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Parth four of Mary's first adventure.

After drying off and powdering my self, I sat on mom's bed in front of her vanity and painted my fingernails and toenails a deep, dark red.

Then, I got the clothes out. First came the panty girdle, which held everything tucked up inside of me, then my mom's 36 D cup black lacey bra. I next put on my dark, coffee colored pantyhose, then the black lacy panties (that matched the bra) over the hose. I'm sorry, but wearing my panties on the outside of my hose made me feel sexy, still does!

I was getting real excited now, but the panty girdle held everything in place, so I still had the smooth outline, and the appearance wasn't ruined. Next came the hip pads, stuffed between the hose and girdle, to help give me a girly shape. Now was the fun part. Like I said, I did prepare a bit before hand, so I got my bra padding ready. They were 4 heavy-duty water balloons, stuffing one balloon within another, creating a pair of double walled balloons. These I filled with warm water, tied them real well, and stuffed them within the bra. I now had my own titties!! Making sure they were level, I slipped into my mom's shortest black slip.

Now the real fun part. I got my sisters red mini-dress out with these little black polka dots, and slid it over my now feminized body. On her, it was baggy and knee length, but on me it hugged every curve and came to eight inches above my knees. It was short sleeved, and the neckline was ruffled and elastic, so i could wear it on or off shoulder. The skirt part was slightly pleated and had some flair to it. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it!

Next came the shoes. Lord, how I loved those things! An aunt of mine gave them to me to give to my mom, but I was a naughty girl and kept them for myself! They were red, with four inch spike heels, opened toed with straps that came up from around the back of the heels, wrapped around the ankle, and fastened with a little gold buckle. The perfect 'fuck me!' shoes! I had been practicing walking in them so I had that part down pat! The short skirt, high heels, and hip pads gave a killer swing to my walk!

I sat at the mirror and did my makeup, making sure to highlight the lashes, cheekbones, and then applying lipstick in the same shade as my nails. I got out the final piece of the puzzle: my mom's long wavy platinum wig! It came down to halfway down my back! Clip on hoop earrings, dangle bracelets, a silver necklace, and silver chain belt finished it off. Time to look in the mirror.

WOW!! I was hot! I looked just like a eighteen year old tease, but a hottie, nonetheless! After a few glasses of dad's wine to calm my nerves, I gathered up my red purse and out the front door I went!

Chapter 3

Gawd, I was so nervous! I planned on walking to the theater, which was about a half a mile away, so I left in plenty of time. I got a lot of honks, a few 'Hey babe's', and whistles on the way. I loved it! Then, I froze.

A cop car! He drove by, then pulled over and asked if I needed a ride. Cool! Even a cop noticed me as a girl! He asked where I was going, and I told him to the movies. He got out, came around to the other side and opened the passenger door and told me to hop in, he'd take me! Lordy, I was nervous, but elated at the same time! Thank goodness for the wine!

As he pulled away, he asked me my name. "Tiffany Renee" I told him. His was Kyle, and he asked me my age, where I went to school, and did I have a boyfriend.

"Well, hon, I'm eighteen, and my daddy doesn't let me date yet, so I don't have a boyfriend yet, but a lot of guys are interested!"

"I'll bet, " he replied, with a little gleam in his eyes. "but I don't blame your daddy, a fox like you, the guys would do anything to get into your panties!"

I blushed big time. I didn't expect this, a cop hitting on me. "Oh, I wouldn't let them, I'm a good girl! I do what ever my daddy tells me to."

"I'm sure you are," he replied with a wink. This was too much; this cop was actually flirting with me!

Since the movies weren't due to start for a while, we went ahead and continued his patrol.

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