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A wake-up weekend for Harry.

It's located in the Gazebo down at the far end."

We left the woman from the desk and ventured down the deck area of the pool. Right away, I noticed some tattooed long haired guys holding some canned beers, one guy thick , the other thin, between them was one drunk woman with a daiquiri cooler in an over tight undersized pink bikini, her large tits were spilling out of the top and her bottom barely covered her ass. She stumbled a bit and found herself a seat on a lounge chair. The guys were drinking and whooping it up and jumping off a board into the pool. They had a large cooler and there was empty beer cans everywhere. One of the guys came out of the pool said "Helllllloooo, good night for a swim!" while looking Jina up and down.

I could see the wooden gazebo structure that housed the hot tub down at the far end, it was close to our room.

The room was large and ok as far as cleanliness. It had a king bed, couple of lamps, a desk, a recliner and a love seat. Mirrors were on the sliding closet across from the bed and the draped windows were large, I guess because of the pool.

The TV on the stand next to the desk had a sign for pay-per-view and premium channels.

Jina turned on the TV and I put my bag down and a music video channel came on. I grabbed her and forced my tongue down her throat and sucked at her tongue. She moaned. I placed her hand on my crotch and had her rub it.

"You see how hard you made me? Huhhhh?" The Cialis already had me fully hard.

I slapped her on her ass. "Do you know?"

"Yes." Jina was rubbing my cock and balls through my jeans and making me really want her.

"Unbuckle me ... now!"

Jina's shaking hands struggled at the wide leather belt, she nervously pulled it loose. She worked at the steel button but couldn't get it right away. I smacked her on the ass with the belt just hard enough to get her to yelp.

"You're having a lot of trouble with that. Let me do it. Get the dress off now!

Jina slipped off her tight shoes and pulled down her top, exposing her thin black bandeau bra. With the lamp on, I could see it was transparent and her nipples poked out. As she scooted down the dress, I saw her matching black thong, it was also slightly transparent. It was the kind I liked, just a thin strap in around the waist and up her crack with a silver loop holding the spaghetti material together. Her crotch was only minimally covered.

"That is hot woman!" Jina smiled just for a second.

Jina seemed fascinated by the belt. I knew I wouldn't hurt her with it, but the way I was holding it, it seemed to bring out some fear and excitement in her eyes. I watched her pull the zipper of my jeans down and pull the waist down exposing a tent in my boxers.

After I got out of the pants, I sat on the bed had her remove my shirt and socks. Standing only in my boxers, I wrapped the belt around my fist and said, "Get your bra off now." Jina hesitated a little and I slapped her on the ass with the belt. Wait!! I pulled Jina up onto the bed and said "dance!!" Jina produced a fake smile and her eyes moved about the room in fear as she wiggled her hips and moved her arms as a lady Gaga song emitted from the tv. to her favorite song. "Strip off the bra slow!"Jina danced on the bed and slowly unsnapped her bra from the back and exposed her beautiful tits to me.

"Keep dancing!! Jina continued to gyrate around moving her hips for me as I reached into my pants wallet. I pulled several $1.00 bills out and began to insert them into Jina's thong as she continued to move. I stuffed several into her snatch area, feeling her wetness as moved. I pulled her forward and sat her down at the edge of the bed, her legs were so short, only the balls of her feet reached the dirty carpet below.

"Damn, you got me horny! Pull down my boxers and go to work!"

Jina did as I said, she pulled my shorts down and immediately got on her knees and started licking the head.

I pulled at her nipples hard with my fingertips and she moaned.

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