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New girl in Vegas gets two for one.

"Come on Kellie, you know you would love for him to fuck you" Amanda said.

"Size isn't everything" I answered as I flushed.

"Yeah, but it's the most important thing" Samantha answered.

"Let's get out of here!" Julie said as she stood up.

We rushed, laughing to the minivan we had decided to take. A moment later we were at the Shell station and Tony pulled up in the passenger's seat of a BMW. I recognized "Ed" as the fireman. His chest was too hairy for me, but Samantha had been tipping him rather heavily all evening.

"So, I see you brought your bodyguard" Amanda giggled.

Ed laughed, "I play a fireman, but I moonlight as a chauffeur" Ed said with a broad smile.

"So, are you going to ride with him, or do you want us to give you a ride home?" Julie said.

"Come on guys," Samantha said, "Let's invite him too!"

"The more the merrier" Amanda said.

"SO, who's ridding with whom?" Ed asked.

"I'm ridding with Eddie" Samantha said as she opened the passenger door, with the implied expectation that Tony would get out, which he did.

It was Amanda's minivan, and I for sure did not want Sam ridding alone with Eddie, nor did I want to end up in the back of a van with a strange stripper, no matter how cute he was. So I said "I'll ride with you guys" and I got in behind Samantha.

Someplace between the club and the hotel, the plans changed. Amanda pulled in to a drive through liquor store and instead of going to the hotel club; we all ended up going to the hotel room.

This was not at all what I had expected. I headed for the bathroom right away. Before long, it was obvious that nobody was leaving. I came out to find Tony and Eddie talking about how they got into stripping, turns out that they both were starting medical school in the fall.

"Does it turn you guys on to strip?" Samantha asked, almost genuinely.

"Why don't you try and find out?" Eddie asked.

With that she stood up and started dancing. Amanda was next to Eddie and Julie cuddled up next to Tony. I sat down in the armchair and watched, first Samantha, and then the couples on the couch. Samantha was down to her panties, when she looked at Julie and said "your turn!"

Julie stood up and started touching herself as she danced and took off her skirt and then top and bra. Meanwhile Amanda was playing with Eddie's dick. Sam sat on the other side of Eddie and started kissing him and playing with his hair. Amanda unbuttoned Eddie's shirt. Just then Tony stood up and started dancing with Julie. She could not keep her hands off him. Before long the guys were both naked. Sam and Julie were naked except for their panties.

Only Amanda and I were dressed. Eddie and Samantha had long ago moved from the loveseat to the bed. Eddie played with Samantha's firm "B" cup tits as they kissed. Now Julie and Tony flopped onto the other bed. Tony pulled her panties off and started eating her pussy. She moaned as his head moved up and down long her slit. Amanda came over and sat on the arm of the chair next to me. She leaned over next to my shoulder with her arm behind my back.

"You ok?" she asked. I did not even hear her. "Kellie, you ok?" she asked again for the second time.

I took my eyes off from Tony and turned to her, "ah, yea, I'm ok, this is a little wilder than I expected" I confessed.

We sat there for a while, I really don't know how long. Now Eddie and Sam were fucking, she was on top of him. She slowly rotated on his dick. Tony had moved up on Julie. His dick was had not grown much longer now that it was hard. My hubbie has a dick that grows three times bigger when engorged with blood, to a full sex inches. I had always wondered if the guys I had seen in playgirl with 6 inch dicks doubled in size. Tony had not doubled, but it had gotten quite a bit thicker.

Julie yelped as he slowly pushed his manhood into her pussy.

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