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A story of my path into the BDSM world.

"Oh God," she whispered. Kelly's body shuddered as she saw Steve become a more active participant. His bicep and shoulder muscles flexed with the effort of sliding her body back and forth.

Kelly closed her eyes, feeling herself build slowly toward a climax. Each time Steve pulled her forward, she would grind her clit down against his throbbing, massive dick.

"Ohhhhhhh," she sighed.

Steve grabbed the bottoms of her tank top and started to pull them up over her head. Kelly was about to stop him but realized that might result in questions she wouldn't be able to answer. She let him pull both tops off, first one then the other. His hands immediately cupped her breasts, squeezing the rock hard nipples between his fingers. Kelly knew this was getting more and more dangerous. She was at least a full-cup larger than her sister. Would Steve notice?

"Oh, god, Anna, you're nipples are so hard."

She couldn't take it any more.

"Steve, I'm really close to cumming, but you're ruining it for me by calling Anna's name all the time."

As soon as those words came out, Kelly covered her mouth with both hands. Steve let go of her boobs and jerked the facemask off his head. And there was his sister-in-law, naked, on top of him.

"Kelly, what the --"

"Shhhh," she said, putting a finger to his lips, and rocking back and forth on him more earnestly. "It's ok, it's not sex. I'm just -- ohhhhh -- just rubbing against you. Unnnh! I'm so close."

Kelly closed her eyes and bit her lower lip. She was quickening her pace.

"Kelly..." Steve started in again.

She was so close now, right on the edge. If he would just shut the fuck up, she could get off. Literally. Then she would get off him and they'd be done.

"Not sex," Kelly gasped. "It's just rubbing. Oh shit, right there."

Kelly wasn't sure if she had fully convinced Steve, but he stopped talking. That was good. That was very good. She kept her eyes closed as she ground herself against him, harder and faster.

On one of her forward movements, Kelly slid a little too far. In fact, she slid completely off Steve's cock. She reflexively arched her back, pushed her hips down and slid backwards. But rather than just slide up along the surface of Steve's cock, the head of his penis slipped inside her.

"Kelly?" Steve growled in a low warning tone.

"I know, I know, I know." Kelly gasped. She was so close to climax, she didn't want to stop that pressure against her clit. She started sliding back, but that just pushed more of Steve's cock inside her.

"Oh, shit, you're inside me," she told him, as if she had nothing to do with it. She opened her eyes and looked down at him. His eyes met hers questioningly.

Kelly tilted her pelvis up and back, thinking that Steve would slide out. Instead, it just raised his pole. She was still impaled upon it.

"I might need a little help," she said, hoping he could just lift her up a little. Then his cock would slap down and she could start humping against it again.

Steve's hands were at his sides. Rather than lift her hips up, he started to slowly push Kelly's knees apart. This had the opposite effect of what Kelly wanted,spreading her open, causing her to sink down lower, and take more of his great, big cock inside her.

"Shit, shit, shit," Kelly exclaimed each word in rapid sequence. Now, nearly half impaled on her brother-in-law, it was Kelly's turn to look questioningly at Steve. One of his hands moved up along her thigh. It caressed the slender curve of her waist, then slid over her round bottom. Slowly, purposefully, Steve started to push Kelly down onto his cock.

"Oh. My. God," she said, feeling more and more of her brother-in-law push inside her.

Steve continued to push Kelly down onto him. When she was halfway down his shaft, Kelly dug her fingernails into Steve's pecks, and lifted herself off him just slightly, a faint and feeble protest. Steve push Kelly's rump downward again.

"You're so big," Kelly whimpered, "you're splitting me in two."

But Kelly let him push her down again, taking more of his massive

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