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She loved getting dressed up for him. She loved seeing that pleased look in his eyes. It made her feel very beautiful.

Not long after her primping session, she heard the familiar click of the lock. It was all she could do not to squeak with excitement. With as much composure as she could muster, the lovely kitten stepped out to greet her Master. He smiled wide as soon as she came into view. She did a little spin so he could look her over and get the full effect of the outfit. He obviously approved, as evidenced by the slight bulge in his pants.

"Hey there, kitten." He kissed her softly and proceeded to the kitchen. "So, what's cooking?"

Blink. Uh-oh. He had wanted her to cook tonight ... she promised she would. She frowned, frantically look around. "Um, er ... wait, I ... " Damn. It had just slipped her mind. She felt pretty damn bad already, so she looked down as she spoke quietly. "I am sorry ... I ... forgot."

It was silent, though she could have sworn she heard a slight "hm" sound, as if he were thinking. She slowly looked up, and off he went in the bedroom. Kitten stepped forward to follow, but he told her to stay. The sound of metal could be heard, along with various other mysterious sounds. She wondered if he was really upset, or just looking for any excuse to play with his new toys ... a small smile betrayed the excitement she felt inside at the thought of him controlling her.

She was shaken from these thoughts when he stepped out of the bedroom, and told her to kneel. She did so quickly. Just a fast, he had unzipped his pants and taken out his already hard cock. She eyed him curiously as he just held it out of her reach ... so she leaned forward to take him into her mouth. At this, he stepped back. She glanced up at him again, and he just watched her expectantly. Again, she leaned forward, and he moved just out of her reach. She could feel the heat from his body ... he was just an inch from her face. But he wasn't letting her win.

She pouted and looked up in confusion. He gave a very amused grin and took another step back. "You will be pleasing me with your mouth tonight ... but you'll have to get over here first. And you can't leave your hands and knees."

Kitten just stared for a minute, since her knees were beginning to hurt, but she did as she was told. She crawled slow and sexy over to him , making sure he got a good view of her ass as she made her way over. They ended up in the bedroom, and she noticed a few things laid out next to the bed. As she turned to look, she felt him grab her by the hair and open her mouth with his cock. She took it all in eagerly, hoping that making him cum this way would have him forget the dinner incident.

It was only seconds before he stopped her, and handcuffed her to the bed posts and secured a blindfold. She was facedown, and feeling extremely vulnerable. He didn't bother to tie her feet. As he fumbled around, he spoke to her quietly, telling her that she had been quite bad today, and if she wanted to make it up to him, that she would be very extra good tonight. She nodded, though he didn't see.

and out of no where, he used his new toy. It was a medium sized wooden paddle. He brought it down hard on her exposed flesh, and she responded with a startled yelp. It was more painful than usual, since he normally used his hand, but she did deserve it. He smacked her a few more times with the paddle, pausing at times, and speeding up at others. He gave a little chuckle, and made a remark as to how she'd be feeling this for weeks to come. She didn't doubt it. Her whole body was tingling, but there was no denying the wetness between her legs that slowly made it's way down her thighs. She tried to close her legs, but he kept them apart.

he kissed the back of her neck and whispered sexy sweet things into her ear.

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