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A man imprisoned for dope use is released from prison.

" He laughed, "Ok, that is more than a little, but very nice. Waxed? I like that. Turn around, let me see your ass." Seeing her hesitate, he said firmly, "Go on, do it. As great as I thought, seeing you in the bikini last night. Bend over and palm the floor. Good girl."

Christie felt a jolt of pleasure when he praised her and felt her nipples ache from being so hard. She had a pang in the pit of her stomach that shot down to her pussy. She could smell her arousal and worried Jax could also.

"Stand up and turn around and face me, that's a good girl. Very nice. Take off your bra, I'd like to see what you've been hiding from me...from the boys. Wow! Those are real?" He asked. Seeing her nod, he scoffed. "No way, I'll bet there are scars. Pull those up and let me see. No, by those impressive nipples, that's it."

Christie felt her face get hotter yet as she pinched her nips and pulled up her mounds showing the smooth crease under them. She let go of them with grunt hearing Jax give an approving sigh. She heard him get out of his chair and felt more jolts in her pussy.

Christie opened her eyes wondering if Jax coming over and seeing his glare closed them again. She heard him coming closer and walking around her and waited for his hands to touch her...grab her...probe her.

Jax grinned, hearing the flawless blonde groan as if wanting him, "Nice, very nice. You maintain those smooth lips regularly? Have you ever been fully shaved?"

"No, I've just recently started getting a bikini wax. husband likes a little bush." Christie blushed.

Jax studied the vision before him and had to wrestle his fully hard cock in a better position. He waent back over and sat down to somewhat hide his arousal. "I like it, but I'd prefer you fully bare. Your cunt is too beautiful to hide from men. Tell me are you wet? Aroused?" Seeing her nod, he said more forcefully, "No, I need you to check. Are you ready for a man to take you?"

Christie opened her eyes wide again and looked at the powerful man.

"Ok, this isn't working. Bring your panties over here." Jax ordered. He watched as the young blonde reached down and grabbed the white panties on the floor and felt blood pumping into his penis seeing her breasts flop around.

Christie knew she was blushing down to her navel as she walked over and handed him her wet panties. She stared at the huge tent in his pants and wondered if he'd put that in her.

"Kneel down, no you're not going to give me a blow job. You cannot seem to keep your eyes closed." He said, taking the panties from her, putting them to his face and inhaling. "Wow! Nice. I guess you didn't need to verify. You really are wet. Ok, lean forward." He pulled the wet panties over her head and tied them so the covered her eyes. "That's better. Think you can find your way back to your chair? No, don't get up, crawl. It's not that far."

Christie feel incredibly humiliated as she turned and crawled over to her chair. She felt Jax's eyes on her exposed pussy and asshole as if they were touching her there. She wished her pendulous tits would quit swaying all over, when she suddenly stopped hearing the library door open.

"Sir, would you and Mrs. Matthews like more coffee?" She heard.

"Please, and also some of those scones. You can put them on the table by Mrs. Matthews, I suspect she'll be hungry soon. Thank you, Emile." She heard the door close quietly.

"I didn't tell you to stop, go on. Ok, I want you to stand up and bend over. I want more of that great view. Yes, but you can bury your face in the cushion since you'll need your hands free to touch yourself. Go on, that's it. Amazing, have you ever been this wet before without any physical contact?" Jax asked.

Christie moaned into the cushion, "No, sir."

Jax almost came in his pants hearing her call him sir. "That's it. See if you can hold off before Emile brings us a snack. Does that feel good? Do you think you can last and not cum until I tell you to?" Jax asked softly.

"Yes sir.

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