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You take a sensual walk with your love.

"Master?" She moved around to stand before him, ready to obey whatever directives he had. Expecting to be told to serve dessert, she wasn't prepared for one of his claws slicing down the front of her uniform, from plunging neckline to hem. The material fell open, exposing her braless chest and flimsy, silk panties. Stunned, surprised, she could only gape at Dark and watch as a long, pointed tongue flicked out to wet his lips. It sent an involuntary shudder through her and a stray thought appeared in her mind; that tongue... How would it feel on her body, coiling over her breasts or wriggling into her.

Dark sniffed the air and growled softly. Could he smell her arousal? Leaning forwards, he rested his forehead on her belly and extended his tongue, the tip of it skimming over the front of her underwear. She shuddered again and let out a moan, her hands clenching into fists at her side. She wanted to ask him, to beg him, even, to rip away her panties and taste her, but she kept her silence. Ten sharp points dug into her buttocks, his hands once again clasping her. He lifted his head and his tongue began a winding trail upwards, flitting over her bare skin until he reached her breasts. There, like a hungry baby seeking milk, he latched onto one of her nipples, sucking it between his lips and lapping at it. The moan she gave this time was louder and she brought her hands up to grip his shoulders and hold herself steady.

With his hand on her ass and his mouth on her breast, she was sure, at first, that she must have been imagining the gentle prodding at her pussy. Only when /something/ nudged aside the fabric and ran down her slit did she remember his tail. The realisation shocked her and she tried to step backwards, but Dark dug his claws in, holding her in place as his tail pushed between her lips and delve into her heat. Rough because of the scales, cooler than the rest of her body and slightly thinner than his cock, it was a strange but by no means unpleasant sensation. While not the most conventional means of seduction, Charlie found herself enjoying the different feeling, rocking her hips in time to Dark thrusting his tail. He again took her by surprise though. Wrenching his mouth from her, he switched one hand to her shoulder, pushing her down, and the other to his pants, shredding them in his haste to unfasten them. She hastened to comply and sank to get knees, his tail never ceasing in its plunges into her. His cock was free and fully erect, begging for her attention. As she leaned towards it, she could see more scales on his stomach, leading downwards in a thin strip from his bellybutton to the base of his cock. This animalustic aspect turned her on, as evidenced with the juices that spilled put of her and coursed down his tail.

Obviously, she was taking too long in measuring him because he reached up his hand and pulled her head down, pressing her nose to his belly and her cheek to his cock. She took the hint. Turning her head just a little, she nuzzled his length, placing small kisses along it as she made her way to the tip. Taking him into her mouth, she was rewarded with a rumbling growl and his tail speeded up, fucking her faster. She tried to meet its pace and began bobbing her head to the same rhythm, sinking low, till he almost met the back of her throat before pulling back until only the head remained, pinched tightly between her lips. The hand remained on her head, guiding but not pushing. Against her scalp, she felt his claws and it gave her a sense of care; she had no wish to find out how it would feel to have them pierce her skull.

From the way he throbbed, she could tell he was close.

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