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James is betrayed. Can he find it in his heart to forgive?

Luckily for me, I work from home for an artsy-type magazine, so didn't have to present myself to anyone else that day. I headed to the kitchen to make a strong coffee and take some headache pills, hoping that I'd soon be able to vaguely launch into the day without collapsing.

As the coffee brewed, the sobering daylight started to trigger my anxiety and then remorse. What the fuck had I done last night?

I sat down at the kitchen bench and wrote a text off to my sister-in-law, hopefully trying to come back from the precipice, but not really thinking that I could.

"Hey Carol. Look I am very sorry about last night (!). Yes, was very drunk. Not an excuse (well maybe(?) but anyway I want to apologise profusely and hope you can forgive me. xxbob"

No more than 2mins later, Bzzzz....Bzzzzz

My phone jiggled mutely on the kitchen counter.

"Always forgiven xx...but that WAS a very out there text you sent last night!"

I felt immediately OK. Maybe we could carry on as normal...but Carol was bringing it up again...Why?

"It was only the truth," I responded again, the truth serum seemingly still running through my veins. My penis immediately began to stir. The reality of confessing my taboo desire was like a switch being flicked on in my libido.

"I'm your sister-in-law! You are bad!"

What was going on? I had deleted all the previous nights texts but I did remember that 'good girl' and 'evil thoughts' and being 'bad' had all been part of our conversation.

That there'd been an intimation that there was a dark side. That there might be an itch that needed scratching...that might want to be cajoled out of hiding. I was glad Carol had forgiven me, but I never really thought she'd want to re-address the things I'd written to her. With these thoughts rushing through my foggy brain, I let the side of me that I'd unleashed the night before have another go.

"Do you want to be bad with me?" I pushed, emboldened by our renewed contact, and the rushing of blood to my cock.

"NO. Don't you think of our families? I love your kids. I love Alice. I can't be bad...even if I have evil thoughts. No this must stop now. bye bob."

"...and delete all this pleeaase. double delete it," she texted immediately after.

But my mind had suddenly gone to 11, and I completely ignored the warnings of both Carols texts and my own mind.

I texted, my heart now racing, not thinking, just feeeling, "But I want to touch you...caress you...finger you...lick you..."

"Stop it bob".

She responded!!! Surely the fact that she'd responded completeley overshadowed anything she might be saying. I decided to keep going, playing my hunch, letting my arousal have the better of me...

"...suck your nipples...feeel your wetness...put my fingers IN you...", I was gone and so hard I could feel my prick begin to leak into my underpants. I kept texting.

"I'm so hard right bad with know you want too..."

Who had I become? I pulled my pants down, freeing my now dripping erection from what were now really quite damp underpants. I felt like I was on fire. This was all kinds of bad, but I felt SO horny! I kept going.

"I know it's wrong but that's why it feels so good...give in...tell me your wet...tell me..."

At that moment I confess I was just getting off on myself, letting my mind run wild, expressing things I'd never said to anyone. It was too exhilerating but I had now sent three very explicit texts and Carol still hadn't replied. For a moment, as hard as I was, I paused. Had Carol given up on her sex-addled brother-in-law and...just gone back to work.


The sudden sound of the phone broke my minds sexual spiral and made me actually jump. It was Carol. Of course. Oh shit. Reality.


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