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Randy satyr discovers Victorian culture.

I stood back up a moment to catch my own breath. Tom laughed. "Told you. Here, enjoy these."

With that, he pulled her light cover up open and halfway down her arms, then tugged the straps of her swimsuit down behind it just enough to set her tits free, his hands helping to get them up on top of the built in bra. "There, kneel down enough for her to see over your head. She'll want to watch you suck her titties in the mirror, won't you, darlin'?"

"Oh, fuck yes. Suck them baby. Oh yeah. Oh, he's good, isn't he Tommy? Ooooo. Yeah. Mmmmmm."

I felt her hard nipples press forward into my mouth as I moved from one to the other, licking and sucking, my hands feeling her creamy full breasts. She wasn't too large or too small, and the swimsuit pulled just below them kept them fully up with her nipples pointing out. I licked over her tan line, and down her cleavage, and then circled each dark circle of tit-flesh, teasing her as the skin puckered.

"Fuckin' don't tease, Steve. Suck them. Let me feel your teeth."

Obviously, the lady wanted it hard and fast. I moved back as I felt her begin to stand up. Tom helped push her to her feet, and as soon as she was up, Tom pulled the cover-up down her arms and tossed it over on the floor. "Get her pants, man."

I complied and soon she was kicking them off her ankles as she pulled her swimsuit down after them. There she was. Oh my. Lydia looked so hot. Her face was flushed with the moment, and she was still breathing very deeply. Her breasts were swaying freely now, not sagging but full and heavy. A bit of soft momma's tummy and a nice little "love handle" bulge completed her midsection. Tom put his hands on her shoulders.

"She looks good, doesn't she?"

"Very good", I responded. Lydia watched me as my eyes just drank in her soft gorgeous body.

"Look at this," he said, turning her around, "that ass feels fucking wonderful under you, man." Turning her back around he reached down her tummy. "Spread 'em a bit for our friend, love. Look at that cunt, man. I helped shave it nice and close this morning." Leaning down he slipped his hand down as she opened her legs enough for his fingers to slip back between them. I watched him slip his fingertips down between her lips and come up like he'd just scooped honey out of a hive. He held his fingers up for me to see.

"Look at that, man. Little horny lady's soakin' wet already."

With that he put two fingers in his mouth and licked them clean. "Go ahead, take a taste man. Feel her up right in there. See what I mean? Fuckin' soaked. Taste it. She's sweet, man. Love the taste of her."

I took his invitation, and as my hand slipped between her legs I saw her lean her head back on her lover's shoulder and close her eyes. He was right. Her pussy was dripping wet as my fingers slipped back and forth over her slit and slowly down between her folds. She opened her legs just a bit more as I slipped two fingers up inside her, and curled them just enough to press the into the top of her pussy behind the bone. Then slowly I pulled them out, stopping long enough to rub her clit a bit, then pull my hand out. He was right. Her juice covered my hand and smelled wonderfully musky and delightful.

"Taste it. Tell me if that ain't the best fuckin' pussy juice you've ever had!"

As I slipped my own fingers into my mouth, I became strangely aware that both of them were watching me lick up every drop.

Stepping back, Tom began to unbutton his shirt and kick off his deck shoes. "Come on, friend, strip down. Let's get comfortable. Give him a hand Lyddie."

The lady stepped forward and began to unbutton my shirt and smile at me.

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