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She grants his fondest wish.


When someone as beautiful and sexy as she was thanks you for doing something that, truth be told, you did as much for your own gratification as any other's a pretty big ego boost.

I rolled off, laying spent beside Karly's sweaty form. I closed my eyes, listening to her licking her fingers as she dipped them into her gooey, overflowing pussy and transferred the contents to her hungry mouth

"You know," she whispered, after a few mouthfuls, "I love the taste of your jizz, by itself, but add a bit of my own juice for seasoning, and it's the best ever."

"Glad I can be your supplier," I laughed. "Now, I need a shower, and to get to school. Thanks for the memorable morning, honey."

Memorable. Yeah, good luck concentrating in class after that.


It was a Saturday afternoon. I was out in the backyard, cutting the grass, and sweating under the hot sun. Everything that made the yard perfect for casual football games.... big, flat and open....made it hell to take care of. No trees for shade, except for a few around the back corners, it was an oven, and it was my job to keep it cut. Because it was so open, it would get baked out if it wasn't watered often, which the built in sprinkler system took care of, but that also meant it grew like crazy.

I was cursing the heat, walking the long straight lines behind the mower, headed away from the house. I got to the back fence, did the turn, and set sail toward the front. I saw some movement at the sliding glass doors that opened onto the deck, and focused on it. It took me a few seconds to penetrate the glare and identify what it was.

Karly was standing in the doorway, naked, holding a razor and can of shave cream. She wagged them at me playfully. I killed the mower, and walked up onto the deck, sliding the door aside.
"As long as you're trimming unwanted growth," she smiled, "I could use your services. I'm getting a five-o'clock shadow on my pussy."

Hmmm, let's see....I probably have about ten minutes of work left in the yard. Knowing I had another, much more enjoyable job, waiting for me inside was going to give me a second wind. Getting to shave Karly's delectable nether regions was the best job on my to-do list, by far, and I was getting paid to do it.

"I'll only be a few minutes, then I think a quick shower to keep from making your eyes water," I laughed, thinking of her splayed open for my razor....and my eyes....and my tongue. If I thought about it much longer, I'd be cutting the grass with a hard-on.

I virtually ran the last few rows of grass cutting, cleaned the mower, and put it away. A few minutes later, I was standing under the warm water in the shower, racing through the process of washing off the sweat and grime. That was the one glaring difference between Monica and Karly ; Karly liked me clean and fresh, while Monica would have been so turned on by my sweaty body she would have fucked me unconscious before letting me clean up.

I found Karly in her bedroom, laying back on the bed. She had brought a small basin of warm water in for my use, and it was sitting beside the bed, along with the razor and shave cream. She was gently playing with her clit, as though it was just something to do to pass the time. I guess everyone needs a hobby.

Speaking of hobbies, I was about to embark on a new one of my own. I took up a position at the corner of the bed, and my.... um, client....arranged herself quickly for servicing. Perhaps, if this was going to be a regular occurrence, we should invest in a table with stirrups. Just a thought.

Karly proved that stirrups weren't necessary, spreading wide and holding her long, strong legs in position with ease. It only took a few seconds to get her all lathered up, and I began to scrape away the stubble that she wanted removed. It was, understandably, a very delicate process, and I took my time.

I did the broad strokes first, like the true artiste I was, shaving the easy bits all around her delicious opening.

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