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Catholic schoolgirl is kidnapped by the priest.


"I'll bet you did say "go all the way", I just had a flashback to ninth grade. So what happened then."

"He kept saying how beautiful I was and then asked me if I wanted to see how excited he made me. I was too scared to answer and just stood there like a deer in headlights. I just stared at his face while he lifted himself up and I could hear his pants sliding down his legs and landing on the floor, and as he sat back down I was too afraid to look at anything other than his face. But he kept saying, look how excited you make me, this is all for you, you should be proud of the effect you have on me and so on. And finally, I broke down and looked and it was my turn to gasp. Ren, you wouldn't believe how hard and how big he was and I watched him stroke it and it was like I was mesmerized. I heard him laugh quietly and then he told me he had kept his word by not moving from the couch and that he wouldn't move but that I was free to do whatever I wanted. And then he asked me if I wanted to touch it.

"Did you want to?" Renata asked.

"I've never been so confused, Ren. I knew that I loved Bob and didn't want to do anything that would threaten my marriage. And I knew walking over to him and touching him would be crossing a whole new line. I would have to make the move on my own and it seemed so different from just letting someone look at me from a distance. But Dan was right, it was really, really exciting seeing how I had affected him. I felt like I was being pulled in different directions. I felt so conflicted that I suddenly burst into tears and I stood in front of him trembling with my fists clenched at my sides and just sobbed. And he just looked at me really gently and said "Do you want to touch me" and I started crying even harder and bit my lower lip to try to stop crying and nodded my head yes."


"So he opened his legs to make room for me and I slowly walked over to him and knelt down between his legs. He looked even larger from this distance and angle and, I know it's not your thing, but you should have seen how big and hard and beautiful it was."

"Well, I do have some lifelike dildos that I think are kind of attractive, but you're right, it's not really my thing. I have seen some pussies, though, that I've absolutely worshiped."

"Well I was practically worshiping him. I touched him tentatively at first and then put my hand around him, or as much as I could get around him. I started to stroke him the way he had been stroking himself and I looked up and saw that he had leaned back and closed his eyes. I kept stroking him and he asked me to slow down because he wanted to last as long as he could. Then after a few more minutes, he asked me if I wanted to kiss it, and it was like he had read my mind. So I leaned forward and started to plant little kisses all over him (it took a while). And then he seemed to read my mind again and he and he asked me if I wanted to lick it. I nodded and started to lick slowly from the bottom up, like it was a huge lollipop. And then I read his mind and, before he could ask, took him into my mouth and slowly started taking him as deeply as I could. I still knew that I wasn't going to let him go all the way with me so I figured I would reward him for keeping his word and for not pressuring me too much by making this the best that it could be for him. While I was sucking him, he very gently lifted my hair away from my face, I guess so he could watch me taking him into my mouth. After he did that, he gently stroked my hair, it was so affectionate. And it was clear that he was getting more excited because his breathing started getting ragged and he asked me to, uh, he asked me to suck his balls."

Renata's eyebrows shot up at this but she sat up and nodded at Anne to continue.

"So I did.

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