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She comes home drunk.


"Safe word?" She chuckles.

"If you like."

"Okay. What's the word?"

"How about "HARDER"?" He offers a winking emoticon.

She laughs uncontrollably and snorts slightly into her right palm.

"That might not stop things. How about "9-1-1"?"

He returns with, "Numbers are not words. I would know when you were being hurt. Visually or verbally. A safe word is just a defense mechanism."

"Work in progress I say." She huffs, her expression brewing in curiosity, "Lukas? How many times have you seen me naked since you began stalk--researching me?"

"You can call it stalking. I'm not offended. It is true. Even though it's only been on a visual and informative level." He pauses to calculate, "I have witnessed you in public exposure 17 times. At home 22 times. We will not include baby pictures."

"Ha! Yeah that's a little bit pedophile. Why the interest in me? Why not some other pervy bimbo?"

"Truth? I have looked for someone such as you for a very long time. Young, perfect body, beautiful eyes, talented, charming, erotic, right down to your complexion. Someone with a love for their body. If not for two very tiny moles on your lower back you are flawless. How you managed to avoid acne all these years is beyond me."

"Lucky I guess."

"The blend of Asian and Mediterranean DNA is a blessing. I love your flesh tone. It almost seems like your body is airbrushed daily. It is that magnificent."

"Wow! That's really sweet."

"Even your pubic region is perfect. Using your Dad's insurance and getting that electrolysis down there was a great investment. I love silky soft flesh."

"You even knew I did that? Crazy." She wiggles playfully in her seat.

"I'm glad you don't have any tattoos. I think that would ruin your body."

"I've thought about it but, I watch those tattoo reality shows and I've seen so many beautiful people that turned out horrible. Not for me."

"Good. Respect the flesh. It has much to offer."

She plants an index finger over her lips in thought, "Tell me something about you. I won't push you. Although that sounds insane not to question a faceless stalker that hacks computers."

"Ask me one question. I will honor that."

"Male or Female? Please be a guy." She chuckles.

"Very much a Male."

"Whew!" She feigns flipping sweat from her brow.

"One more question. I'm in a giving mood." He types.

"Ethnic background?" She bites her nail.

"Caucasian. Born in the U.S."

"Awesome. Okay, I won't ask for more. What I don't picture is you being young. I mean younger than me. Not that it matters really but I see by the way you type, how you word yourself, that you might be 30-40 years old."

"Close enough. Give or take."

"Would I fall in love with you at first sight?" She grins sheepishly.

"Who knows. I'm not, "Chris Pine". Nor am I, "Peter Griffin"." He sends a laughing emoji.

"Too funny. I'm really intrigued, Lukas. If that's your real name."

"Trust goes both ways Beautiful. Know me as Lukas until you know me as---."

"I like Lukas. It's sexy."

"Then my true name is not required. Fantasize about Lukas."

"Already am. Notice my right hand missing?"

"From the computer's angle yes. From the living room security camera no."

She looks to her left over the fireplace and pelts her palm over her forehead.

"Should have known." She frowns at him.

"Remove your clothing and sit back. Masturbate in my name. Do it now."

"Mmmm! Aggressive. Miki like." She giggles as her top comes off over her head and arms. Topless she stands just long enough to remove her shorts and powder blue G-string thong.

Rolling her seat back she props her feet up on her desk top and begins playing with her pussy. Her 34DD's crush together as her arms press around them. Her nipples erect and stunningly dramatic.

As fingers bury deep inside her she looks at the monitor with a pleasured yet pleading expression. Lips trembling she calls out.

"Lukas? Do something that drives me crazy."

As she assaults her clit with her opposite hand she see's a tiny box pop up on her monitor next to his.

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