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A special treat for daddy.

You've got a problem. I'm helping you solve it, just mates helping each other out. I'm won't be getting off on this -- honest. I just want to offer a bit of constructive advice and help because I'm your friend. A bit of marital therapy... now sit yourself back down and have another drink and let's see if we can find a strap on you like on one of the website that specialises in such things."

Reluctantly I sat down and looked at the results of Sally's google search.

"So how about we get this one?" She said as she pointed at what appeared to be black leather briefs with a pink cock and balls attached to them.

"Behave yourself," I whispered. My head reeled as she clicked on dildos of all sizes asking which one I'd like - saying she wouldn't take no for an answer. Finally she picked a shiny, purple dildo attached to tight leopard skin briefs. Saying that she was buying me an early birthday present Sally put in her credit card details to pay for it.

I drove home and could feel my rectal passage trembling with fear as images of strap ons and dildos haunted me. But as the week progressed began to think Sally had been winding me up and that I was off the hook. She certainly said nothing at work.

The following weekend when I was out with Brian, I noticed him looking with longing at the receding pert, backside of a young woman as she walked past. I knew then this desire of his wouldn't go away and sooner or later he would find an anus with an owner who didn't share my inhibitions. So when I next saw Sally at work, I asked if the strap on she had ordered had arrived.

"Sure," she replied. "I just didn't want to put you under pressure. "You're just in time 'cos Pete's seen it and I think he was hoping it was meant for him. So when do you want to come over? How about at the weekend when the guys are away on that stag weekend? Can you sort the kids out to sleep over somewhere so you can spend the night?"

I assured her this would be no problem. Then I waited for the weekend with a mixture of dread, and something else which I couldn't put my finger on -- I must confess that I was a little bit excited at what we had planned.

The much anticipated Saturday evening arrived. Now that I knew what my husband was capable of, I was worried as I kissed him goodbye before he left for his stag weekend. But I had more immediate concerns and as I showered and got ready, I wondered what on earth I had got myself into. But I trusted Sally and knew she was just trying to help. Of course she wouldn't be getting off when she thrust her hips forward and slid that strap on dildo between my butt cheeks and started pumping. Would she? She was just a very good friend who would do anything for me.
As I drove over to her home, I was shaking at the thought of what we planned to do -- one of my best female friends was going to do me up the arse with a strap on and I was going to allow this to happen! I nearly turned back several times, but the thought of Brian going elsewhere to satisfy his desire for anal sex kept me going.

Once I got to Sally's house she was as warm and welcoming towards me as always. She'd rented a couple of soft porn movies to get us in the mood. We sat together on the sofa and held hands as we watched them. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen as I watched enormous cocks slide between spread buttocks, and joined my friend in laughing at breasts bouncing as their owners got taken roughly from behind. As we drank a bottle of wine I began to feel a little less nervous and relaxed.

But the strap on dildo was nowhere in sight.

Once the second film had finished, Sally asked me a question.

"So does Brian do to get you ready when you two fuck?" At first I was too shy to tell her but as she moved closer to me she traced the line of my lips before kissing me. As I felt her tongue slide into my mouth I pulled away.

"I thought you said you wouldn't be getting off on this" I shouted, "It feels like you fucking well are to me."

"I'm not, I'm not" Sally

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