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How far will these two friends go?

She really seems to enjoy sucking cock. Every girl that sucked my cock acted like it was a chore."

After Pete said that I though back on Amber again. She acted like it was a chore at first, but once I licked her pussy in return she seemed to enjoy sucking my cock a lot more.

I was shocked out of my thoughts of Amber when Pete said, "Have you ever wanted to suck another guy's cock like she's doing?"

At first I wasn't sure if I had heard correctly but I quickly realized Pete had said what I though he had. "No, I never though of doing that," I told him.

"I have. I don't mean I would do just anybody, but a good friend I might. I've thought about what it would feel like to have a cock in my mouth and some day I would like to try it," Pete told me, though he looked like he was talking to himself.

I realized that Pete told me something he would only tell his best friend. Someone he knew he could trust not to tell anyone else. He knew I wouldn't tell any one what he had just said. I also wondered if he wanted to suck me off.

The thought of having Pete's lips around my cock never occurred to me, but I couldn't say it wasn't an unpleasant thought. I also knew I would have to reciprocate and I wasn't sure I wanted to do that. Then again if you had asked earlier today if I would get into a shower with him and after scrubbing him clean would I jerk him off. I would probable have said no way, but I did it and in the end it wasn't that bad. I even had his cum in my mouth and that wasn't too bad.

When I brought my attention back to Pete he was once more watching the porn tape. By this time the girl was on her back and the guy was pounding her pussy. She was squealing and tell the guy to fuck her harder and deeper. I never heard any girl use the words she was using.

When I looked over to Pete his cock was tenting his pajama bottoms and he was rubbing his cast on his right hand over his cock. I could see the frustration on his face from not being able to use his hand. I knew I had to do something to help him with his problem.

At the time, I wanted to think that I didn't realize what I was doing but in all actuality I knew precisely what I was doing. With out saying a word I reached over with my right hand and laid it on top of his bulge. If Pete had expected it I don't know but he moved his hand out of the way and allowed me to squeeze his cock for him.

With in a few minutes I had his cock out of his pajamas and I was stroking it like I would have done to my own as we watched the next scene of the movie start. It was another oral sex scene and I was soon watching as a girl was giving an expert blowjob to another well-endowed man.

While I watched the girl sucking the guy's cock I thought how easy it looked. It didn't look that hard as all she seem to do was run her lips up and down his cock kind of like I was doing with my hand. The only thing that looked hard was how she got so much of his cock in her small mouth.

I then turned and looked at Pete's cock and I wondered how it would feel in my mouth. In my hand it felt hard and quite warm, but also it felt soft. The head seemed rather large and it seemed to shine in the light from the TV screen.

I don't think I made a conscious decision to take his cock in my mouth, but I knew I was going to do it, if only just to try and see how it felt. Without saying a word to Pete I leaned over and took the head into my mouth. I felt Pete jumped with surprise and instantly he settled down as I ran my tongue around the head of his cock.

With the head of my best friend's cock in my mouth I realized that it wasn't hard at all. In fact the head was rather soft almost like velvet. As my tongue swirled around the head I heard Pete moan deeply and he shifted his body so he was more relaxed.

Now that I had his cock in my mouth I wondered what I was suppose to do with it.

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