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Professional escort gets more than she bargained for.

Glad that they were giving her a moment to step out of her role, Saphirra answered,

"Well, that and Guillaume and---everyone--it was--overwhelming!"

"Would anyone like to stay for the birthday girl's spanking?" Julius asked. The slave's eyes popped open wider when eight agreed, making the Master and Mistress ten. "Splendid, a nice even number!" he laughed mischieviously. Ilana and Marc begged the late hour, and Kailyn saw them out, while Julius went looking for the restraints to prepare the slave. Soon Saphirra found herself entering into the dark, dizzy, head of a true slave again; blinded, with her hands and feet bound, mouth gagged, nipples clamped, and her warm ass pushing against a cold plug. Though her climax had subsided, the shock of the plug and the clamps kept her just aroused enough to stay open and pliant. The remaining group trooped en mass down to the dungeon with her in tow. When they entered the heated tile floor soothed her feet, but it was a brief pleasure as she was quickly lifted onto the horse where she had just that afternoon tasted Julius for the first time. How long ago that seemed!

"Now, don't anyone hold back. If anyone can't do a full twenty-five, don't worry, I'll finish her off!" The Master barked. Saphirra quaked at the thought of that many spanks.

"Remember, pussy, I'm here," Saphirra felt Kailyn's warm breath in her ear. "If it's too much, you just signal. I'll know." The Mistresse kissed her forehead, and moved around to the back of the horse. "Give me the paddle, Guillaume. I'll start her off."

Saphirra's head reeled in conflicting emotions as the blows landed on her protruding ass. The Mistresse had done this many times before, but there was an intimacy to it now that clutched at the slave's heart. She lay there, full of the come of these new lovers, but strangely shy that they should see her like this with her Mistresse. After everything that had happened that day she could not explain it. She was not in the position of a shrinking flower. A river of gutteral groans escaped through the gag, her dripping juices made a dark slick along the vinyl horse. She bucked from each new new hand against her ass, but reared back for another again and again. The smelling game was more than just a game, for now she knew who was spanking her, as they all made a point of leaning in closely. Every now and again Saphirra stretched her fingers, which were attached to the front of the horse, and felt Kailyn's hand. She had taught her to signal the "I Love You" sign in her hand, like Helen Keller, only now it made more sense why.

Guillaume, who knew her most private hole so intimately, reached below and spanked her against the plug and the tender spot between. She relished his scent--it was almost as if the beach clung to him wherever he went. Saphirra was beyond a violent climax by now, writhing on a plateau of wakeful nerves, as if any moment a million orgasms might ooze from every pore. They showered her with crude names, encouraging her to surrender her self and become a toy to be used. They complimented her round, tight ass, and crowed to see it's color deepen with every blow. Julius was last and took his time, sliding his dry hand over her burning cheeks, caressing every curve, as if he was memorizing the terrain and planning his swing, like an Olympic athelete.

"You're a furnace, you little slut. Absolutely insatiable." He bent down and hissed menacingly in her ear, "Now you're going to get what's coming to you. And you're going to beg." The Master removed the gag, and land a powerful blow with the paddle.

"Fuck!" Saphirra swore. Sweat stung her eyes, and a tear rolled down her cheek. She felt Kailyn's hand against her own, but was not ready to give in. She could take it.

"Will you please spank me again, Master?" Whether the next spanks were softer, or whether she was simply desensitized, the slave could not tell.

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