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Having sex with the gods is no easy thing!

Tracy and I got together a couple of other times and she did get spanked. Tracy went back to college, probably found a more competent Dominant. I started prowling the Village Voice and coming up with ways to suggest interesting things to vanilla dates. Ways that were designed to keep things from blowing up on me. Subtlety is not my wheel house. In retrospect it was hilarious and I always wondered if I might have sparked some interest but who knows?

Japanese Women Pleaser

Japan. Land of the Rising Sun, Mount Fuji, Bullet Trains, Geisha Girls, Kobe Beef, and the JWP. The JWP? Yes, the JWP. The Japanese Women Pleaser. Hitachi makes the standard of the industry, The Hitachi Magic Wand Model HV-270. The HV-270 offers two distinct modes each with multiple settings. One can opt for the low slow constant murmur of pleasure or the more adventurous rising pulses of eternal joy. The HV-270 is battery powered with purportedly enough battery capacity for a month's worth of orgasms. I have never been able to verify this claim with a carefully controlled research study.

As a student of all things Women Pleasing I have always availed myself the most advanced and up to date equipment and instruments. Who would have considered a non-contact IR Thermometer as essential equipment for regulating bedroom activities? Without accurate Pussy temperature readings you're really only going along with instincts. Additionally, collecting specific partner data shows that you really care.

My first JWP was naturally manufactured by Hitachi. I won't touch anything else and Pussy I touch will be touched by nothing less than the best Japanese technology, Hitachi. My first unit was AC powered and needed to be plugged in. The unit was made for the US so required 120V. My trips to the UK presented problems. I never knew when the duty of Women Pleaser would be thrust upon me and besides I liked the way the TSA X-Ray technicians would react. I use to make sure it was prominently displayed in my carry on. Non-Ambiguous jokes are usually the best.

Wielding my advanced device in the UK required either a 220v to 120V voltage converter, or as I learned, utilize the 120V shaver socket that some thoughtful UK hotels provided in their bathroom. Luring my delightfully accented British lady friends into the bathroom and within JWP power range was only one of the challenges of a dedicated Woman Pleaser.

I would be remiss to confine my comments to the technical aspects of the JWP. Most woman when approached with a large electronic device capped with a massive rubber top almost invariably squeal with pleasure and prepare to abandon all propriety. And abandon they do. The high pitched "eeks", low rumbling guttural moans, and of course the redundant but equally charming yes, yes, yes is music to my ears. A dedicated Woman Pleaser is motivated by the excitement of individual exploration followed by the inevitable culmination of quivering shaking women flesh. The auditory prelude is just icing on the cake. And quite a cake it is.

Of course you've concluded that there is only the upside when you know the mysteries of the JWP. Not necessarily so. I made the mistake of not only providing a rich technical briefing but also comprehensive sourcing instructions to one of my more adventurous subjects. I provided very adequate service over a couple of weekend interludes. My lovely and very responsive partner expressed her appreciation on many levels. She also bought her own on Amazon and immediately dumped me. We remain friends.

Docking Approach

Correct terminology is always needed to describe what we value the most. Here is a good example.

My high gain antenna began picking up the telemetry 200 seconds ago. An eternity for me.

The embedded header indicated a known protocol but the details would have to wait on the confirmed hand shake.

As I slewed my large scale optical telescope I notice the other ship was one of the sleeker, more stylish types.

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