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Barbara Gordon teases Nightwing with a Starfire costume.

The problem is, there are three different groups associated with those five." Just stare at Frank a second then giggle.

"Well then I guess we found where they vacation."

"Maybe, Japan was less than thrilled on this. According to them either they were on vacation, or they are working together here for something."

"John the something would be to take over the entire city and run it. Couldn't happen in this country. The FBI would catch on fast if one of theirs was being bribed, not to mention they wouldn't bother. FBI doesn't look at the city unless they are asked to so the cops and DA would be bribed, then it's a matter of getting elected officials in place or bought. Buying elected officials won't work because they are already bought by the businesses." John snorts and laughs.

"True, but really they were making a good push for it, we were only a few years away from ending up like New York of the fifties."

"I'm thinking closer to Chicago of the twenties and thirties. They would have made it to, if the chief hadn't gotten me out of prison and you guys weren't going do what you do."

"Well going beyond that, Governor is looking at saying time served and sentence over. You are creating jobs and improving the city."

"Yes well there is a problem. If the yakuza got together to take over this city what we did is going to get them to send enforcers. As in more men, with serious firepower."

"As in watch the airports."

"Yes, and keep an eye if possible on what comes into the city. It will get worse before it gets better. The only way to avoid a full on street war is simply finding their meetings and killing them all again." John is silent for a second.

"You realize there is no proof you did that. What is said on the street aside, the weapons used are not ones you like. I got to look over the case when it went dead, we all did. None of us think you actually did it but we don't care either."

"I could tell you what happened but best to just let it lie there. I am curious, what is happening with the apartment complex?" John is silent a second then snorts.

"Tease, anyway as far as I know it is now property of the city and they are trying to sell." Look at Frank a moment and grin.

"I'll let you get back to work, I have a purchase I want Bert to handle." John snorts and hangs up, Frank looks a little lost.

"What purchase?"

"The apartment complex, city owns now and wants to sell. I doubt to many would want an apartment out of it now. However we can take the buildings down and put up a new apartment building or maybe an arcade or something." Frank stares at me a second then shrugs.
"Talk to Bert, that is definitely his area. First though, three different yakuza funded these guys?" I shrug.

"Not real sure, the guys you helped kill off, five of those were high ranking in three different yakuza groups. Japan is also saying was nice knowing you. Well not what John said but probably the sentiment." Frank sighs.

"I would assume so if you are expecting them to send enforcers and hardware."

"I don't see why they wouldn't, if this was just a vacation spot they wouldn't care about the ones here. Granted they would probably like to keep the concubines but it's not like it's hard to find escorts or just plain whores. The thing is though, a vacation spot generally they just come in, spend money and go home. They don't set up a crew here, especially don't work together with other groups. I don't get it, why the hell would they try and get this involved in one city here?" Frank shrugs.

"Now I have no idea, go back a hundred years and it would be because the highway is coming through, longer and it was railroad. Anymore there is no reason to do that with any city except to make money."

"Yeah I don't get it, we are in the middle of the continent so we can't be opened up with a deep bay.

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