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Amy's teasing ways will earn her more attention than ever.

Wondering just exactly how many of my boys will call and say they are coming. The phone rings just as I sit down for dinner. It was Gary, he will be at my party, and then another call, David, and he will be here too. So far there were 3, I only needed 2 more calls and they would all be attending in good standards and I would then know for sure they were all serious about being one of my submissives.

Then while doing the dinner dishes the call came that I had been waiting for:


"Hello Mistress, how are you tonight?"

"Good Jason, how are you?"

"Great now! I wanted to call and confirm I would be able to attend your party."

"Oh good Jason, I am looking forward to meeting you. I will check your name off and set up your room thank you for calling. Talk to you later, I must get off the phone now"

"OK Ma'am have a good night"

"Thank you Jason hugs, and kisses are sent your way... Behave!"

"Yes Ma'am, I will, talk to you soon Good bye"

"Bye" as I hang up the phone, I give a loud YAHOOO!!! Now I know my party will be a big hit... My two favorite subs are going to be here. If none of the others show, at least I have them...

When I check my email I have one from my last sub.. Kevin, he says that he is not sure he can make it but will do what he can. I understand Kevin's predicament, it is a bit different then my other subs/slaves. Kevin has already crossed the thin line of sub/slave.. He is definitely a full time slave.. He belongs completely to me. However with his family life it makes it a bit difficult at this time. I'm sure he will do what he can to be here at least part of the time. So I received RSVP's from every one of my subs, they are all showing up and will perform for my pleasure anything I wish for them to do. What they don't know is there will be a small competition between them. I will keep each and every one, but one will win the privilege of a 24/7 relationship... Wonder which will perform the best for this honor? We will have to just wait and see...

The time has come... My subs will all be arriving shortly. I have arranged for a car to pick them up and deliver them to my house. I have set up rooms for each one of the boys. Each room has a different theme depending what I have trained each one to do for me. In each room, there is an instruction board hanging on the back of the door.. When they start to arrive I show them to their rooms, and explain the rules of the weekend.

They are as follows:

1)You must do everything I demand of you

2)You must always smile and thank me for whatever you are doing.

3)You must wear what I have chosen for you, and you will be proud to wear such outfits whenever and wherever I demand.

4)You will have a nightly ritual you will perform for my pleasure. This will be done without fail.

5)You will follow any and all instructions on your private board each and every day and any other time I require it.

Gary is the first to arrive: I show him his room, and as he settles in I smile knowing he will soon be mine completely. My goal for each of these boys is to teach them they will respond to my commands without even thinking about what they have been instructed to do. I'm sure Gary will enjoy everything I have planned for him. For the last 2 weeks, since I sent out the invitations he has been asking me more and more how he can please me. Soon he wont have to ask, he will just do... That is my goal with Gary...

Next to arrive is David... After he walks into the house he bows to me, asking me what he can do to please me now... I respond to him by telling him to follow me and we walk into his room. I show him the board and explain how the weekend will work leaving him to read and follow the directions that are on his board. David is very shy, he has a hard time being proud of himself, and show off himself to me. I want him to be comfortable to be in any state in my presence. That is my goal with David...

The next to arrive is Kevin.

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