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A handsome beast man takes Maya's virginity.

Men who looked like they could be models and young and older women in designer labels walked along, all acting as if they were preening for invisible cameras.

"You really did mean Uptown," I said in astonishment.

Becky shrugged. "You can afford it, can't you?" Then she froze, looking mortified. "I mean...I just assumed..."

"No, I can afford it," I quickly assured her. I hadn't even checked the state of my bank accounts in a month or so, but knew for a fact that I was now settled well into the seven figures. "I just...haven't, yet," I said. "Except I did buy one of Kate's dresses, back last year when I had dinner with the both of them."

"Yeah, Kate told me about that. She also told me you had the figure of a model and didn't even know it," she said. "Come on. Dolce and Gabbana first, then maybe we'll stop in and get you something at Burberry."

The shopping was a whirlwind experience, if ever there was one. Becky prodded me into trying on jeans that were more expensive than my high school prom dress, coats that cost more than my laptop, and, finally, dresses that cost more than my first car.

We were standing in the middle of the store as a handful of shop ladies hovered around me. Becky had picked out a black gown for herself. "I need a new one for the book awards this fall," she said. "Kate's going to be out of the country again, so dad is taking me."

I felt a little pang in my chest, wishing that it was me that he could take with him. Then I thought of that periwinkle gown I had been wearing, so long ago, on the night when Simon had taken my virginity. I felt my face flush with the memory, but thankfully nobody was paying attention to me at that time. Finally, though, the shop ladies turned their attention my way.

"Now, what about you?" asked Becky.

"I don't need..."

"Of course you do," she said cheerfully. "You're going to have lots of book awards coming up, now that it's hit number one on the charts. So don't say anything, and let's have a look."

I sighed, but realized that Becky was probably right. So I went to the back of the story, where dress after dress was brought out to me. Becky turned as many of them away as I did, deciding for me. It didn't bother me as much as I thought it might, especially since it was starting to feel as if I had a real friend - one who wasn't too concerned with work, or family, or having babies, to spend time with me.

We had already picked out three gowns when the last, and best, was brought out in front of us. It was a deep sapphire blue, closely fitted and low cut. "You're trying that on!" hissed Becky,

her eyes wide open in admiration.

I did. And immediately, I knew that I had to have the dress. It hugged my every curve to perfection, pressing my breasts up and together. The cut in the back hugged my waist and curved down, almost revealing the top curve of my ass. I felt sexier than I ever had, when I wasn't with Simon. "It's mine," I breathed, making Becky laugh.

So I handed over my card, trying not to let the poor girl that was still buried deep inside me protest, and took the dress - along with my other purchases - back to Simon's guest house.

I saw Simon very little over the next few days, becoming closer and closer to Becky as she dragged me to all her own favorite places to see more of the town. On the third day, Becky decided that we were both going to go to a cocktail party with some of her friends. Confessing that he had missed out on a lot of writing, and giving me a

knowing wink, he sent us on our way.

I was wearing a little red dress, another find from my shopping day with Becky, as we drove up to a large mansion on a hill, an hour away from Simon's house.

"These are definitely not my kind of people," I observed. "I came from this small town...middle of nowhere sort of place."

"Well, they're your kind of people now," said Becky. "And it's not as bad as it looks. They aren't stuffy or stuck up, I promise. Most of these people are already out of college - young


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