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Genghis Khan's parents meet for the first time.

"As many as it takes until I stop." She smiled at me but it slid off her face when she looked at my face. "What happened to you?"

"What do you mean?"

"You've a black eye." I wondered if I had actually gotten hurt. I guess I did although I could not really feel it.

"It's nothing." I drew out the toxins with a purge and then put a diluted amount of tincture on the bandages.

"You are a horrid liar, Kiven. What happened?" I knew she would not let it go so I helped her to the last alcove.

"You promise you will tell no one else what you are about to see?" She nodded. She was the only person I ever told anything to including my attraction to men. It was rare in my people and not exactly accepted because we elves are not a fruitful lot. A child is born maybe every twenty years to the tribe, once every hundred to the woman.

I pulled back the curtain enough so the we could slip in and she covered her mouth to stop herself from screaming. "Kiven, you know humans are not allowed to be in the village."

"What should I have done? Let him die in the forest where he had killed that small band with only minimal help from me? Damn the rules! I will not let this man die." She looked at me with compassion in her eyes.

"Well...he does look pretty bad. You say he killed them?"

"All but four of the thirty-two. Clubs are not very effective against hard goblin skulls." She nodded. I looked down at my hand that had unconsciously gone to the man's muscular calf.

"Oh no. Kiven you know you can't...not with a human. Treating him is one thing but..." She trailed off.

"I have done nothing yet. He lost consciousness out there." I sighed and began to massage that calf. "Does not mean I am not sorely tempted." She shook her head and left.

I stayed the night in the infirmary to make sure my patient was safe from internal and external harm. I knew he would live if he had not lost too much blood, but he was not out of the woods yet. It was nearly dawn when he stirred. I sat up and snagged the water bottle from the bed side where I had kept it. He looked over at me in confusion that broke into recognition. "You need water," I said, knowing that my accent would be thick. I cradled his head as he drank and then lay him back down.

"Was that you in the woods?"

"Yes. I not see human in years. Forgive if I not speak right." I wanted to ask him some many questions. Mainly I just wanted to stare into those eyes.

"You saved me." His voice was deep and made shivers slide up and down my sides and seemed to nestle between my legs. "Thank you."

"No thank necessary. I am Kiven of the Moonray tribe." I was checking the lump on his head. I knew it would be tender even with the aid of the tincture, but I needed to be sure it was healing.

"I am Jacob of Ivywell." That was the nearest human settlement and some two days travel from here. "How bad is it?"

"Is not bad. Tincture helps, but rest is best healer."

He nodded. "I...think I may be unable to rest. I remember that elves do not like humans."

I chuckled. "Not true. We not like humans in village, but humans not bad. Hairy, but not bad." I grinned and he smiled back. I thought his legs were the best part until I saw that smile. It brought the light of the sun into my hut and filled me with a feeling I could only describe as warm.

Then the smile slid off his face. "I'm in the village aren't I?" I nodded. "And no one knows, am I right?"

"Not right. One other knows but she no tell." He tried to sit up and I placed my hands on his broad chest to push him back. "You stay. Not healed yet."

"But you could get in trouble. I need to leave before that happens." I shook my head touched by his want to keep me from harm. I also realized I had not taken my hands off his chest and I pulled them away as I blushed. The blood from my face changed course to my groin and I had to go put on a robe lest this Jacob see what he was doing to me.

"Rest, Jacob of Ivywell.

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