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CIA agent is kept drugged & horny to prevent her escape.

The gig went without a hitch, which shouldn't be surprising -- the band are all professionals and they've been doing it long enough to be able to perform in a venue like this with their eyes closed. They didn't phone it in though and by the end of the main set Hayley was dripping in sweat. The rest of the band weren't exactly 'fresh' either and the guys look seriously knackered. The finished playing 'Misery Business' and then headed off. Within about ten seconds the crowd was already chanting for an encore (the unsurprisingly catchy 'We want more. Paramore' quickly became the chant of choice).

After a few minutes Hayley returned to stage with an acoustic guitar.

"The guys are feeling a little wiped out so I've sent them back to the hotel to get some beauty sleep," smirked Hayley. "I hope you don't mind but you're just going to have me for the encore."

Of course the crowd didn't mind. As much as they were band, Hayley Williams was the centre of Paramore. Hayley sat down, gripped the guitar and started playing. She wasn't half bad, something I hadn't really expected since I hadn't seen her play up until now. It was only then that I realised that, as much as everyone else was enjoying the improvised acoustic encore, it seemed logical to assume that the post-gig dinner/interview was going to be cancelled. I doubted that Hayley would want to speak to a journalist on her own, she'd probably end up grabbing room service or something while the guys in the band recovered. Oh well, I'd got all I needed for a decent feature. It would have been nice to have more but that's just not always possible.

It was then I felt a tap on the shoulder, turning round I came face to chest with a very large, and intimidating, member of security.

"You're the Kerrang! Journalist, right." he said; more of a statement that a question. I nodded. "Ms Williams asked me to let you know she'd still like to continue the interview after the gig. Continue to the Green Room when she's finished."

I nodded again, still a little intimidated by the man's size -- I guess that's why he got the job. I pulled myself together thanked him and let him know that I'm come back stage after watching the encore.

Hayley finished off the gig with a wonderful solo performance of the Only Exception. She thanked the crowd for coming and told them to keep an eye out for new material later in the year. I looked around and saw looks of glee on the faces of the fans around me (mostly young girls but there were a few guys there as well). I took this as my cue and headed to the backstage area, flashing my pass and heading back to the green room.

"What did you think?"

I turned around and saw Hayley coming down the steps from the stage.

"You were great. I mean, you were all great. It's a shame the guys weren't feeling great and needed to head back to the hotel." I was rambling now. Everthing's 'great' -- and I'd only had two beers.

"Yeah but it means you and me can hang out and shoot shit about the Wurzels," she said smiling. "I mean, you seem like a nice guy and, well, after the split last year it's been a while since I've met one of those. I think a few people got the wrong impression of me after the...erm...those..." she trailed off.

"The pictures were tweeted?" I said. "I came across them during my research. I can understand how you must of felt."

"Really?" she sounded sceptical.

"Well, shit, I can't believe I'm telling you this -- trying to keep it professional and all. But, well, I've done some similar shots for some of my freelance work. I hadn't planned on anyone apart from my client using them for anything but, well, when I started a new job a 'friend' of mine thought it would be funny to email them to all of my new colleagues. It was, for most of them, an ice-breaker but it took some serious explaining to my new manager."

"Shit. Who needs enemies with friends like that."


"So what happened?"

"I bullshitted my way out of it.

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