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Another story from Clare.

He pulled her hips back and forth as he slammed himself into her. He enjoyed her fighting back, and gained confidence from utterly overpowering this little girl and taking her little ass.

"Fuck, fuck, " he muttered as he sped up. Adriana stopped fighting when she felt the man shoot warm cum into the depth of her asshole. He loosened his grip on her, but slowly fucked her ass more, unloading the last bits of his cum inside her.

"Fuck, that was good," he said as he got up. His legs wobbled. He looked down at Adriana. Poor girl, he thought. He deserved to fuck her though, especially after the cocksucking she gave him yesterday.

"You, you raped me," said Adriana, barely clinging onto her elbows and turning around.

The mailman silently tucked his cock back into his pants.

"You can't come back here, ever again!" begged Adriana.

The mailman gave her a smirk, and then left through the door.

Bob looked at his watch. Twelve minutes. What the hell could they have been doing for twelve minutes? The mailman is supposed to be on the clock. She must be fucking him, he thought. Bob walked toward Adriana's house. The mailman gave him a nod as he got into the mail car.

Bob knocked on the door, no reply.

He turned the doorknob, it was open.

Whatever, he thought, this was his neighbor's house.

He stepped inside.

He found Adriana lying on her back, supported up by her elbows. Her big eyes were wide open. Her shorts and panties were at her ankle.

"I knew it, you little slut," shouted Bob as he kicked his shoes off.

"Bob, no," cried Adriana, "I just got raped by the mailman!"

"Don't lie, you little slut, we know you're a dirty little cocksucker, inviting men into their house, Matthew would be ashamed!"

"No, I didn't want it, he forced himself on me!" cried Adriana, pulling her legs closer as Bob advanced toward her.

"Was that why you seduced me yesterday you devious little cunt?" said Bob, towering over Adriana. He saddled on her chest, his hand freeing his cock from his pants in frenzy.

"No Bob, please," begged Adriana as Bob grabbed the back of her head.

"Suck it all you want, I'm going to fuck the slut out of you!" shouted Bob, pulling Adriana's face into his cock. One hand behind Adriana's head, one hand at his cock, he repeatedly shoved his cock at Adriana's face until she finally opened her mouth.

"That's right, you fucking slut, you wanted this," he said as he grabbed Adriana's head by both hands, and fucked her teenage mouth.

Tears streamed down Adriana's face as Bob furiously fucked her mouth. Bob was fucking her face as if he was angry at her. His thick, stiff cock stretched her lips wide open as it shoved into the back of her throat.

"Love it, don't you, you little skank," said Bob as he fucked her harder.

"Look up at me when I fuck your mouth!" shouted Bob, slapping Adriana's face before pounding into her mouth again.

Adriana meekly looked up at her neighbor. Bob had been her neighbor his whole life. It was his family who took her in when her dad couldn't come home when she got home. His family was like a safe zone for him whenever her house was empty. She had trusted him.

But here he was, fucking her mouth and using her like a cum dumpster.

"That's right baby, suck on this cock," moaned Bob as he slowed down his pace. He put more of his weight down on Adriana's chest as he held the back of Adriana's head, guiding her head as she sucked back and forth on his cock.

"Good girl, good girl," he murmured. He turned around and grabbed Adriana's soft pussy.

Adriana sobbed louder once she realized what he wanted.

"It's okay baby, it's okay baby, just suck it good," said Bob lovingly.

"You love sucking this cock, don't you? There you go baby, just keep sucking," said Bob as his fingers probed into Adriana's pussy. He felt Adriana's muscles tense up as he entered. Adriana was dripping wet.

"Such a little slut, you are," said Bob, his fingers now leaving her pussy and down further into her ass. His finger slipped in rather easily from the mailman's cum.

"Is this where that m

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