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Sex, drugs & rock & roll with 3 babes in dorm at Mardi Gras.

Fucking me. You are holding me tightly against you, moving me up and down your shaft. Each movement getting deeper and deeper.

I start moaning, my breathing getting heavier, feeling you inside, your arms around me, you kissing my neck.

My fantasy is coming true, getting to have you this weekend is what I wanted, the thoughts of you is why I needed to be alone, away from everyone. Then getting you, having you fucking me at this very moment is more than I can stand. Your aggression has excited me causing me to cum, my pussy tightening around your dick, trying to pull it in deeper, not wanting it to leave. The feeling exciting you even more.

You start moving faster, fucking me, moving your dick in farther, trying to bury yourself within the heaven that is before you. You start breathing quicker, you are holding me even tighter, forcing me farther down onto you.

The excitement is threatening to explode. I wrap my legs even tighter around your body, pulling you in deeper. My forceful movement to pull you in matching your movement to force your dick even farther inside. Moving in and out, faster and harder. Continuing, getting even more aggressive. Our moans getting louder, "fuck me, harder" I yell, causing you to move even faster.

"oh yes, fuck my pussy"

You continue moving me up and down your cock, you feel the wetness, the tightness. You know that I am so very excited. You start hoping that we are being watched. The thought brings you even closer, the cum threatening to release without your permission.

I start kissing you, and take one of your hands from around my body, bringing it to my tit; I want you to play with my nipple.

"Squeeze it, twist it, make it hurt" I say. "Fuck me even harder, slam into my pussy, and make it beg for forgiveness" moaning "fuck me, oh god yes"

The thought brings you even closer, and then you feel me cum, I am convulsing with pleasure; my pussy is pulling tightly against your dick. You feel the moisture, the heat and just as I am about to stop convulsing you release the load you have been holding onto. Deep within my pussy, I feel you shooting the treat; one I can only wish to taste at this moment.

You are pulsating within the depths of my pussy; each movement brings you closer and closer until finally you hit the spot that leaves me calling out in pure pleasure and I cum again. I am totally spent, collapsing in your arms.

You smile at my response, then give me a kiss on the neck, moving up my chin then kissing me, our tongues exploring each other; your fingers moving in my hair, your other hand on my back pulling me into you. We continue until we both need to breathe.

Once we have stopped for the moment, you look around and I whisper into your ear, "I made sure you were in a spot that can't be seen from the cabin you are staying in before I joined you"

Frowning you say "too bad, my friends would have loved the show"

I look at you confused, you smile and say "these are buddies of mine from school; they would have loved to see me fucking you"

And with that you pull yourself from me, taking my hand and pull me to the shore. Once there you bring me out of the water. You stop to look at me, you lean in give me a kiss while bringing your hand down to my pussy, touching it gently; this movement causing me to take a deep breath in pleasure. At that moment you decide to give me a fantasy that I have told you about when we first got together.

You then say to me angrily "I will teach you to surprise me on a trip like this" still holding onto my hand you drag me naked towards the cabin. Noticing that not everyone was up you yell "hey, come out and see what I found while I was swimming"

I instantly turn red from embarrassment, my pussy tightens in response and releases even more juices, I start trying to pull myself into you to hide; but you wouldn't let me, you step away then bring me to stand in front of you.

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