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He assists a neighbour with her skin care.

"Pocahontas; buy you a few drinks tonight? Michael inquired.

"Sorry, I'm into girls only," I replied.

"It's been a pleasure; enjoy your ice cream," Michael said as he nodded and walked off with Josh.

"Thank you," we said in unison.

"That went well," I said.

"I think Michael liked you," Trish whispered.

"He was cute but like I said I'm into girls only,"

"Are you sure about that?" she asked.

"Why wouldn't I be?"

"You are dressed like a girl," she laughed.

"You might have a point there,"

"You could have said no,"

"Are YOU sure about that?" I emphasized.


"I didn't want to sleep with the cat, besides, it isn't a big deal; it's a Halloween costume,"

"I guess so," she said as we giggled.

"It is!"

"I forgot to mention my boss is giving twenty-five thousand to the best "believable" character so keep doing what you're doing and you'll win,"

"We really don't need the money but..."

"Do it for me or..."

"...I'll be sleeping with the cat,"

"Exactly, are you ready to move on to the antique store?"


We head to the antique shop to try to find a 60s Air Line Stewardess Outfit for Trish. Once there a lady greets us as we walk in.

"Hello, May I help you?" she asks sternly with a smile.

"Yes, I'm looking for an Air Line Stewardess Outfit from the 60s," Trish responded.

"Yes, this way," the lady announced.

"Great!" Trish exclaimed excitedly as we followed her to a rack.

The sales woman pulled out a medium blue outfit.

"It's perfect!" Trish exclaimed.

"I believe this is your size; the changing room is right behind you," the sales woman pitched.

Trish returned dressed in the uniform.

"Wow, you look great!" I exclaimed.

"I think so too!"

Again, it was medium blue, the skirt reached to the bottom of her knees, the jacket flared around her hips and the sleeves came to mid forearm, the jacket had large lapels as did the blouse that folded over the jacket. The outfit came with a matching hat, white gloves, blue two inch heel shoes, and a gold winged pin.

The sales woman returned.

"How much is everything?" my wife asked the sales woman.

"Seventy-five hundred dollars," she answered.

"Wow, why so much?"

"It's brand new; it's never been worn," the sales woman replied.

"I'll take it," Trish said.

"Fine, I'll wrap it up once you change; is there anything else I can help you with?"

"No, I'll be right back,"

They went their separate ways while I looked around.

"Find anything you like?" Trish asked.

"Just looking,"

"I mean while we're here..."

"No I'm fine," I said now realizing I was still on the woman's side of the store.

We made small talk on the way home.

"Are you hungry," I asked once we got inside.

"Yes, but first get out of your costume before you get it dirty,"

"Damn, I forgot I was wearing it,"

"Use your girly voice so you won't forget at the party,"

"You're right,"

"Oh, and you better wear your gaff and panties too so you don't forget how they feel; we wouldn't want you grabbing yourself all night,"

"Good idea,"

"Feel free to use my panties since they fit you but only with the gaff,"


I went and changed to shorts and a t-shirt keeping my gaff and panties in place. Every day it was the same thing; girls voice only, and gaff and panties at all times. I even took the week off and wore my costume around the house so I would feel comfortable wearing it.

The week went by quickly.

"You ready," Trish called out.

"Are you going to do my makeup?" I asked.

"Sorry, I forgot, come here and I'll do it for you,"

"Coming," I rushed to her and she quickly did my face then we rushed out.

Again, we made small talk in the car. We pulled into his driveway to a huge house.

"Damn Trish, this has to be twenty thousand square feet or more,"

She rolled down the window and gave the security officer her invitation.

"Pull straight ahead," the officer said.

We pulled straight ahead; two gentlemen on either side of the car opened our doors for us

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