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Love at first sight?

She seemed to be focused and down to the work to be done. Any major repairs would have to wait for contractors, and with a few cabins out of commission sleeping arrangements were bound to change. By four in the afternoon the place was as good as it would get and I started thinking about the quickest way to skip out on Annie, and high tail my way out to the head of the canyon.

As luck would have it, Annie was sticking to me like glue. Subtle and not so subtle hints just didn't work. With a final shrug, I figured it was finally time for her to see my slice of heaven. Hell maybe I could toss her off the rock into the water just for kicks.

Rather than walk the entire trip this late in the day, I grabbed an ATV and told my sidekick to jump on in front of me. With our size difference it was almost as comical as how cats or dogs ride these in front of their owners. Down the trail we headed, Annie holding on for her life, my thighs actually not allowing her to bounce off if she tried.

I stopped when the boulders ended the trail and we hopped off. Well rather, I hopped off and Annie almost melted off her seat. Her face was bright pink, and was flushed from her forehead to her chest. Almost panting she asked for water and practically drank the entire bottle at once.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" I asked.

"Nothing! You're a fucking lunatic driving that thing. I thought we were going die!"

Day two and fight two. Great

"Well if you thought that was bad, you are just going to love the next twenty minutes. Wait here"

"Wait? Here? like hell! What are you hiding?"

"Can't a guy have one secret?"

I knew I had her at this point, as Annie was legendary at having a few secrets of her own. She was also a great ally. A secret was a bond, and over the years we had shared a few: sometimes to protect the other from our parents.

"I'll offer a deal Donk: your secret for one of my own. A biggie."

Knowing I wasn't going to win this game, I simply pointed behind her, "up"

Looking over her shoulder, I heard the magic words: "No fucking way"

"Yes, fucking way, or you stay here and wait. And you will never see my secret."

"I'll take the ATV back and leave you here."

"You seem to have forgotten, I can hike here any damned time I want. That is was a poor one, even for you Annie. Now turn the fuck around, put one hand and foot on one side of the rocks, your other hand and foot on the other and spider your ass up."

The first boulder is pretty much the main defense and is about a 25-foot climb at about sixty degrees. If you are strong and have good shoes, it's difficult at worst. Most people would just shrug it off and quit.

With a huff and scowl she turned around headed up the rocks.

From below I had a view that surprised the heck out of me. Her shorts were wedged up the crack of her ass, the smooth bottom of both cheeks clearly in my view.

Within a minute, she scampered up the boulder and announced she was OK.

Upon reaching the top, I took the lead and showed Annie the various ways to get up around and over the boulders. Climbing is fun in a childish way, but I have already mapped how I can build a couple retaining walls to get a good sized truck out here someday.

The large flat boulder where my great room would sit was empty, no chair - crap. Probably in the lake I thought.

"Um, I think this is a piece of it" Annie said behind me. "It looks a bit barbecued"

Sure enough it had been singed pretty good. Squatting down I could see there was clear evidence that where I had been sitting was struck by lightning. The chair had been blown to bits, chinks and fragments were scattered about.

"Dang, I liked that chair" was my only response. "Glad I wasn't in it. You'd be picking up pieces of me all over the place. "

I barely had uttered those words when Annie tackled me. Her tiny arms and legs clamped on me like a vice.

"What the .

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