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Harley experiences a wild night with Jax's best friend.

Louise was asked to change and I was allowed to remain in the examination room - maybe they had remembered from our previous visit. I went up to Louise and kissed her, reassuring her all was right, and just then the good Doctor arrived, followed by another, much younger man, dressed also in white. The young "nurse" was also in attendance.

Dr Kelly asked her to raise her legs, the request almost clinical, and was astonished to see her still in her panties. The effect of the panties covering her lovely bush must have been too much for them, for the youngster then asked the nurse to remove the lace.

The young brunette, maybe in her early twenties, then placed her small hand on my wife's panties and whispered in her ear. I couldn't hear what she said, but she continued to rub my wife's panties while she spoke softly in her ear.

She must have spoken very seductively, because when her hand came away Louise's crotch was stained with passion. The nurse then moved down and removed her panties with a slight stroke and secured her legs in the stirrups.

The younger man almost gasped as her hidden treasure came into full view, her lips now soaked with dew.

"My Fuck" thought I as the youngster slipped with lubed finger into her orifice. He turned to the older man and spoke in some sort of medical jargon, a banter which seemed to indicate that my wife was well and truly wet between the legs. He smiled and returned his intentions to my wife.

Louise, impaled on his finger, could do nothing except luxuriate as to his manipulations on her vagina. And manipulate he did, for first he rubbed in and up, and around, then down and around. Her poor pussy was crying out for more, crying for release.

The other two medical staff members then proceeded to manipulate her in other ways, the good Doctor by pressing his rather large penis into her mouth and the young nurse started to enjoy kissing her tummy and lower. Soon her mouth came into contact with the youngsters fingers, which he withdrew and slipped into the nurses mouth. She licked seductively, her tongue licking from the base of his finger to the tip and then taking the whole finger into her mouth.

A small groan escaped my wife, between sucks, and the nurse then proceeded to finger her swollen cunny lips, all the while the nurse kissing the youngster, their tongues lapping at each other.

As if on cue, they all stopped and watched as the nurse began an external massage over my wife's hairy mound, while all the time kissing and licking her full mouth. Occasionally I witnessed Louise's tongue dart out in reception, while I continued to massage my balls.

Then the youngster said something in Latin which made my head spin. It wasn't what he said, I didn't understand a word, but what followed made my mind reel.

The young Nurse proceeded to sit on my wife's face and almost forced her to begin licking her out.

The youngster lubed up and started to insert his rigid penis into her arse, not wanting to hurt our child, a movement which made my wife groan with delight.

Then the good Doctor knelt in front of me and, as before, took me in his mouth, a feeling which I enjoyed and loved. I looked down and noticed his right hand tugging away at his erect prick while he sucked me with all his might.

The tempo grew stronger, each person forcing their own climax on the other.

As I was about to cum I pulled out of the good Doctors mouth and went behind the youngster, busy fucking my wife's arse. A good dollop of KY on my penis and I forced myself into him, giving him just what he was busy giving my wife. Without even a groan of protest, he accepted my intrusion into his bum and we came together, him, my wife, the nurse and I. I glanced back at the good Doctor and watched as he pulled his foreskin back and forth over his blood engorged penis and erupted in a flood of white sperm, the sperm which fell on the clinical floor.

After a few moments solitude, to regain our composure, I slid up next to my wife and began to kiss her mouth, my left hand snaking down toward her hairy mound and rubbing

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