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A massage for my sister after a biking trek.

"I would like to begin with a full exam of both of you. There are gowns behind you if you're bashful, but I find it more efficient to forgo them." Dr. Johnson says.

"Oh no, you're a doctor there is no reason to be bashful with you." I say starting to undress and motioning for Tom to do the same.

Once we are both naked the doctor does a cursory glance over Tom's body.

The doctor grabs Tom's testicles, and takes a measurement of Tom's penis. "Do you have any trouble getting an erection?" The doctor asks.

"No he gets hard very easily." I answer.

Turning to face me the doctor asks. "Do you have any trouble achieving an orgasm during sex?" The doctor asks me.

"Well, yes." I say honestly.

"Tom tends to cum very quickly, and well he is kind of small." I say feeling bad for Tom but knowing if the doctor is going to help he needs to know.

Dr. Johnson then checks my breasts for lumps.

He has me bend over and touch my toes, making me hold that position for several minutes while he examines my legs and back from behind me.

"How many times a week do you have sex?" The doctor asks.

"Usually twice." I reply.

"Does your husband eat you out?" Doc asks.

"Yes almost every time." I reply.

"Do you suck on his dick?" He asks.

"No, well to be blunt it so small it's kind of a turn off for me to blow him." I respond honestly

"Ok Tom, I would like you to bend over and spread your cheeks for me." The doctor says still looking at me.

Tom does as he is told. Dr. Johnson puts on a pair of gloves. Then puts his index finger into my husband's anus.

"Tom, I want you to try and get an erection while I do this." The doctor said while moving his index finger in and out of his anus.

Tom, looks at me as if asking what he should do. "Well don't make the doctor wait stupid." I say vexed at Tom for wasting the doctor's time.

While still bent over Tom starts to rub his dick. Until he is hard. All the while the doctor is still fingering his anus, with his eyes still examining me. "Ok good Tom, let me know when you get close to an orgasm."

"I'm close". Tom says.

"Wow that was fast even for him". I think to myself.

Dr. Johnson stops and turns to me while taking off his gloves.

"Ok Laura, go ahead and lay on the exam table and put your feet in the stirrups." The doctor tells me. When Tom starts to get dressed, Dr. Johnson stops him saying: "stay undressed please I may need to check some more things on you."

With my husband standing awkwardly to the side in the buff the doctor sits down between my legs and starts examining me. He inserts one finger and begins to feel around.

"I would like exercise the walls of your vagina. I'm worried with the size of your husband's penis they are not getting properly flexed." The doctor says.

"I'm going to draw this curtain, as this procedure sometimes makes couples uncomfortable." Dr. Johnson says drawing a curtain hanging above me.

I can now no longer see past my belly button, the doctor is completely out of sight beyond the curtain.

"I'm going to insert my ... Stretching tool, don't be embarrassed if you enjoy the sensation, most women do". The doctor tells me.

I glance over to my still naked husband who looks even more uncomfortable. I feel the head of his tool start to run against the lips of my pussy, making me wet. I feel the tip of the tool push in thinking to myself it must be somewhat shaped like the head of a penis. I feel the tool start going in and out of me slowly a little further in with each thrust. It's at least 7" deep inside me. The tool must be very much shaped after a penis, I think to myself. It feels almost exactly like a large penis. I start moaning, glad the doctor had told me not to be embarrassed.

"That's it's just relax as I perform this procedure." The doctor says sounding slightly short of breath.

The doctor stars bringing the tool in and out fast and harder.

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