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You gets hot at the office.

"Oh my gawd! Oh fuck! Your cock is so fucking big!" Cried Jennifer.

"Aw yeah fucking bitch! Take my big black cock!" Trey growled like a beast.

Jennifer had been thoroughly assfucked. Her gaping ass hole endured the anal reaming that seemed to last forever. Jennifer never imagined this. The last place she would be Jennifer thought is in a prison cell being buttfucked by a massive black man.

The massive black man known as Trey had gotten his revenge. He plowed and fucked and pumped and nailed and pistoned his entire hard black cock into Jennifer's delicate butt hole. The powerful organ protruding from his body had completely ravaged Jennifer's being.

The cock had grew and thickened to an impossible size inside her and the speed of the thrusts increased. It was time for Trey to feed Jennifer his man meat.

Jennifer wondered if this is what he did to all the women. Trey grabbed a handful of her black silky hair and pushed her down to her knees. Jennifer stared at the most gruesome sight she had ever seen. The black snake was coated with her juices, and it was beating with rage.

She instinctively opened her mouth and sucked on the bulbous cock head. She twirled her tongue around it and licked the underside of it. She blew him for about half a minute before he made her deepthroat his shaft. She choked on it immediately. Jennifer put her hands against his muscular legs to try to slow down the forceful thrusts. But he was a demon. He fucked her mouth. She could feel the shaft and cock head in and out of the middle of her throat. The wide-eyed Jennifer knew she was going to swallow his cum.

A torrent of sperm ripped through her and into her belly. The load of cum was thick and heavy. She sucked and swallowed to no end. The big black cock just continued to unload semen into Jennifer.

After a minute of cum shooting, Trey pulled out and took the gun from Jennifer's hip. He then picked her up and laid her on the floor under the control panel for the cell doors. The prison inmates were running wild in their cages, hollering like a pack of wolves. The dazed Jennifer didn't had the slightest idea what was going to happen. Trey punched the buttons on the wall and the cell doors slid open.


The All American University was a very prestigious college. Many businessmen, celebrities, and athletes graduated from AAU. AAU was also famous for its modeling school. Many supermodels graduated from the All American University modeling school.

Lisa Gleave was one of them. She had a killer body and looks of an angel. Her career started in AAU and really took off. But as of late she has been struggling to find work, so she was delighted to come back to model for the aspiring students of AAU. She was a little shocked to see the faculty changed, however. Before it was two older women who were models back in the day, now it was Mr. Smith, who was a massive black man with an ape-like bald head.

Lisa was stunned to see him, and stunned to see his bulge as a result of her being nude. She didn't want to return to model for that class, since she felt insecure around him. But she had agreed to being there and wouldn't get paid to the end. The modeling class was only night time and it was about to begin. She decided to just get it over with.

Meanwhile, before class:

Mr. Smith sat in his revolving black chair, behind his black desk, looking at a resume of a potential new faculty member for the modeling school. Hulking Mr. Smith looked up at the beautiful and gorgeous twenty-eight year old.

"My name is Debby Steinberg. I'm inquiring about the job opening for modeling." Debby said with a smile.

Hulking Mr. Smith admired her body for a moment. "You certainly have the body."

"Thank you." Debby said demurely.

"You will be doing nude, is that alright?"

"That's fine." Debby smiled again.



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