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Stranded woman is saved by a stranger on a motorcycle.

I knew he was a man that didn't like dry skin so I gathered the saliva in the back of my throat and leaned forward again letting gather on my tongue and run down in a stream on his cock.

Using the saliva as lubricant for my hand, I began to pump his dick towards me and rotating my fingers with it, in a twist. I sucked him down again allowing him to reach the back of my throat just before my gag reflex would kick in and at the same time run my tongue all around the head and foray around the rim. The moisture I sent down his dick slickened my palm and allowed the pumping twist I was doing to be more fluid. I can hear the sounds of my hand fisting his dick, the saliva oozing through my fingers as I worked.

He groaned above me and I looked up, his face tense and I smiled around his dick. I fisted closed to the head and let my tongue swirl over the crown, tip of tongue delving into the slit and then around and around, over the head, under the head, around the crown and then popped his dick back into my mouth again and continued to suck.

Feeling a slight twinge in my jaw I relaxed it some more and he slipped further in. I brought other hand up and beginning to lightly touch his sacs, rolling them in my fingers, then juggle one and then the other, rolling like how you would play with balls.

I snickered in my head 'How ironic... that's exactly what I'm doing...."

Back and forth, back and forth my head bobbed, and the slurping sucking sounds can be heard over the sound of the water falling. He reached behind him and shut off the water and propped one hand on the tiles in front and the other descended to my head.

At the touch of his hand on my head I eased up entirely off his dick, and said

"No touching me at all or I will stop."

The expression on his face had me preening on the inside. The shock but still cocky expression of you wouldn't dare had me setting down my foot... "I'm serious no touching."

I leaned forward again, back on his dick like it was my last breath of air and felt my pussy start to throb, my nub begging for attention. I took my hand back to his dick, brought more saliva up to lube it up and continued to pump and twist , a firm tight but not too tight grip, twisting up, twisting back down and up again, and down and up.

Pointing his dick upwards and still pumping, I went down underneath and let my tongue play with his sacs. I popped one into my mouth and let my tongue and lips create a slight sucking to them as my tongue laved and played , batting his sac against the warm soft silky insides of my check, rolling his whole sac in and around my mouth, mindful of my teeth. Opening up and looking at my handy work, I moved to the next and gave it identical treatment, never stopping my fist from pumping. I saw his hand come up to attempt to grab my head but he caught himself before he could and folding his hand to a fist and rested it against the tile.

As I came up I opened my mouth wide and sucked his dick back down, letting him hit my gag reflex and letting the gag massage the tip of his dick, the restricting squeeze and flutter and let go. I eased up and took a breath, and did it again relaxing my throat a bit more, enticing him to go a bit further.

My reflex still kicked it but it wasn't as strong and then I knew it was time to blow his cool. I took my hand from pumping his dick and help guide him in, letting him slide deep until he hit the back of my throat and moved past, entering my throat a little. I eased back to allow myself to get some air and did it again. The groan I heard from him was letting me know I was doing just what he liked

I breathed and did it again, letting him slide a bit further and that's when his hips flexed and he went a little deeper.

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