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Stephanie revealed.


I had guessed that some spanking might be involved, with the use of the word 'naughty', so when he ordered me to 'assume the position' over the settee I moved swiftly into position. He kissed me tenderly. I tried to move.

I couldn't.

'Fuck!' I thought, 'I hadn't expected this.'

There I was naked, apart from stockings, with my bum and lower regions totally exposed.

I shivered. I was sure I could trust him; couldn't I?


Her eyes followed me as I walked round, sliding the belt through my hands. Her face betrayed a slight fear, yet her eyes were defiant, almost daring me, egging me on. I reached round, underneath her, pulling her back, her belly on the ridge of the settee. Before she could move, I tied the belt from her coat round her waist, as if on an invisible coat. Playfully, I slapped her left cheek, her bum jiggling, my hand print faint on the skin. She let out a gasp. The other hand, the other cheek, then repeated twice, each time a little harder. Her cheeks began to glow pink. Her breathing laboured, she was squirming, but not to get away, I think she was enjoying it.

"The little minx," I thought, "I'll bet she wanted this!"

So I gave her what she wanted.

Three times more, on each side of her bum, that wondrous curvy rump of flesh, the two rounded orbs, taut from her heels and her position, reddening, redder. I stepped back, admiring the view, the sunlight on her back, the blond hair parted at the nape of her neck, the swell of her breasts moving as she breathed, as she wriggled, the glint of moisture between her legs.


Each blow on my exposed bottom jolted me, making my tits jiggle and my bum sting. I realised after the third slap that I was actually enjoying it. I was enjoying the feeling of helplessness and of being under Adam's control. I wanted him to spank me and make me squeal. He stood behind me. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter with every passing moment. The knowledge that he was staring straight at it made me blush.


I stopped. The little tease! She was wet. I silently stepped between her legs, and folded my body down onto hers, pressing her firmly onto the back of the settee, forcing her to bend even more, as my hands cupped each breast, easily finding the bullet-hard points of her nipples, tweaking them, rolling them between my fingers. My cock pressed between the cheeks of her bum, nestled in her lower cleavage, pressing into the base of her spine.

"So, quiet, shy little Susie, the chocolate-lover, the licker-lover, what should I give you now" I hissed into her ear.

"Please, Ad -- Master" she groaned, her hips trying to sway, trying to wriggle, her legs opening a little more, allowing my cock to press down harder, parting those cheeks delightfully


The sensation of heat in my pussy was unbelievable! Here I was, bent over Adam's settee, naked, bar heels and stockings, spanked till my cheeks positively burned, not with pain but, well, desire, I guess. I tried to move, to get my clit to have some sensation of being rubbed, anything, any friction. Then I felt him. His long frame seemed to mould to mine, curving along, over, around my back, his legs between mine, his belly pressed into my back, his...

'Fuck!' I thought, 'that's hard!

I could only groan as I felt the heat of his shaft, his cock, his throbbing cock, crushed between us, in the valley of my arse, so that his balls were dangling near my bum and my pussy, while the tip pressed into my lower back. I swear I could feel it slide, skin on skin, but not drag. Was it my sweat, or was it his precum I wondered.

I was more than a little scared. There I was naked, apart from stockings and heels, totally at his mercy. I felt I could trust him, but what had I let myself in for, had I opened Pandora's Box here, bitten off more than I could chew, I wondered?


I chuckled to myself.

Sweet shy little Susie from next door -- never in my wildest dreams had I thought she had this hidd

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