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The fight to save the Women of Venus begins.


Very slowly Rayna followed his orders, feeling her skirt ride up so much higher until it was nearly showing her panties, the hem of it gently caressing her lower curves. He moved behind her and lifted her skirt, tucking the hem under her waistband and running his large hand firmly over her upturned bottom. She shivered in anticipation and he proudly noted the goosebumps that raced over her flesh. Lifting his arm high did he give her capsized lower half a resounding smack. It startled her, as she was not expecting this deviance from protocol, the spanking she was to receive already spelled out for her. Again he raised his arm and smacked her bottom hard over her panties.

"Sir! Please!"

"A warm up, Rayna dear, and then the ruler over panties for your skirt, then the ruler on the bare for the fifteen you earned and then we shall get to the paddle."

The ruler on the bare too! "No, sir...please! I can't take all of that on the bare!"

He laid a reign of sharp smacks all over her backside while she squirmed, all the while having her tell him whose decision it was to spank how and where and why. By the time the hand spanking was finished, Rayna's bottom throbbed with an intense heat, tears already filling her eyes though not falling, knowing that she still had much worse to endure. Kyle pulled her up to stand. "Now, my dear, go retrieve my wooden ruler from the cabinet in the corner." And she did so, opening it up and seeing the long, semi-thick paddle hanging inside as well and remembering the last time it was used on the bare, how it ended up bruising her quite a bit and rendered her unable to sit comfortably for several days, even after the markings faded. She chose to turn her gaze away from it as she picked up the wooden ruler and turned to present it to her headmaster.

"Please, sir, not on the bare," she pleaded again but he merely sat on the armless chair facing his desk and pulled her to him, bending her over his lap, scooting her up so far over his lap that her head was nearly touching the carpeted floor. Her skirt had already been tucked under her waistband and a lovely slight red was peeking out from her white cotton panties.

"How many for the skirt infraction, Rayna?" he asked while rubbing the ruler all over her warmed backside.

"Seven, sir...one for each inch above the knee,"

"Correct dear...and I am going to administer them swiftly now....here we go," and he raised his arm and brought the ruler down seven times rapidly over her white panties. She barely had time to cry out but the quick succession of spanks stung something awful on cheeks that were already glowing. After the seven quick swats, Kyle edged Rayna's panties down a bit past her thighs, not missing the aroma that wafted through the air and connected with his own aroused senses. He could see distinct markings where the ruler had struck and smiled inwardly that they were going to become even more defined on her cute, round bottom. He began to lecture her about the importance of being on time and time efficiency and 'blah blah blah', which is what she heard, as she was too busy focusing on the blaze in her rear, thinking that now there was absolutely no protection between her skin and anything that may come in contact with her bottom, and she still had that damn paddle to endure as well.

"How many do you get with the ruler on your bare naughty fanny?" he asked her, enjoying the embarrassed blush that flamed over her face at being talked to like a child while in the position of a disobedient little girl.

"Fifteen, sir...please, sir! That's too many!"

He gave her five sharp slaps with the ruler as she winced from the sting. "My dear, we just went over this. All that little outburst cost you were those five extra swats as they are not part of your fifteen. Anymore sassiness from you, child, and I'll increase your paddling to twenty. Is that understood?"

She sniffed, trying her best to hold back tears.

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