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Two couples enjoy a night of shared sex!

We have discussed what you know of your nature, the choices that you regret, and what you desire in a Dominant to master you. You have acknowledged both your struggles and what you crave. We both have concluded you need a Dominant to be complete, to provide you the focus you need to both transform and heal. You need that strong will, that fierce nature to press in upon you and take your breath away with it's intensity.

This is the lesson of First Binding. I hear the sharp intake of breath, we both know how you love loosing yourself in the bonds. This lesson will prove to be far more erotic as almost all of it will occur in public. I smile because I know that flashed through you like a lightning strike; as oft the case with me, that is both true, and a lingering tease that has you wet and tingling with pert nipples.

I caution you that if you are successful in this lesson, it will move you deeply, and will change your perspective of yourself, making you far more selective in your entertainments. Admittedly positive, it is an edge that cuts both ways, you will find inferior choices hollow and dissatisfying.

I will say no more to titillate you, and will only remind you that I am resolute in seeking your best. You will have to trust my judgment and my art, because once we start your only path is to complete this assignment. There will be no "safe word" and nothing less than your absolute immersion is acceptable. There is no extreme danger to you, but there are no nets this time out - choose wisely.

The details of the assignment are in the envelope attached to the top of the package.


I am pleased that you took the deep breath and dove in, Good Girl.

You know that I am watching you discretely, I saw the small smile when you read the above. I also know how my words warm your heart ... and those moist lips. Take another deep breath and read on. You will be increasingly warmed as the day goes on.

First things first, now that we have begun, you are excused to go to the washroom and remove your panties. I specifically instructed you to wear them so that this will be your first act of obedience. You know how I can't be bothered with panties, and the cool breeze on your moist lips will be an ongoing tease. As always, your body is now mine for the duration. You do not have permission to touch yourself or cum until I order you. You do have permission to run your nails up the insides of your thighs, raising the level of your need - if you feel especially daring. Begin the next page when you return.

You should have that small smile ghosting your lips now, with your other lips tingling.

This is the quandary of a submissive - how to determine the suitability of a Dominant before giving yourself fully into his power? As you have observed, the most obvious trait is a man who does not need you. That might seem counter-intuitive to the outsider, but a man who needs a woman can never be truly dominant. Truth be told, I very much appreciate women and sex, but have lived the life of a stoic for extended periods when it was necessary. My life would be a more hollow existence without women, but I refuse for any of them, or the general need of a woman rule my life.

Thus the attraction of the hunt. Just as I prowl around the edges of your mind, I prowl around your flesh today. It is crowded here, and yet you feel my eyes, my intent, my focus. You stand at the edge of the jungle, and ponder the risk of entering as willing prey. At the same time, you control whether you walk away or dive in. You know well that you will not come to harm from me, but the act of binding is that deliciously slow transfer of power into my hands. Yes, I know the thought of my hands entices you, as it should.

Open the light green fabric pouch.

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