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Marc gets aroused watching Serena smoking.

He never came in less than 15 minutes, and sometimes I would suck him for far longer. I also learnt how to control the gag reflex.

He would always come in my mouth. The first time I gave him a blow job, he clamped his hand on the back of my head and growled at me to take it. I always loved the way the underside of his dick would pulse and then the warm jizz would splash into the back of my mouth. He expected me to swallow it all, so I did.

But best of all, I liked it when we fucked. Just the way he would push me back along the seat and feel under my skirt, eyes full of lust, would make me wet. Sometimes he would suck my breasts for a minute or two, but mostly he would quickly have his shorts or jeans off and, hard cock in hand, get between my open thighs. Sometimes I would cum just from the way his fat dick stretched my little cunny as he entered, pushing and heaving to get all the way in. And then he'd thrust and thrust, his heavy body crushing mine, his thick pubic ridge flattening my labia and clitty, each time he thudded forward.

Before Henry, I'd rarely had an orgasm from penis-vagina sex. Either it simply didn't stimulate me or didn't go on long enough. But with Henry's big cock stretching and pounding my pussy and the sheer physicality of sex with this alpha male - well, I can't think of a time when I didn't come at least once.

Afterwards as we sat smoking and he drove me somewhere close to home, I could feel my vagina all battered and pulpy and satiated. Back home I would change my panties, smelling the thick mixture of juices that had soaked the gusset, often tasting it and thinking of the next time I'd be with him.

Then one afternoon as we sat in his truck after sex, he told me that his wife Rhonda was taking their 12 year old son and going to stay with her folks for three days - all the time she could get off work at the supermarket. Her parents lived out in the country and there was some crisis with her father's health. Henry said he would pick me up the next day as per usual and we could go straight to his place.

I was real thrilled and had all these plans to cook and look after him. But when we got to his place, he just wanted me to heat up the food his wife had left for him, then sit watching TV and drink beers. By the time we went to bed, I was pretty tanked. I'd had some expectation about a kind of romantic honeymoon thing, but Henry was all matter of fact. He just stripped down and went to the bathroom. When he came back in he didn't seem to notice my sexy lingerie, just lay down on the bed and pulled me to him.

Well I was just happy to be with him making love in a nice double bed, no chance of being interrupted or him having to rush off afterwards. Maybe it was the alcohol, but I didn't cum for a long time. Henry then urged me up onto hands and knees, fucking me like this for the first time. Sure I'd done it doggy style with other guys, but not with Henry in his truck. Now Henry's big cock was touching places that made me feel damn good.

I was getting into it when Henry slowed down and told me to reach across to Rhonda's bedside table, open the drawer and take out the jar of Vaseline. I kinda knew what he was going to do and it was confirmed a couple of seconds later when he greased up my anus. 'First time?' he asked as he pushed a big finger at the centre of my unyielding ring. I nodded, lower lip between my teeth. He told me to relax and after a moment I was able to enough so that his greased finger slipped inside me.

I decided it wasn't so bad as he worked it around and back and forth. But I got real apprehensive when he put his big cock head against the little hole. It took a lot of coaxing to get me to relax enough, and the initial stretching was bordering on painful. But once he was in, I adjusted real quick and was relieved to find that I could take him this way. For a while I felt like I needed urgently to go to the toilet, but that gradually faded as Henry's cock stroked in and out. He hissed that I was real tight and that he had to be careful not to cum real quick.


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