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Sexy secretary is given a very big task to complete.


You're absolutely tingling as you sign online to type me the message the next morning. You wore your husband out the night before, which completely convinced him he had made the right decision to give you this as your present. You write and tell me what your present is going to be and give me you husband's cell so that he and I can talk. You tell me the date of your birthday and I tell you we won't talk until that night. Since it's a month away I guess your imagination will have to get you through the next 30 days.

It is a very long month and a week before your birthday your husband cuts you off, we all want to make sure you are good horny next weekend for your party. Seven days of anticipation is almost more then you can handle. The day of the party you are absolutely twitching with anticipation.

You get an e-mail from me in the afternoon, "see you at 7."

At 7 o'clock the door bell rings and we meet for the first time. You are dressed in a hot little skirt and a silky lingerie top.

"Wow, you're even more beautiful in person," I say as I drink you in from head to toe.

We hug and you whisper "thank you," in my ear and give me a little kiss.

I come in and shake your husband's hand and he and I begin to chat, it's obvious he and I have met and talked about tonight. I ask you if you're excited and you take my hand and slide it up your skirt. The first thing I realize is you're not wearing panties and second that you are very, very excited. Your husband goes into the closet and comes back with a little leather bag, he unzips it and pulls out a brand new digital video camera.

He smiles, "tonight you are going to become the star of your own movie so we can relive it again and again. Let's show everyone how oral you are."

You and I walk over to the couch and I tell you to lay down, you look a little confused, "remember being oral includes giving and receiving."

Your husband is smiling as he raises the camera and says with a grin, "action honey."

I lay you down on the couch and slide on top of you to really kiss you for the first time, we're both nervous and excited. The nervousness falls away as our tongues start to play with each other, our hands fly all over each others body as I grind myself up against you. I move down to your neck and start the slow procession down your body, running my tongue around your neck, under your arms and around your magnificent breasts. Finding my way along that flat little stomach, my tongue stopping to play with your newly pierced belly button as I bite and tease at the ring. I can feel you twitching as I slide down and dig my mouth into your thighs. I start licking the outside of your labia, up and around but not touching your clit, spreading your lips with my fingers but teasing along the outside.

"Put your tongue in me," you moan.

I bury my face in your pussy, my tongue diving inside you twisting and licking you as your juices start to flow, you hear and feel me sucking your juices into my mouth, hear me moaning in delight. You now believe what I told you, I like giving almost as much as receiving oral.

You feel the tension building as I slide my fingers inside you, tickling the upper wall of your pussy finding the spot, my tongue and lips sliding around your clit. I start to speed up as your hips start to rock, I hear you gasp as your breathing starts to change, I speed up even more, my fingers going deeper inside you as you grab my head forcing it down into your body as you explode, I bury my face in you sucking you as your juices cum all over my face. I slowly lick around you as you start to relax and slow down. I run my tongue down you legs thighs and calves, sucking on your toes for a minute as you lay there recovering.

"Show him what you can do baby," you hear your husband say.

You come up and push me back against the couch, kissing me deeply, tasting yourself on my lips.

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