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Brother learns more in school.


"" Jacob whispered in a trance like whisper.

"Yes. Blessed red." Miranda agreed. "How do you feel Jake?"

"On fire..." He answered. "Your lips are like fire...they burn...can't think."

"That's okay my Stud." Miranda purred. "I'll do that for you. I'll take care of you."

A fire lit within the red head that she had never felt before. Seven years before this man had given everything including nearly his life for her. All because she needed it and now he was in trouble. She could feel it in the depths of her soul. He was in more danger from this girl then Ryan Haley had ever poised.

She lifted her hand and banged on the door hard. When no response came she banged hard again and actually called out.

"Jake?" She called. "i could really use some help with the kids. What happened today was traumatic. They may need you."

She could hear the commotion behind the door and then it pulled open. She noticed the lip marks on his lips, chest and neck. She didn't feel jealous, alright she felt a little jealous but more she noticed the strange color of the marks. They were a pale greenish clear. As if it wasn't meant to be seen. She looked over then at Miranda and offered her a warm smile. As she smiled she looked over her lips. She wasn't wearing lipstick but she could make out the lines of a plastic lip cover. Whatever she was wearing on her lips she didn't want it on her skin.

Jacob brushed past her with a bemused expression on his face. He was confused and agitated. She looked back at Miranda who was smiling as if nothing happened and reached out taking her hands.

"Thank you so much for your help Miranda." She said happily. "I don't know what we would have done without you looking after the kids at the motel."

"Of course!" Miranda replied happily. "Anything I can do to help just tell me."

Rachel spun around and followed Jacob down the hallway. Instead of following him into the kids rooms when she got out of eye sight she turned and darted into the kitchen. Carl was sitting at the table on a laptop and she snatched it and pulled it around to an empty chair.

"Excuse me!" Carl snapped.

"I need it." She insisted.

She needed to prove to herself that what she was thinking was impossible. It was like something out of a bad James Bond movie. She looked up brain injuries and their susceptibility to hypnotic or chemical induced suggestion. She found that certain types of brain injury, specificly the type Jacob had, left them extremely vulnerable to this type of suggestion.

"That fucking Bitch." She hissed and for the first time the word was used as an insult and not a endearment or descriptive.

"What?" Carl demanded.

She slid the laptop across the table to him and pointed at it.

"I think she's doing this to Jake!" she snarled. "I just dunno how. I heard her telling him she'd think for him. Getting him to worship that blessed red bullshit that Ryan Haley followed. I think she's gonna hurt him Carl!"

"We are gonna need a hell of a lot more then some words of a website Rachel." Carl warned. "She's been nothing but helpful to both you and Jacob. When he found out you were the target she helped him escape and get to you remember?"

"She told him that Matt was her brother." Rachel hissed. "That he was one of the Dawn Breakers."

"If he was her brother what was stopping him from hurting you the last six months Rach?"

"I dunno!" She threw her arms into the air in frustration. "I don't know dammit!"

As she yelled out Miranda's blonde head poked around the corner, concern in her eyes.

"Everything alright?" She asked.
"Yea." Carl said quickly. "Just working out how best to handle the kids."

The wheels in her mind began to work. She needed to find out for sure if what she thought was happening actually was. She looked up at Miranda and smiled.

"So, I am thinking about taking the kids and Carl out to dinner. Something to return some normalcy to their lives. You mind keeping an eye on Jacob?"

Miranda's eyes lit up with unmistakeable lust and she nodded eagerly.

"Of course!" She s

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