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Louisa walks along the beach with the guys from the club

is he?"

She held up three fingers. His eyes lit up. Room three. What luck!

Quietly, quickly, he walked through a small door that led to their supply room. He was back in two minutes. He patiently waited until Leigha looked up before speaking to her.

Their conversation was casual. Mostly Dusty asking innocently why she was there and, once told, asked about Marty a little. He sat down beside her not only to break the ice but also to take in her beauty at arms length. Her smell was intoxicating to him. It reminded him of somebody. Somebody very special, even after all these years.

Knowing he was pressing his time, he wished her luck and walked into a little side office. Immediately, he buzzed back to room three where David was treating Marty.

David was irritated at first at the intrusion. It went away immediately when he heard Dusty's voice. He always had time for Dusty.



"That kid in your office. What'd you think of'm?"

"Seems okay." David looked at him. A strong, strapping, good looking kid.

"Did you see who he's with?"


"Do that."

At the moment, David was still busy being "Doctor Ryan" and it stayed that way. He was able to use bandages instead of stitches and all he wanted to do at that time was take care of the patient.

But when he was through he walked Marty out into the waiting room. What was up with Dusty?

He saw her and immediately was as taken as Dusty. He exchanged casual conversation with Leigha, mostly concerning Marty's hand but managing to get in a little personal information as he did.

When they left, he went straight in to see Dusty. There were documents to sign and he had patients waiting.

Dusty brought him to a standstill.

"What'd you think?"

"Shit, she's a knockout. Why?"

"You know that little job we were thinking about filling. They'd be perfect."

David's breath sucked in. He was immediately on the same wavelength as Dusty.

"You think so? Think they'd want it?"

"I'll make it so they can't turn it down. You've got too damned much money anyhow, Sawbones." He grinned. It was the truth and they both knew it.

"Do it." David shrugged his shoulders. He had to leave. He knew he could trust everything to Dusty. The rest of the day's patients got no more of his mental attention than was just enough. His thoughts were all on the long legged brunette that had graced his office.

He would absolutely love to get her in room three.


That night, Dusty's ideas were almost the same. His thoughts went just a little further. He was sitting outside on the front porch of his little cottage on the ranch, enjoying the evening. There was something particularly quiet and comforting about a ranch at night. Cows, horses and the few men that stayed there at night. The sounds all just seemed to melt together in a harmony that was so soothing.
At those times his mind would wonder. As it did that night.

If anybody had approached he would have to quickly put the item in his hand away. There's no way he could explain it away.

Not a white satin thong. Brandy's white satin wedding thong.

He sat very quietly and gently ran his fingers over the material. Always, as he was doing it, his mind wandered back to that night ten years ago. That unforgettable night.

He knew Brandy very well yet didn't know her at all. He had seen her dozens of times on the sidelines of the high school basketball games, ones of which he never missed. He was the Falcons basketball team's biggest fan. Like the other girls, she was picture perfect. Slim body, the perfect mounds protruding from her chest bouncing with her movements, perfect hair, perfect everything. But actually, as attractive as she was, she didn't stand out from the other five girls. They were all beautiful.

What made Brandy different was her personality. She was very outgoing, extremely nice and friendly to everyone and a real pleasure to be around. Despite their age difference, the two of them danced together often at barn dances and the like.

She was also sultry to the point of being mischievous.

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