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Just one "accident" after another.

" the owner said to me.

A fireman is what we called the guy who was responsible for making sure that the gauges and thermometers throughout the foundry were in the right zones. You're only allowed to generate a certain level of heat and there are big fines if you get caught overdoing it, so it's pretty important. He's also the last guy out at night because he's responsible for seeing that everything is turned off, covered up or blown out. Usually there is a guy who walks around a couple of times each shift with a clipboard and notes all of the temperatures and levels. I had been that guy at my last job and I told him so.

"Sweet Jesus," he said, "I've been taking care of all of that in addition to my own work since the last guy left. If you'll take it over, I'm sure we can make it worth your while."

I didn't have any social life; mainly I'd been going home after eating something and sleeping until the next day.

"Sure," I said, "I like the job. I'm kind of a worrier and I like to know everything is safe."

That's how I became the fireman.

Like I said, I was responsible for closing everything down so I was always the last one out of the door. I didn't get a chance to see Cole again in all of his glory but one afternoon as I was walking by his area with my clipboard he said, "Have you come to take my temperature?" The other guys laughed.

"Sure," I replied, "which end would you prefer I stick my thermometer in?" I cupped my cock in balls in my other hand.

"You'd better give it up, Cole." one of the other guys said with a laugh. "He can dish it out just as well as you can."

"Maybe we'll see about that." Cole said.

The next day at lunch time I was sitting outside with some of the guys at our picnic table. Cole wandered over and sat in one of the chairs across from me. He spread his thighs and either he's skipped his underwear or else he had on really thin boxers because I could see the outline of his big cock snaking down his leg perfectly.

"How do you like getting to shower on the second shift?" he asked me.

"I like it just fine." I replied. "I've met a real friendly bunch of guys. If you want to join us some night, I'll even wash your back for you."

"Yeah, like I'd ever let you near my bare ass when you've got your dick out." he said.

One of the guys at the table was a young guy who hadn't worked there that long, either. The guys called him Scotty and gave him a bunch of good natured shit, basically because he was so young and pretty.

"What makes you think anybody would want to fuck a big baboon like you?" I asked Cole.

I reached over and ruffled Scotty's hair and said, "Now, Scotty here is a different matter. All he'd have to do is drop the soap one time and I'd be wearing his ring."

The other guys laughed and Scotty said, "Yeah, and then I'd cut off your cock and your balls, too."

I acted afraid and jumped up and sat on the other side of the table.

"I'm staying away from that one." I told the table. "Those little guys are always the meanest and the hardest. I don't care how horny I am, it's not worth losing my cock. I'd rather jump naked into a cage full of wolverines than tangle with a guy his size when he's pissed off."

Scotty immediately and ever after became "Wolverine" and I noticed that the guys were a lot more careful about giving him shit.

The others all got up to go back inside, leaving Cole and me alone outside. He was giving me another one of his long, cool stares.

"You think I'm a real asshole, don't you?" he asked.

"I don't even know you." I replied. "You're a good looking guy and you're probably used to having people fawn all over you. But no matter how good looking you are, that won't stop me from kicking your ass if you give me a reason."

"Point taken." he replied with that funny smile.

He got up and walked over to the doorway as I watched his magnificent ass. Just before he went inside, he glanced back over his shoulder t see if I was looking.

I didn't see Cole for the next few days but I did see something else.

Since I was the person designated to lock up

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