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A bicurious 20-something gets what he needs on a trip abroad.

He kept his distance from Sandra as he neared the jeep. He looked over the innards of the engine and wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead.

Sandra continued looking at the stranger while he studied the broken machine. Her apprehension eased and now she was eyeing his ass as he bent over to look at the engine. She smiled to herself at the fineness of his hind end and just how nice it looked in his very tight jeans. He took off his leather jacket to reveal his broad shoulders and muscular arms. Not overly muscular, nice and lean, just how she liked it.

Her nipples began to stiffen and push against the cottony fabric of her dress, at the same time her cunt began to twitch with anticipation. She was getting very aroused by this stranger who had appeared out of nowhere.

"Well, here's the problem. You're alternator is shot." The man said.

"Yeah?" Sandra said, trying to sound like she knew what the hell that meant.

"I don't think you're driving out of her until you get a new one" the man added.

"Shit!" Sandra cursed, embarrassed at her language but enraged by her situation.

"I'll give you a ride into town and we can get the part. It's a pretty common piece so it shouldn't be a problem," The man said with a confident smile.

"Okay, let's go I guess." Sandra muttered.

Sandra looked over at the motorcycle and suddenly realized that it meant a particularly unpleasant ride for a while.

"I love your bike." She said. Sandra did love vintage motorcycles. She didn't know a damn thing about them but she knew what she liked.

"It's a '48 Indian Chief" The man said proudly. "I'm in the middle of restoring it."

The bike had the characteristic of "over-styling" Indian motorcycles were famous for. The outrageous fenders made sweeping curves that complimented the classic lines of the vintage bike.

The man climbed aboard the bike and placed his folded up jacket on the fender for Sandra to sit on. The bike only had a single seat so this would have to do.

Sandra threw her leg over the wheel and flashed the stranger a quick view of her manicured sex. Her immaculately groomed pussy was only slightly paler than her thighs, she had laid out nude many times before in a quest for the perfectly all-over tan. She turned beet red and was glad that the man couldn't see her face, she had forgotten that she had shed the thong and hadn't had time to put it back on before he arrived.

The engine roared to life and sent shudders through Sandra's body. The powerful V-twin rumbled with such energy that it shook Lisa just a bit. Her tits jiggled to the vibrations. The bike lurched forward and was quickly ambling over the bumpy trail that led to town. The man drove nice and slow as not to throw Sandra but the road was rutted and rocky, it wasn't going to be a smooth ride.

The ride continued when a sudden jolt sent a wave through Sandra. She was astride the fender and the vibrations of the motor was stimulating her already craven pussy. Every time the bike would hit a bump it would rub against her cunt and send waves of ecstasy racing up her spine. She squeezed her thighs together as tight as she could and pressed hard against the fender with her waiting twat. She felt herself giving into her passion and was soon doing everything she could to enjoy this experience. She reached up with her hands and held onto the stranger's strong chest. The vibrations continued to tickle her pussy like mad. She was beginning to love this amazing gas-powered sex toy. She laid her head across the back of the stranger and closed her eyes; her imagination began to run wild.

She felt strength in this mans' chest and imagined what it would be like to mount him instead of the motorcycle.

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