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He finds something to do.

Her breasts were ample, not too large, but pretty and right for her frame. The long flowered print skirt she wore was slit up the sides and fell attractively over her curvaceous ass, where I could see his hand returning. He used the side slits to snake beneath the garment and, after a little probing, pulled down a beautiful pair of white lace bikini panties. She stepped out of them obligingly, smiling sweetly at him, and though she did not know it, in my direction as well.

Watching him seduce this beauty, watching him disrobe and disarm her, had the desired effect on me. From my far corner, I let a lone finger stray between my dampening slit, linger on my clit a little, tracing circles there, just teasing, until I could find his hand there.

She began to unbutton the shirt and he let her, stroking her hair and whispering to her, telling her how he wanted her. I could hear her moan a little as she kissed his chest and kneeled before him. As her pale hands undid his zipper and button, he moved a little to help her slip the trousers over his hips. He did not wait, either, as he pushed the cotton shorts down with his pants, revealing you perfectly erect cock. Dry now, stiff, but not straining, just ready to do her bidding. And as she lowered her lips to his head, I felt another twinge of envy. How wonderful to feel his head between her lips for the first time. I brought my own slippery fingers to my lips, timing my strokes and sucks with hers, tasting myself. I imagined his head slipping down my throat when I realized she was trying to deep throat him, but could not. Maybe, I thought, I shall teach her. Show her how he likes it done. Use him as a practice field. Every time she got it right, I would reward her by letting her kiss me. . .I drifted a little, but could not concentrate on that fantasy because of the reality unfolding in front of me.

I watched his eyes, not yet comfortable enough to close, his mouth moving in little whispers of yes. I wanted to come out then, take part in this, but he pulled her off, her hand still stroking him and led her to the bed. Standing before him, she began unbuttoning her own sweater, letting it fall to the floor as he watched the display. He tugged her skirt down revealing a full dark triangle of hair, so different from the little strip that was all he had left me. Her silky skin looked smooth and vulnerable. Her beauty was palpable, surprising even him in his reaction, the swelling between his legs now accompanied by the tiniest dewy pearl. He rubbed it around his head, teasing her with the sight of it. Lifting his fingers to his mouth, he fed her, let her lick his fingers and then, kissing her, he began to slip those shiny digits in and out of her labia. Feeling the lips swollen and the hole slick, he pushed the first finger in to her and left it there, motionless. Her eyes closed in silent joy, waiting to see what he would do, the anticipation causing her to tremble as she contracted her walls around him. That was all the encouragement he needed.

Pushing her on to her back, he laid her out on the bed.

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