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The mid town bus was packed full...

After a moment of him finger-fucking me gently, he removed his hand from my pussy. I almost breathed a sigh of relief until he touched me again. This was a deliberate, hot, and wet probe at my clit. I bit my tongue to keep from yelping and tried to keep still, even as my clit was rubbed in slow, agonizing circles. Whatever it was slid from my clit to my pussy and dipped in deep, curving in against my vagina in fervent laps.

"She tastes amazing, doesn't she?" I heard Sean whisper. I felt a vibrating "Mmhmm," against my pussy and then had unmistakable sensation of a face pressed fully between my thighs, breathing in deeply and exhaling. I yelped and tried to bring my legs together while simultaneously reaching to cover myself. Instead, my fingers tangled in hair and my eyes flew open, heart in my throat.

James had his face buried in between my thighs and was lapping at my pussy hungrily, letting his tongue dip in deep before dragging it slowly to my clit. Flicking it. Those deep blue eyes bore into mine mischievously and he kept at it, grabbing my thighs and spreading them open for him.

"JAMES -" his name was a strangled gasp that was cut off as Sean sat up fully behind me, covering my mouth with a hand as he threw his other arm around me. Holding me down -

"Shhh, baby," his breath was hot in my ear as he struggled to undo the buttons on the front of my dress. "James was just curious about you. I thought he'd like a piece of what I've been getting for months."

I writhed, bucking my hips in an attempt to get them off of me. All it did was press myself harder against James' face in a gasp-worthy movement. James moaned against me and began licking even more desperately, stopping momentarily to nibble at my clit. I stiffened and gasped against Sean's hand right as he managed to pull at my dress, sending buttons raining down on James. The traitorous fabric fell apart, revealing to both of them that I had indeed forgone undergarments that day.

Sean wasted no time, dropping both of his hands down to my breasts - weighing them, pinching them, kneading them. I could feel his erection, rock hard, digging into my back. All of it - James and his feasting, Sean's mauling of my breasts, his erection - it was becoming too much.

My pussy felt like it was expanding, opening itself wider and wider to James' tongue. Wanting more and more. My protests died on my lips as James slipped a finger into it, plunging in and out, while he sucked on my clit. I bucked my hips against him once more, prompting Sean to slip his hands to my sides, holding me still.

"Cum for us, baby," he crooned, gripping me tightly.

I arched my back as James plunged in deep, hitting my G-spot right on. He held it there as I convulsed around his finger, drenching him. Waves and waves of pleasure swept through me, made even more intense by his thumb gently rubbing my clit as I braced myself against the orgasm.

After what seemed like an eternity, it began to fade. My heart was hammering so loud in my ears that I didn't catch much of what was being said between them.

That is, until I heard James murmuring to Sean, his finger still deep within me.

"- mind if I fuck her?"

I immediately choked out a sharp, "NO -" but, once more, Sean slapped his hand over my mouth, chuckling. His only response was, "Sure, but if she gets pregnant, I'm beating your ass."

My post-orgasm struggles weren't as strong as before, especially with the two men already holding me down and spreading my legs. I couldn't process what was happening.

James had molested me. He had given me an orgasm against my will - granted, the most intense one of my life, but still. And as I tried to understand it, to wrap my head around it, he was pulling down his pants, revealing a nice six inch cock and was lining it up to my vagina -

With a swift thrust, he passed any resistance easily and pushed deep into my pussy; I choked against Sean's hand as James sank his cock in to its full len

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