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A woman's past catches up with her.

Which makes your whole body twitch; I chuckle "You are such a dirty little slut!"

I sit back down and decide to pull out my cock and start stroking it to tease you. Seeing that you pick up the grinding speed of the now vibrating stripper pole; I see a bit of your pussy fluids dripping out, and you're getting heavily aroused, with the porn in the background. With the sounds of; kissing, eating pussy and moans.

I laugh again. "Bend over and spread your legs and expose your tight, wet, deep, dripping pussy and your tight, sexy little asshole you dirty cunt!"

You start to bend over, running your hands down your legs and thighs exposing your tight dirty little dripping cunt and tight little asshole to me. I then walk over and rip the bullet out of your nasty little cunt and shove it up your asshole. It's still vibrating and covered in your pussy juices. I sit back down "Grind your cunt, on that pole nice and rough!"

You obey and start grinding the pole nice and rough, and you start feeling the friction, and you're still gagged, so you try and let out a moan and it doesn't work. After you do that for a bit, I get back up walk over, and rip the gag out of your mouth. I then push you against the stripper pole and start rubbing your throbbing clit nice and hard, putting pressure on it every time I rub it! You let out an "mmmm"

I bite your ear and snarl in your ear, "That's it my dirty slut, let me hear your moans!"

You start letting out "mmmms" "oooos" and "uhhhs".

I let out a "grrrrrr" directly in your ear. You moan and contort. I then give you a wet kiss, and shove my tongue down your throat caressing your tongue with mine. I pull away, and start sucking and kissing your neck, putting hickies along your neck, and marking you! You let out a few soft moans. You run your hand down my back, and grope my ass. I pull away shortly after and run my hands up your body slowly up your soaked, dirty cunt. And across your perky, sexy tits, I grope each one and fiddle with your nipples. I run my tongue down your neck and I start flicking your nipples my nice wet tongue with a mixture of our saliva on it and continue running it down your body and start licking your clit and sticking my tongue, in your; soaked, tight, ribbed, sexy and shaven cunt.

And I pull away, leaving you begging for more, I go and grab your leather collar with the initials MS on it and your leather leash. I come back and put it on you. I tell you to "Dance again!" You obey and dance around the pole with your black, studded and leather collar and your black leather leash. You jump up on the pole and slide down on it circling it.

I chuckle and say, "That's my good little stripper whore, you're making your Master proud of his sluttish slave!"

I get up and yank you to the floor making you fall on your ass. I kiss your forehead, and pull you up. I grab you by the arms and throw you to the bed, making you hit it nice and hard. And I look at you "So, you like it rough my dirty whore?"

You look at me and say, "Mmmmm yes, I do!"

I jump on top of you pinning you down against the mattress I chuckle "You are such a fucking whore, I fucking love it!"

I start biting your earlobe, working my way down to your neck; after I get there I bite it, hard but not too hard, just hard enough to make a mark. After that I start licking the middle of your neck on the side where I bit, and run my tongue down your body, between your tits and across your nipples and I nibble each one for a few a minutes. You're contorting and bucking your hips and getting soaked.

After I finish with your tits I snarl and say, "You're soaked, I can smell your dirty cunt from here, you dirty slave!"

I get off you and make you spread eagle wide, by tying your legs on the black metal pillars near the headboard, exposing your dirty, tight, soaked cunt! I leave the room for a second and come back with lit candles, and when they start melting I slowly drip the burning hot wax down your body, burning you and making you twitch after each drop.

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