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America doesn't understand what perversion is.

There was a musty smell almost like something dead and moldering under the floor.

"Ewww, Let's go up stairs," said Jackie.

A moaning sound seeming came from the walls around the women.

"Did you hear that?" asked Jackie, looking around.

"That's just the sound of an old house. Let's go."

Up the stairs they went. The stair boards bent, groaned and cracked under their weight. Sally laughed wildly as she ran. At the top of the stairs they stopped. In front of them was a long hallway. Slowly they crept toward the first door. It was open and a very low sound of music came from within.

"I'll bet Bob and the others are here somewhere," said Sally with a grin.

The two stepped quietly into a bedroom. The moon light shown through the window casting eerie shadows. In the middle of the room was an old brass bed with springs and mattress. Nothing else was in the room.

The door slammed behind them. The women jumped, and then turned, laughing expecting to see their friends. No one was there.

"Is it just me or is it getting cold in here?" asked Jackie.

"Yeah. I'm getting cold too. Let's get out of here."

Jackie twisted and pulled on the door knob. The door was immovable. She tried again, this time she put her whole weight against the door. Still the door would not move.

"Sally, help me with this door. It's stuck."

Both girls pulled on the door.

Sally screamed, "What the fuck?"

Jackie looked at her questioningly.

"Something touched me," Sally said, looking around.

"Come on, Sally. You're imagining things."

"No. Something touched my breast," Sally said seriously.

Jackie pursed her lips. "Look. If you're going to freak out then help me get this door open and we'll just leave. Okay?"

Sally stared at Jackie.


"Your breath. I can see your breath," Sally answered.

"Of course. It's bloody cold. Help me and we'll get out of here before we freeze."

A voice from behind the women said, "Ah. Lovely."

The two women turned in surprise. Before them stood an old man. By the look of his face he must have been in his 80's. But his clothes were very odd. He wore an old, gray suit with very wide lapels with a shirt that had a rounded "Dickey" collar and cravat. Jackie's impression was he looked like something from a 1940's "B" movie. But the most striking thing was he seemed to lack... substance?

"Wh... who are you?" the two women said together.

"I am James. This is my house. And who are you, pretty ladies?" he asked.

"Um. We live down the street. I'm Sally. She's Jackie. We were..."

"Oh. Well. Let's have a look at you," James said beckoning the women toward the moon filled window. "Yes. Very pretty. Very pretty indeed."

"Um. We just want to get out of here. But the door is stuck," Jackie said, a trembling in her voice.

"Yes. It does that," James answered, unconcerned.

James reached out and touched Sally's cheek. Sally seemed to swoon and took his hand. Then he touched Jackie's cheek.

Something came over both women. The looked around. The room seemed brighter. The old moldy smell seemed to have disappeared. And James - he seemed so much younger and almost handsome.

His arm went around the two women's waists as he guided them to the bed, no made with satin sheets and a down comforter. "Shall we sit a while?" Without knowing Sally and Jackie went to the bed and sat.

"Have you met my brother, John?" James asked?

"Yes they are beautiful, brother," said John seeming to come out of now where. He touched Jackie's arm. Jackie felt the touch. It was at first cold then seemed to warm quickly.

"Yes. They will do nicely," James said to John.

James bent over and kissed Sally's warm lips. It was as if a shock coursed through her. Her arms went around his neck and she pulled his body to her.

Jackie looked over John's shoulder to see Sally's body pressed against James while her own body pressed against John, her sex pressed hard against his leg, grinding against him.

Both women were now in the throws of passion.

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