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She lets her sister lick four huge loads of cum off her body.

He returned as he said, 10 minutes or so later. When he entered the room she was sat up in bed, naked, her breasts on full show but her bottom half covered by the bedsheets. He was not alone.

Ben walked in behind Liam and took in the full site of those tits he had been ogling and wondering about all night. Katie's instinct was to first raise the sheet to cover herself before saying "What's going on? Why is Ben here...Jesus?"

Ben spoke first with a huge grin on his face "I was right, those tits are magnificent."

Katie blushed but said nothing.

Liam spoke next..." I asked you two questions before. The first, if you would have fucked Ben if you were said you would [Katie blushed even deeper]...the second if you would have fucked Ben tonight if I was not around and you thought you could get away with it, which you declined to answer, but we both know you would have...[Katie began to open her mouth to protest, but got cut off] I got to thinking that there was one question I didn't ask and that is, would you fuck Ben while I was actually here, if I was OK with it? Logic says you would - if you would have fucked him whether single or behind my back then surely, you would fuck him - well both of us - if I was OK with it, right?

She was fucking angry about the liberty Liam had taken, but the anger was second to the arousal she felt about the opportunity he had presented to her. She remembered vividly how badly she wanted to go back to Ben's room and let him use her all night long and was not about to let her anger at Liam ruin the moment. She dropped the sheet revealing her tits again, then slid her legs sideways out of bed on to the floor, and rose naked to her feet. She first strode across to Liam, stepped in to his arms and kissed him gently, before whispering "Bastard, I hope you can deal with what's about to happen"...before walking over to Ben, and pressing herself in to him, their lips snatching at each other briefly before becoming locked together - tongues probing, teeth gently nipping each others lips.

Ben's arms wrapped around her and reached down to the small of her back, a finger slipping down in to the cleft of her buttocks, the other hand moved back upward and was slid between their pressed bodies to brush against one of her breasts and its erect nipple.

She stepped back a little to make more space for her own hands, which then moved to his belt and then the button on his trousers, freeing them loose so they fell to the floor.

Liam began undressing himself, as he watched his wife, transfixed, undressing another guy...dropping to her knees in front of him, sliding his briefs to the floor in the same manner as his trousers and freeing an ever growing impressive cock, creeping upward and erect like a slow blooming plant. He watched as his wife took the cock in her right hand and began sliding up and down its length, helping it achieve full erectness in no time at all.

It was an impressive manhood...thick as well as long. Katie admired the cock stood to attention in front of her face...the anticipation of it eventually entering her pussy almost too much to cope with. She took her time, gently stroking it while Liam stood behind her gently stroking his own...she knew he wanted her to suck them both off at the same time, but she would make him wait for it. Instead she lowered Ben's rod to her lips and gently took it in to her mouth, her teeth dragging along the tender, swollen tip making Ben moan and shudder. Her tongue then began to work slowly over the end, stabbing in to the eye...before her head began a rhythmic bobbing back and forth...her saliva drenching his dick.

After 5 minutes of blowing Ben however she relented and reached out for Liam's cock, a little less impressive than Ben's, but one which had given her many hours of pleasure all the same.

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