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Salesman responds to exposure.

"So, are we going to your place?" she asks.

"No, I don't want to wait that long. Let's go to the office. It's just round the corner and there won't be anyone there at this time of night".

Louise breathes deeply and her eyes light up. Clearly, she is turned on by this idea.

The office is only a few minutes walk away. You move along the street, arm in arm, drink having made you ever so slightly unsteady, but purposeful. You reach the door and open it. The reception area remains bathed in the glare of bright white lights, but the place is deserted. You both cross it quickly, as if worrying that somebody will see you, although you are sure that nobody will. You check your watch. It is 1am.

The lift up to your floor brings complete privacy, and Louise is in your arms immediately. Her kiss tastes of sugar and rum. She backs away, her eyes still fixed on yours as she hikes up her dress a little and smoothly pulls down her panties underneath it, stepping out of them and putting them in her handbag. You grab her and resume kissing her ravenously. Your hands are under her dress, moving up her thighs, finding the bare skin of her backside. She sighs deeply as you pin her against the wall, wrapping her arms and legs around you and pressing her pussy against your rock hard cock through the fabric of your trousers. The lift reaches your floor.

You move swiftly through the dark office, between rows of cabinets, to Louise's desk. You know you won't be disturbed, but it still feels illicit, and as if you should not hang around too long for fear of getting caught.

In what feels like one fluid movement, but cannot possibly be, Louise strips and stands naked in front of you. She pushes you against the desk and drops to her knees on the floor. You exhale deeply, knowing what is going to happen next. She undoes your trousers and pulls them down just enough to release your cock, which she takes into her mouth with relish. Her hot tongue and firm but gentle fingers go to work, and pleasure builds in you like water coming to the boil.

You can sense that she is ready to have you inside her, and so you have her sit on the desk whilst you quickly remove your remaining clothes. She leans back and you spread her legs, and she murmurs contentedly as your cock slides easily into her pussy. Your eyes move back and forth between her face, which contorts with pleasure, and her nude body laid out in front of you, as you stand there and thrust into her.

Your hands are free to explore her, and you run them up and down her thighs before holding her confidently by the hips. Occasionally, you move them up to her breasts, squeezing them and driving her wild by stroking her nipples with your fingernails. Then you hold on to her hips once again, and her breasts jiggle around and she moans as you fuck her harder and faster. You both laugh as the force of your fucking causes the desk to jump a few inches across the carpet.

Finally, Louise looks you straight in the eyes and says, more direct and confident than you have heard her before, "I want you to come in me from behind". In a flash, she hops of the desk, turns around and bends over it, her breasts pressed against the wood. Your eyes move across her body, from her hair, down her back to her shapely cream-coloured buttocks, which you run your hands over as she breathes deeply in anticipation of having you inside her again.

With your left hand on her hip, you use your right to guide your cock into her pussy, gently but firmly. She moans softly as you move it slowly in and out. Then she rasps "hard", and you rapidly build up the pace until those beautiful buttocks are jiggling around as you pound her roughly. "Oh yes", she whispers, "oh fuck yes". You manage to keep that going for a while but before long it becomes too much, and both of you grunt together as you explode inside her.

For a few moments you pause to catch your breath, your cock still hard in her pussy and you lean down to caress her shoulders and kiss her back.

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