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Mr. Welston takes his daughters bestie again!

She looked stunning, the sunshine from earlier adding a pink glow to her breasts.

Vicki dressed more conservatively, not feeling ready to let herself go. Despite Susans protests she put on a short wrapround beach skirt and a small pink blouse which she tied up exposing her tummy and left enough buttons undone to expose some of her pert breasts. Her one concession to Susan was o go without panties and as they headed off to the party they giggled like a pair of teenagers.

Before going into the party they shared a pizza in the restaurant. Again Vicki was amazed at the nudity and varying shapes and sizes of those around her.

When the music started up they moved into the party area, a large bar area with a dance floor in one darkened corner.

The girls got themselves a drink and took in their surroundings. Vicki relaxed, telling herself that it was so like any other bar or dance area except that the people were just wearing less. The few drinks helped her relax and she and Susan chatted to some of the others.

Again it was like any bar, the chat was about everyday things, travel, the resort and the weather. Vicki was relieved to find that she was not being hit on all the time by men as she had expected.

After about an hour they were joined by two men who pulled up stools beside theirs and bought them a drink. Both were about 60 and to Vickis mind neither were attractive. Neither wore any clothing so she could see that both were very obviously well endowed. After a spell of friendly chat Susan was clearly getting on well with the man beside her and they had moved close to whisper and giggle.

The guy beside Vicki moved closer to her and they continued their conversation. To Vickis surprise Susan got up, shortly afterwards and whispered to her that she as going for a walk with her man, outside. Susan watched them as they left, his hand firmly on the back of her red shorts.

The guy beside her had moved closer and as they resumed their chat she was aware of his hand lightly stroking her leg.

She looked around her, conscious of people around her maybe seeing this, but detected a change in the overall atmosphere. On the dance floor couples were dancing close, kissing and in some cases caressing each other and around the room their were other couples touching and stroking each other.

Vicki was not comfortable but was afraid to make a scene. His hand was moving higher touching the hem of her skirt. He was smiling at her and as he leaned forward to get his drink his hand slid over her thighs and moved between her legs.

He smiled again, and to her horror she noticed his erection beginning to swell. As he moved his fingers to try to slide one into her tight pussy she grabbed his wrist and whispered to him to stop. He was surprised but, thankfully, accepted the rejection. After an awkward few minutes he excused himself and left with his drink leaving her alone.

Vicki left the bar immediately and walked back towards the villa, her heart pounding and mind racing. It was not what he did that upset her, she reasoned, but just that she was not attracted to him in any way and that she resented being taken for granted.

She opened the door to the villa and stepped inside - stopping in her tracks as she did.

In front of her was Susan, her hands on the back of the armchair on the other side of the room. She was bending right over, her ample bottom raised in the air. Behind her stood her friend from the bar, red in the face and sweating heavily. But it wasn't his face that Vicki focussed on but rather his swollen cock sliding in and out of Susan's stretched pussy. They were unaware of her presence and she stood watching and listening to the sound of her wetness being pumped by his big cock while his hands pulled at her breasts.

Vicki stepped back into the night, closing the door behind her.

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