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Reflections on life and love.

Their eyes were locked together as Mandy continued to suck on Abu until she took it out of her mouth than lowered her head to take each of his large testicles into her mouth.

Mandy took each testicle into her mouth and pulled on it until each one slipped out than focused on the other. She alternated for a few minutes giving Abu as much pleasure as possible while she gently squeezed his cock in her tiny white hand at the same time.

Mandy climbed on top of Abu's straddling her legs on his side as she reached down with her left hand and guided his black cock to the entrance of her pussy. She was soaked as she slowly moved the head between her pussy slit and positioned herself so she could push her weight down onto him.

Mandy gave out a little grunt as Abu's cock head slipped inside her pussy but without much further pain as she slid herself down onto his cock until she was completely sitting on his legs. After adjusting herself, Mandy leaned forward and began to rock herself up and down his cock and finally leaned forward enough so Abu could suck on her tits.

Abu was horny and started to arch his hips up to meet Mandy's downward strokes as he licked and sucked on her nipples making them hard as rock. Abu bit around Mandy's large tits making her squirm that much more on his lap.

Abu put his large hands on Mandy's shoulders and pulled her down to him so he could kiss her lips than started to kiss around her neck until he began to suck on her skin which would certainly leave red marks on her neck.

Mandy did the same to Abu as she licked and sucked on his neck and rotated her ass around his giant black cock. Mandy whispered in Abu's ear and said. "Fuck me . . . That's it . . . Fuck me . . . "

Abu held onto Mandy's ass trying to hold her down onto his cock but she was squirming around too much in a heat of passion so he just held onto her ass to keep her from falling off the bed.

Mandy was not only moving her ass around but back and forth as Abu sucked on her tits. Mandy's eyes were closed and her mouth was wide open as she enjoyed the pounding her pussy was receiving.

Abu wanted to have more control of the fucking he was giving Mandy and held onto her as tight as he could while flipping her over onto her back as he continued to fuck her from above.

Abu was kissing Mandy again as she dug her nails into his back and rested her heels on his ass cheeks as Abu kept up his fast and deep strokes in her pussy.

Mandy smiled at Abu as she starred into his eyes as he said. "Your pussy feels so very tight and hot around my cock."

Mandy giggled and replied. "My pussy has stretched to accommodate the size of your cock so much that it gaps open all of the time now. I looked at it this morning and saw how much I've stretched for you."

Abu kept starring into Mandy's eyes and replied. "Your pussy is stretching for me?"

Mandy giggled again as she gave Abu a kiss on the lips and said. "Yes. Baby. I'm stretching just for your black cock."

Abu leaned down and kissed Mandy's lips again as they remained that way for several minutes while he kept fucking her pussy and rotating his ass in circular motions making her stretch even that much more.

Mandy's body began to violently shake as she started to orgasm kicking her legs straight out and yelling out that she was going to cum.

Mandy yelled out and said. "Oh. Yeah . . . That's it . . . Keep fucking me . . . God . . . Yes . . . Fuck me deep and hard."

Abu increased the speed of his strokes as he pounded away at Mandy's pussy knocking the breath out of her with each stroke until he let out a very loud scream as he said. "Oh . . . Yeah . . . I'm . . . filling your belly . . . Baby . . . "

Abu shot his seed deep inside Mandy's belly as he held his hands under her ass cheeks and held her tight against his cock making sure none of his potent black seed escaped her pussy.

Abu held himself deep inside Mandy for a couple minutes as he caught his breath and kept the opening of her pussy sealed with his huge black cock.

Mandy kissed Abu as he finally started to pull his cock out of

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