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Sapphic couple Lynn & Ali live, love, & enjoy life.

Peeking in the bedroom window, she watched her husband's long, slick, shiny cock sliding in and out below their guest's ass while she pushed back against his incoming thrusts. Standing outside in the night air, Christine had opened her robe and fondled her own large tits, gently pulling and rubbing her hard nipples, grateful for the shrubbery around their yard. She wondered what must be going through her husband's mind as he pulled his stiff cock out of the other girl's pussy and looked around the room for his wife. As their partner moved around and started sucking her husband's cock, Christine was massaging her clit and fingering her hole, quickly on the verge of another orgasm.

She had always had a voyeuristic streak, but had never actually watched through a window as people had sex, much less spied on her husband. It felt almost as though she was watching him cheat and she wondered why it turned her on so much. On this occasion, once she'd cum all over her fingers, she headed back inside because she thought her husband was starting to look concerned. She'd snuck up behind him and fondled his balls as their friend continued to suck him off. He had relaxed, knowing that she was back, so she moved around to eat some pussy while continuing to finger herself, thinking about what she'd seen through the window.

That night had ended with all three of them satisfied, but for some reason they had never done it again. Christine started thinking about the possibility of a sequel, but knew that once her husband had returned, she'd want him all to herself for a while. She was still in touch with the girl who had joined them that night, though, and thought about getting together with just her and taking some pictures to email her husband. That would surely reignite his fire for his wife. It was too bad she didn't actually know someone who looked like Sheri, and who wouldn't be against getting naked with her and posing for some pictures. Wouldn't that be a hoot, sending him pictures of herself with her new friend, Sheri?

Somehow, even though it had nearly crushed her reading his emails to Sheri, she still felt completely turned on thinking about her husband screwing Sheri. She didn't like the idea of him cheating on her, but she couldn't help picturing her husband nailing this imaginary Asian woman. Maybe she just wanted to watch it as long as it didn't affect their marriage. Once he was back and she was absolutely certain that their marriage was on solid ground, she'd have to figure out a way to bring this up as an option in their sex life. She couldn't imagine he'd be against it; he'd get to screw other women and his wife would be so turned on watching that she'd then screw the hell out of him. It was a win-win scenario.

She was so worked up by this point, thinking about the threesome and her husband screwing Sheri, that her pussy was practically gushing as her fingers worked on it. She closed her eyes as she felt her body beginning to tense up, the level of pleasure she was experiencing building up to an incredible level of intensity. Her feet were propped up on the computer desk, her legs spread wide and her hips rocking, causing the chair to squeak rhythmically. Finally, with a cry of pleasure, she completely tensed up, then began to shudder as her orgasm coursed through her. She continued working on her pussy as she came, letting out a long sigh and slipping her fingers from her pussy only once she was done.

She remained on the chair until she'd caught her breath, then stood up on shaky legs, her panties moving back only partially covering her pussy.

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