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Wife goes out with her new boyfriend.

She agreed and he never removed his hand.

He did though, start rubbing her thigh up and down and as he did, her skirt rose just a bit higher. As it rose high enough, it exposed her thigh highs she had on. He apologized and started to remove his hand, when she took hers and placed it on his. She gently slid his hand up her thigh and he stopped at the top of her thighs. They were in an open area, and decided to move the paperwork they had to finish into his office. As he followed her to the office, she unbuttoned her shirt exposing most of her full breasts for him. She walked in, he followed and as she leaned on the desk to put the work down, he came up behind her and pressed against her ass.

She could tell he was hard as a rock and she pressed back against him. He reached around her waist and gently kissed her neck. She sighed and reached back to pull him closer. His hands moved up to her open shirt, and he slipped one hand into her shirt and caressed her breast. She closed her eyes and let her mind engulf him with her passion. Her hand slid between them, her palm against his hard cock in his pants. He was kissing her neck, her shoulder as he was squeezing her breast harder. Yes she said, she liked that very much. She unbuttoned the last few buttons of her shirt and slowly turned around to him. He reached down, took her face into his hands, and kissed her lightly. She parted her lips and let her tongue slide into his mouth and he took it with force. He pressed her head hard to him, their tongues intrigued with each other.

His hand were all over her back and moved to her breasts. She was leaning on the desk, and he slipped his hands to her shoulders and slowly removed her shirt. As he pulled back from kissing her, he looked at her large breasts and was in awe. He gently caressed them as she leaned back and teased her nipples with her fingers. He got more aggressive and teased and tugged on them. She liked that she said, and he grinned and did it more. She reached up and pulled his head to one of them, and he began sucking on it like a newborn baby.

He sucked harder and she gasped, but didn't want him to stop. His other hand slowly slid up her thigh pulling up her skirt as he did. As her skirt went up higher, her legs spread further apart, exposing nothing underneath of her skirt. He lied her all the way back on the desk, her shirt open and her skirt showing something very inviting. He grabbed her skirt, and slid it down to the floor. She was now open to him, wearing only a button up shirt that was unbuttoned, black thigh highs and heals. He gently leaned over her, between her legs, and kissed and sucked on her breasts. His hard cock was pressing against her wet and wanting pussy, and she pressed back against him. His hands slid down her body to her legs, and he slipped his hand between them. His finger slowly ran down her pussy, just lightly teasing her.

She was moaning wanting him to go further. He kissed down her stomach and could smell her sweatness. He pushed her legs apart as he pulled the chair closer to him with his foot. He sat down and pressed her legs far apart. She was so young and sweet, and her pussy was so sweat. He leaned in closer, and slid his tongue up and down her, teasing her. He told her to ask if she wanted it and she did. She asked him to eat her, to make her cum like never before. He said he would and began to lick and suck on her. She arched her back, wanting him deeper in her, wanting his tongue to taste every part of her. He licked and suck and teased for what seemed like forever. He would stop when he could tell she was close, and then finger fuck her for awhile.

She was dripping with cum, and wanted him to make her orgasm right then.

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