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The girls are off to a new city, with some unexpected gifts.

When she reached up to help him he gently pushed her hand away, instead playfully whispering in her ear, "Let the old guy unwrap his gift himself!"

Chelsea smiled, put her hands back down at her side and took stock of herself. She was completely surrendered to the pleasure Bill was lavishing upon her. She was almost embarrassingly wet and her knees were weak from desire. She would have to remember to pat herself on the back when this was all over for making the decision to approach this wonderful man.

By the time she had finished her "stocktaking", Chelsea discovered that her blouse had been completely opened and her lover was gently caressing her stomach. He was running his hand all over the front of her, a blind man reading the Braille that was her body.

Bill was revelling in the feel of her, this beautiful sexy woman that wanted him. Her skin was taut, smooth and smelled of almond and lemongrass with a growing scent of desire. When he deftly unhooked the front clasp of her bra with one hand (funny the tricks you remember from college) he smiled to himself. The perfect 34C tits that were revealed really didn't even need a bra, they stood out proud, youthful and still defeating the effects of age and gravity. My god, they are perfect and he told Chelsea that.

"You don't think they are too big?" she asked.

"Trust me, beautiful," he countered, "You won't get a single man in your life that will complain. Like they said in the Seinfeld episode -- "They're real and they're spectacular!"

Bill started to caress and touch Chelsea's tits. Gently squeezing them, gently pinching her nipples, all the while lavishing both sides of her neck and both ears with kisses which were getting slightly more urgent.

Chelsea's pussy was on fire now. She was quite sure that she could wring her thong out if she had to. She knew that it would be good, but it was already better than she had dared to hope and he hadn't even gone near her really. That is, until the end of that thought. She felt his hand snake down and rub her pussy on the outside of her jeans. Oh god how she wanted to touch her clit right now! Then, Bill pushed a hand down the front of her jeans and grabbed hold of her thong and pulled it up, making it press against her already engorged clit. Chelsea's knees almost buckled then, but when he undid the snap on the front of her jeans and plunged his hand down her pants and gently grazed her clit he had to hold her up momentarily.

Unable to take it anymore, she pulled his hand out of her pants, turned around the mashed her face into Bill's -- plunging her tongue as deep into his mouth as it would go.

"I need to sit down, or lay down -- I can't stand anymore -- literally OR figuratively," she smiled.

Bill picked her up and as he carried her to the bedroom gazed into her eyes. "This is going to be sooo good," he said to her. He gently laid her on the bed and looked down upon her, his eyes fierce with desire. Still clothed, he bent to remove the rest of her clothes, joined her on the bed and bent down to kiss her. After jousting his tongue with hers he started to trail his tongue down her body. Over her chin, gently nibbling at her throat and then leaving a wet trail right down between her heavenly breasts. There he lingered, circling her nipples and bringing his hands up to tag-team the formidable tandem before him. While licking and sucking her left breast, his left hand was busy pinching and pulling the now rock-hard nipple of her right. Reluctantly leaving them behind his tongue continued their journey across the flat stomach, pausing briefly to tease her navel before finally arriving at desire ground zero. He took a brief moment to drink in the body before him. Beautiful face, perfect tits, taut, flat stomach and a mouth-watering, shaved pussy that was aglow and glistening with desire. He dipped his head and dove into that pussy and started an all-out oral assault. First he gently sucked each of the engorged lips into his mouth, pushing his tongue deep inside her, his nose nuzzling her clit.

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