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Exhibiting to a cabbie.

He wanted me to take my dress off and take just one last photo. He said that if I was embarrassed he would ask the others to leave and he would take just one photo.

I told him I had done more than I should have and I wanted to go home. Mark said that was fine by him but he was sure Lee would love the photo and wouldn't object to it. I thought for a few minutes and decided that one last photo was all it was going to be. I was doing this for Lee.

I forgot about asking the others to leave and reached round to unzip my dress. Rob immediately came forward and unzipped it for me. The dress fell to the floor and as I stepped out of it I stumbled and Rob caught me and stopped me from falling. I felt his hands on my naked body. I now stood wearing only stockings and high heel shoes and painted nipples.

Rob moved back behind the camera and Mark got me to pose sexily with my tits hanging down and my legs apart. I desperately hoped they couldn't see the moisture on my pussy lips. Oh no, I was using rude words again. I never called it my pussy.

Mark said the lipstick on my tits had smudged and asked Dave to take care of it. He came over to me and I swear I could see the outline of his erection through his trousers. He leaned against me as he touched up the lipstick on my nipples. I could feel his erection against me. The sooner this was over the better. Dave seemed to take ages retouching my lipstick. I felt my nipples getting harder but worst of all I felt myself pressing myself against him.

I knew I had to stop straight away, but I couldn't. I felt Daves hand on my bum and then between my legs.

My legs parted automatically and I felt his fingers stroking me. My eyes closed as I loved what he was doing to me. I knew it was wrong but was powerless to stop it.

My hand reached down and felt his erect cock through his trousers. Oh God, I wanted it, I wanted this black man to fuck me. I said to myself, 'sorry Lee'.

I had not done this since we were married. I had not even thought about doing this. I knew Lee looked at porn on the internet. I had been a good girl during our marriage. My only small lapse was when I bought myself a vibrator. To this day Lee doesn't know I have this and when he is at work I often play with myself using it.

But this was different. I felt so horny. I opened my eyes and was shocked at what I saw. The other 3 men had now undressed and stood in front of me. Their erect cocks standing to attention. It was me that had caused this. A happily married overweight woman had made 4 young virile men get erections. It was all my doing.

Standing in front of me were 4 young men wanting to fuck me. And I was standing here wanting to be fucked by these 4 young men.

They all moved over to me. I felt their hands everywhere. I closed my eyes. I felt two mouths on my nipples. I felt them being sucked into two hungry mouths. I loved it as they sucked them and made them even harder. Dave had undressed now and my hand reached down for his erect cock. I had never seen a black one before and now I knew I was going to be fucked by it. My other hand reached out and took another cock. I didn't know whose it was. I didn't care I just wanted to play with it.

Someone suggested we went into another room. We walked along the passageway. I still held a cock in each hand.
We went into a room that had a large double bed. I lay down and Mark and Tony lay either side and sucked my nipples again. Rob sat by my head and offered his large cock to my mouth. I turned my head and opened my mouth. Rob leaned forward and I took his cock in my mouth.

Then I felt Dave between my legs. This is what I really wanted. I wanted a large black cock to fuck me. I was so wet by now that his cock slipped in so easily. The size of it made me gasp with pleasure. It was even larger than my vibrator. Dave started thrusting slowly. I was in heaven. I sucked on Rob's cock and the others hungrily sucked my nipples.

Dave was so gentle, almost withdrawing his cock before plunging it in as

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