair and I let my thoughts wander a bit. I realized two things.

First, I thought, this is the

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