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Camp for two couples turns to their first threesome.

My hands trace lines up and down your spine while you dig your fingers hard into my ass. Our bodies are pressed together, so much so that I can feel your breasts pressing into my chest and you can feel my erection pressing into you.

I pull away from your lips and start to kiss my way across your beautiful face, from the side of your mouth to just under your right ear. I pause momentarily to carefully nibble your earlobe which draws a giggle from you. I continue kissing down the side of your neck to your right shoulder, my hot breath tickling the bare flesh as I go. When I get there you bend forward and kiss my neck, each contact of your lips causing my skin to tingle. I move across to your other shoulder and once again you lean forward but this time as you plant your mouth on my neck you firmly pinch the skin between your teeth. I emit a deep, satisfied moan before kissing my way back up your neck and across your face until our lips are again one.

My cock is now pressing so hard against my pants that it is starting to hurt. I let go of you briefly so that I can pick you up. I carry you to my bedroom and lower you onto the bed. As I pull at the zipper at the back of your dress you unbutton my shirt. I remove your dress and you are lying on my bed in your lacy black lingerie. I start to kiss around your cleavage, feeling the warmth emanating from your breasts. The sensation of their soft flesh on my lips is fantastic.

I am about to unfasten your bra when you pull my shirt down over my arms. I look at you quizzically - I cannot move my arms now. I watch semi-helpless as you unbuckle my belt and pull down my pants. You then start to stroke the bulge in my shorts, occassionally darting me a wicked look. You continue to torment my cock in this way so much so that I am thrashing my head from side to side in frustrastion and ecstasy. Then you yank down my shorts, my cock bobbing back up to rigidness in front of you.

With a look of pure evil you take my shaft in your hand and proceed to lick at my shaven balls. Occasionally your tongue licks around the base of my shaft. This continues for a good while and my head is swimming from the sensual assault. You move away slightly and pull my shaft down so that it is pointing directly at your wicked mouth. My balls flex in anticipation as you pull back on the skin and fully reveal my soaked, bloated purple tip. With your eyes looking deep into mine you envelop my prick with your mouth. I momentarily feel overcome with weakness as you start to suck on it, your tongue darting around the head and shaft. I watch your tits hypnotically sway back and forth as you work expertly on me.

I am losing control - I start to feel a familiar and pleasant tingling sensation develop at my root. It makes its way toward the tip and you can feel my tool begin to stiffen and swell in preparation for its final, violent act. I am ready to come. I want it. I want it now.

And then you stop.

I am gasping, stranded on the edge but nothing happens. I beg you to finish but you do nothing. I start to cuss at you as I feel my orgasm begin to retreat. Without a word you climb onto me and look me straight in the eye. Your eyes burn fiercely and defiantly at me. I feel wild with desire at your proximity and sqirm determinedly out of my shirt. I hear stiches tearing as I shake it from my arms. Taking hold of you I roll you roughly onto your back and pull your panties off. I bury my face between your legs and lick, nibble and suck on your throbbing clit. I am in no mood for mercy and I eat your cunt roughly, forcing moaning sobs from you. All the while my face is becoming covered with your juices and I have to occasionally pause and lick my lips. I feel your body bucking now and hear you gasping for air. "Yes, yes" you implore me. I feel the clit throb beneath my oral assault. The tempest of orgasm begins to embrace you.

And then I stop.

"NOOOOOO!" you cry, and try to push my head back between your legs.

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