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Michael becomes Michelle for beloved Krystal.

I was now exposed for all to see, that's if the bothered to look that is. I was so engrossed in the moment that I took hold of Marty's wrist and started to pump his fingers in and out of my cunt. I knew that if I didn't soon stop I'd be bringing myself to orgasm. I jerked Marty's hand away and told him to lick my juices of his fingers. Of course he did what he was told immediately. "Do I taste sweet, Lil Boy?" I asked. "Oh yes Ma'am," he quickly replied. I leaned over and run the tip of my tongue around his lips, tasting my own salty juices. I then took hold of his fingers, which had just been deep inside me, and licked and sucked them dry. I could tell this action alone was turning Marty on.

I ordered Marty to quickly finish his drink, as did I. I ordered him to stand and told him we were going shopping. I stood, but Marty hesitated for a moment. "A problem?" I asked. "No Ma'am, it's just that I have a full erection and that it will be very obvious in these tight short out in the plaza," he replied. "And that's a problem?" I asked in a hard voice. "No Ma'am, he replied and quickly stood to his feet.

I strode out into the bright light and as my eyes adjusted I turned to make sure Marty was behind me. I glance down and noticed that Marty's hands were crossed in front of him covering his bulge. I ordered him to placed his hands behind his back and walk beside me. I glance down and could see his bulge standing out beneath his tight shorts. The fear and the excitement were doing its magic as his erection wasn't going down. At every opportunity I patted, groped and massaged his cock, making sure his erection never subsided.

People were glancing at Marty's swollen cock constantly as we strolled through the plaza window-shopping. I was caught time and again groping him, but couldn't have cared less. In fact the more bold I become the more obviously I played with his cock as we strolled a long. He never said a word, just accepted that it was my right to take any action I wanted, after all I truly was his Mistress and he my slave.

We stopped in front of a luxuriously decorated boutique, with dresses worth hundreds of dollars displayed sparingly in the window. I told Marty to stand slightly in front of me and then took hold of his hand and slipped it between my legs again, poking his fingers between my pussy lips. From the shocked look on the face of the sales assistant I could tell that she could see exactly what was happening, but she didn't really look away immediately. I pulled up the front of my mini, slightly parted my legs and thrust my pelvis forward to give her a good look. I stuck out my tongue and run it around my lips while staring directly at her face. She caught my action and spun away in embarrassment. I laughed out loud at that, coz I am sure she would have continued to watch, if she could have got away with it.

After a few minutes we moved on to a ladies underwear shop. I knew Marty would stay aroused in here, as he had such a fetish. I strolled around in a really brazen manner, which kept the toffy nosed sales lady at a distance. She was only lucky the store was almost empty, as I began to say in a loud voice. "Look Lil Boy, panties you can wear at home tonight." I rubbed them under Marty's nose and told him to sniff deeply. When the sales lady wasn't watching I run them between my legs soaking up my pussy juices. I them wafted them back under Marty's nose and waited for his reaction. Right on cue a small moan escaped his lips and the bulge in his bike shorts almost burst through the seams. I purchased the panties, not passing them over to the sales lady, and said loudly no need to wrap them as my Lil Boy like to play with them as we shop. Marty's cheeks flushed a deep crimson and the sales lady threw my change at me and asked us to leave the shop.

We wandered around aimless from store to store playing my games over and over again.

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