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I met her, we made love, will I lose her?

Chris admitted to himself that it was quite enjoyable to be pampered, even if it was painful at times.


The big day had come. Chris finished his bath, shaving his face one last time, and applied an assortment of lotions and moisturisers at the request of the beautician. She was there when he came out of the bathroom. She motioned for him to sit down at the mirror. She began to style his hair and placed it in a classic bridal bun before she turned him away from the mirror to begin applying the make-up. She applied a light coat of foundation, followed by a natural pink blush. Then came the light eyeshadow and mascara, followed by bright red lipstick and a clear lip gloss.

When Chris turned around he couldn't believe what he was seeing. "Up to this point I did not think there was any way I could be made to look this beautiful." He told the beautician.

"You are some of my best work. You have excellent bone structure, so it was a privilege to be able to make this a reality." She replied smiling.

It finally came time to get ready. Chris had enlisted Kimberley to help him get ready. She was Jordan's best friend, and for the wedding she would be the best "man". When he walked in to the hotel bedroom he found a number of items on the bed. There was a matching bridal lingerie set: white lace panties and strapless corset with breast inserts for the cups, as well as suspenders holding and white lace stockings and a garter. He was helped into the items one by one, but unfortunately his manhood began to swell. He was enjoying the feel of all this lace on his bare skin. Kim noticed and grinned that same mischievous grin as Jordan's. She knelt down and pulled Chris' cock out of the panties and immediately put it in her mouth. Chris' initial embarrassment turned into shock, turned into satisfaction. Kim licked up Chris' member, taking him all the way into her mouth. He moved in and out, faster and faster. This was a magnificent blowjob, and by a lesbian to boot! Chris shot his load into Kim's mouth. She promptly swallowed and placed Chris' cock back into the panties, tucking it up beneath to hide the bulge. "Not a word of this leaves the room." Warned Kim.

"Not a word." Chris agreed.

Next, Chris was put into a pair of white two-inch heels. Any higher and he would tower over his "groom". He had been given some practise at home in the months leading up to the wedding and was pretty efficient at walking in them now. Finally, came the dress. It was a strapless ballgown that was picked out for him by Jordan. It was quite form fitting in the torso but the skirts billowed out from Chris' now shapely hips. Once the whole outfit was on, the veil was placed on his head and he turned to face the mirror. "What a beautiful bride!" he cried, "If it wasn't me, I'd want to marry me!"

"If I didn't know better, even I'd want to fuck you!" said Kim.


The whole ceremony was a blur. Jordan had turned up in a very exquisite three-piece suit, and with some make-up had made her face more masculine. She wore a cheeky grin through the whole day that Chris had noticed, but thought nothing of. They danced and drank throughout the reception and everyone enjoyed themselves. All the guests were so taken aback by how good Chris looked as a woman. There was the odd jibe about how he should consider taking up netball or cheerleading, but it was all in good fun.

After a while Jordan leaned into Chris' ear, "My beautiful bride, let's get back to our hotel room where I have a wonderful surprise for you."

Chris and Jordan made their way back to their hotel room.

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