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The Slaves are Rescued.

Never taking my eyes off his. I pull them out and take a taste. Smile and ask if you would like some to. You decline.

At this you stand up and start walking toward the lake. There is a trail right off of the parking lot that takes us around the lake. Just as we pass the exit of the drive through the same guy in the car stops to let us pass. You tell me to turn around and slide my fingers in my pussy for him to see again so I lift my skirt and do as you ask. You then tell me to ask him if he would like a taste. I turn about 50 shades of red but I go up to the door of his car and tell him that I was instructed to offer you a taste of my sweet cunt. He grabs my hand and pulls my fingers deep into his mouth and grins. He asks me where we are going. I turn to you. "Sir? Where are we going?"

You tell us both "We are going for a stroll around the lake. It seems like such a nice day. Wouldn't want to waste it."

You then begin walking again and start descending down the steps to the trail. There is a park bench at the bottom of the steps and you tell me to put my hands on the bench and bend over. I do as asked and you take a butt plug out of your pocket and put it into my mouth then take it out and lift my skirt fully exposing my ass and slide the plug into my ass. It is so big it is like an invasion. You then instruct me to follow you as I start to stand I notice the guy from the drive thru has parked his car and is starting to get out and move toward us.

We walk almost half way around the lake and you tell me to sit down on the bench that faces the lake. You hand me a vibrator and tell me I have exactly 1 minute to cum. I do as you say and cum hard thanking Sir as I do. You see that the guy from the car is approaching quickly so you stand and begin walking again. I follow you when you tell me to get my ass up here.

About another quarter of the way around is where the small amphitheater is. You make your way up to it. There is a picnic table on the stage. You tell me to sit on the table and open my legs wide. I do as instructed and you take a dildo out of your satchel and drive it into my wet pussy. You take the vibrator out of my hand (I totally forgot I was still holding it) and instruct me to cum for our new friend as you nod to the guy who has followed us from the coffee shop.

I cum so hard and thank Sir for letting me cum again. You take the dildo out and stick it in my mouth, instructing me to clean it off. While I am doing that you shove three fingers deep in my pussy and start fucking it and stretching it. You then add another and call me a filthy whore.

"Yes Sir. I am a filthy whore. I am your filthy whore."

You gesture for the stranger to come closer. "Tell him what you are. Who's property?"

"Hi." I smile. "I am a fucking filthy whore that belongs to Sir. Sir is the owner of my fuck holes. I am his to use as he pleases."

"You are a nasty slut! What do nasty sluts do?"

"I am your nasty slut Sir. I do whatever Sir wants me to do. Where ever and whenever he wants me to do it!"

"That's right slut! Suck my cock!"

I get down on my knees and unzip your pants pulling your cock out through the fly and start sucking your cock. After a short while you start fucking my face hard pulling my hair into you and make me gag. You notice that while I am sucking your cock and looking up in your eyes I occasionally look around and catch the eyes of our stranger who has moved even closer and has begun to rub himself through his pants. "Let me guess slut? You want to help him with his cock?"

I nod. I mumble a "Yes Sir" through my full mouth.

You pull my hair hard pulling my mouth off of your cock. "What did you say slut?"

"I would love to help our friend with his hard cock Sir"

"I bet you would. You are a nasty whore aren't you?"

"Yes Sir!"

"I want you to stand up, bend over spread your ass and show our friend your pretty little jewel."

You pull my hair to stand me up then push my head down. I pull my cheeks apart and show him the jeweled plug you slid into my ass earlier."

You turn me around so that my face

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