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Talos gets his revenge.

I decided, what the fuck, I'll watch this tape and see what type of ceremony she had with this dude. I skipped through most of it. It was really boring as hell and I was just about to turn it off when the scene shifted dramatically.

Though the footage was grainy at first, there was no doubt that I was suddenly looking at a hotel room and I heard Amy's voice call out, "Are you ready, T?" On the TV, Amy appeared in the bathroom doorway and my cock sprung to life. She was wearing the sexiest black lingerie I had ever seen along with black spiked heels that made her look like a sex goddess. My jaw literally hit the floor. Her tits were practically falling out of her top and the garters were stretching the tops of her black stockings. Amy occasionally wore sexy lingerie for me, but not like this. This was Frederick's of Hollywood gear, slutty to the max. She then turned around on camera to show off her curvaceous behind. She was wearing a black satin thong that looked to be buried deep in her ass. Jesus Christ, what a fucking smoke show she was. I was not at all prepared for what I had uncovered and for what lay ahead. My wife was about to star in her own personal sex video never meant for me or anybody else to see.

The camera must've been set up near the bed because the angle soon shifted perfectly to the center of the room where T was laying on the bed waiting for my wife. His cock was even larger than I had imagined. It wasn't the width as much as the length. From what I could see, he looked to have a good 9" of black pipe. Not especially thick, but this guy had some length. I couldn't imagine Amy even being able to handle it, but she soon proved me very wrong. Amy climbed onto the bed and immediately went down on his black cock. She licked up and down his erect shaft and tried to fit as much into her mouth as she could. Amy has amazing oral talent and it was now evident where she honed those skills. Amy grabbed his cock and jerked it like crazy. Her tongue continued bathing his cock in her saliva and working it like a pro. Amy's body was to the side and I could tell that T had begun fingering her pussy through her thong. Amy began to moan while she continued to stuff her mouth with his huge dick. I then watched as Amy pulled his cock up and started sucking on his balls. I couldn't believe I was watching my wife going crazy for black cock. She took turns sucking on each of his balls stopping only to tease the head of his throbbing cock with her sexy tongue. Seeing Amy taking charge in bed and expertly stroking and sucking a huge dick was sexier than I could've ever imagined. My cock strained against my shorts, but I didn't want to blow my load just yet, I had to keep watching.

I don't know how this guy didn't cum in Amy's face and mouth after all of her licking and sucking, but he had stamina. He lifted Amy off the bed, ripped off her thong, wrapped his muscular arms around her and started slamming his cock into her while standing up. Amy kicked off her shoes and wrapped her nylon legs around his torso.

"Fuck me T, oh Jesus, your dick feels so good buried deep in my pussy!" Amy screamed.

T was fucking my wife like there was no tomorrow. Amy's tits had by now escaped and were bouncing off of his chest. I watched in bewilderment as my wife gave in to her pure lust and took a fucking like I had never seen before.

"Make me cum, make me cum, yeah yeah yeah" she screamed as T continued pounding away before throwing her down on the bed. Amy grabbed T and started kissing him deeply. She licked his torso and then went back down to his cock. She licked all of her juices off his cock and balls and then rolled onto her stomach. What she said next, put me over the edge.

"You can put it anywhere."

Wait, what??? Was Amy really going to give up her ass to him? I couldn't imagine that her asshole would open up enough to get his cock inside.

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