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A beautiful woman discovers love and satisfaction.

Kelly could see his erection tenting his pants.

Amy whimpered then, as Ed arched his back. Kelly saw him cry out in pleasure as he began to cum, Amy whimpering and swallowing.

She looked up at Erin then, her lips coated with Ed's cum, and waited patiently. Erin, still spent from Duncan, shook her head no, so Amy moved on. Kimber, likewise, declined and then Amy was at Drake's knees. He smiled and nodded, glancing over at Kelly for a moment.

Smiling, Amy leaned forwards and quickly freed his cock. He grinned and winked over at her as Amy leaned forwards and took him in her mouth, her blonde locks bobbing up and down as she slid her lips down his shaft. He quickly put a hand to the back of her head to control her movements. Breaking the lip lock, Amy looked back at Kelly.

"Can I please play with my pussy, Mistress," she begged.

Kelly smirked, but shook her head. "Not yet, slut," she said. Amy whimpered but went back to sucking Drake off.

"Your wife is the dirtiest slut I know," Molly said. Zeke groaned. She reached down then and undid the zipper and button to his jeans. His cock immediately sprang free as she slid down the couch to kneel at his feet.

"Look at how much she loves sucking cock," she said. "She's loves these cocks more than yours," she whispered. "You're so pathetic," she said, slapping his face.

"It's all just fantasy," Kelly whispered, leaning in close to Danielle as she noticed the young girl wince at the slap.

Across the room, Drake began to groan, crying out in pleasure suddenly as he filled Amy's hungry mouth. She whimpered again as she began to swallow. He groaned in pleasure again as he filled her mouth. Kelly saw some spill out the sides as Amy desperately tried to swallow it all.

"She's swallowing another man's seed," Molly whispered, her hand poking at Zeke's painfully erect penis.

He groaned again.

Amy finally stopped hungrily slurping at Drake's deflating cock. She looked back at Kelly as she shifted over to Derrek. "He's probationary," Kelly said, "like these two," she continued, nodding at Conner and Danielle. "Ignore the three of them for now."

Drake leaned over, obviously explaining to his frowning brother about what being probationary was. Dana surprised Kelly then, being next to Derrek and Mark, by nodding her head. She was wearing a short skirt, which Amy quickly slid up and then pulled her panties aside. Not waiting for any foreplay, Amy quickly began to slurp noisily at the young teacher's pussy in front of her.

"That whore wife of yours is going down on my sister now, and she'll be sucking my pussy in a few minutes too. Do you see how much of a whore she is?" Molly asked. "I hope she's happy knowing what a loser you are."

Zeke groaned.

She leaned forwards and took the tip of his cock in her mouth, only for a second before popping him back out and squeezing his cock painfully. He groaned again, his face a mask of pleasure and pain, his eyes fixed on his wife as her head gyrated in Dana's crotch. Dana ran her hand through Amy's blonde locks for a moment, before pulling downwards. Amy broke the sucking for a moment to look back, pleading with Kelly. She shook her head, causing a whimper to escape Amy's lips before Dana directed her back to her pussy.

"Finish what you started, slut," Dana ordered.

"Did you hear my sister?" Molly said, still painfully squeezing Zeke's erection. "She called your wife by her real name. Slut." She glanced back for a second and then back up at him. "I'll bet you'd like to feel my lips on your pathetic cock again, wouldn't you." He groaned and nodded.

"Answer me!" Molly hissed, squeezing harder.

He nodded emphatically. "Yes, I would!" he yelped.

She relaxed a little, but didn't move her hand away. "You're not worthy of my lips, you fucking slime," she said, her voice tinged with venom. She reached out with the tip of her tongue, a hair's breadth from his cock, but didn't touch it.

Amy was still hungrily slurping at Dana, who had finally

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