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You have sex in an elevator with a twist.

" With a naughty smile on my face I blew his a kiss. I just managed to close the bathroom door behind me when the towel that he had thrown hit the door and his words of "Get out of here," reached my ears.

I went back to my bedroom and climbed into bed, my mind racing. I couldn't stop thinking about Daddy's cock. I was getting really wet and just had to start fingering myself. I slid my fingers between the lips of my labia and moved them upwards towards my waiting and enlarged clitoris. It wasn't long before I was experiencing one of the most intense orgasms I had ever had. All I could think about was Daddy's cock and the thought of it penetrating my pussy and how much I wanted to taste and suck it into my mouth. This was the first time in my life I realised that if the opportunity ever arose I would fuck my father and would enjoy doing it.

I decided to dress in a light summer dress and went downstairs. Daddy was in the kitchen drinking a cup of tea. As I entered the kitchen he looked up from the newspaper he was reading and said, "Good morning, babe. Did you sleep well?"

"Yes thanks", I replied, pouring myself a cup of tea and taking a seat at the kitchen table. I started sipping my tea, not daring to look directly at Daddy but trying to catch side glimpses to see what his mood was like after our encounter in the bathroom earlier that morning.

"Do you have anything planned for today?" he asked.

"I was thinking of popping into town to see some of my old school friends. But apart from that nothing special."

"I can run you in if you want or you can take the car. I won't be needing it today. I was planning on a day in the garden. Tonight we can either go out to a restaurant or I can rustle something up for us. Which do you prefer?"

"I think I prefer to stay in and have a homemade meal, if that's OK with you. And I will borrow the car if you don't mind."

"Sure," he replied tossing me the car keys. "Dinner will be ready at about eight," he said as he rose from the table, folded the newspaper, placed his cup and saucer in the dishwasher and went out into the garden.

There had been no mention of this morning's happenings. No reprimand, no telling off, no comment. There had been no indication on his face that anything was wrong. My mind was beginning to race again. Did he ever intend saying anything about this morning? Was he offended? Shocked? Angry? Pleased? Should I be 'forward' with him again to see what happens? I needed to clear my head and I had a whole day to do it in.

I arrived home at 7'oclock. Daddy was in the kitchen cooking. When he saw me he said, "You're home early. I wasn't expecting you till eight. Did you have a good day?"

"Yes thanks Daddy. Dinner smells nice. I'll just go and have a shower if that's OK with you."

"Sure. You know where the clean towels are."

The shower was refreshing. It had been a rather warm day and I enjoyed the feel of the lukewarm water on my body. I gave myself a quick dry with the towel, put a pair of panties on and threw a light summer frock over me. No need for a bra I thought; I'm not going anywhere tonight. I added a little dab of perfume behind each ear and was all set for dinner.

As I walked down the stairs I saw my reflection in the long mirror on the wall. I stopped and checked my appearance. A little turn this way and a little turn that way and I could see that the summer frock showed more of my figure than I thought. My nipples were erect and you could clearly see them in this dress! There were also a couple of damp patches on the dress - obviously where I hadn't dried myself properly after the shower. The dress material was so sheer the damp patches were virtually transparent. I considered saving Daddy's blushes and going back upstairs and changing my dress but that naughty little voice in my head told me not to. I winked a wicked wink at myself in the missor.

When I entered the kitchen Daddy was just carving the meat.

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