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Tara stood behind Buffy and grabbed the slayers tits from behind, rubbing them all over, kissing Buffy's neck, smelling the lovely stimulating perfume of her, her lips pressing on Buffy's ear. 'I want you so much' Tara whispered to her. The small trimmed hairs were sticking out of Buffy's soft panty.

Willow reached her fingers toward Buffy. 'Nice panty Buffy, it looks so hot' Willow said overheated. Barely holding herself together, she began to rub over Buffy's panty. Seeing Tara playing with Buffy's huge tits, sucking on her ear made Willow crazy with desire. Never in her life had she felt so hot and aroused inside then she did at this moment. The feeling of Tara's fingers on her nipples drove Buffy almost insane of desire. The wetness in her pants was now growing so quickly.

Tara's tits were pressing against Buffy's back. Willow was still sitting in front of Buffy, her mouth a few inches at the height of Buffy's little exposing pussy hairs that glimpsed out her panty. The smell of her juices that were flowing in Buffy's pants made Willow completely crazy. Her hands were shaking. Then she finally reached out to it. She layed down her two hands on Buffy's thighs, softly touching her skin. Willow flowed her hands inside Buffy's wet panty, caressing her ass, her soft skin, she moved her lips closer and started licking and kissing the sideways of her panty, kissing the outsticking hairs, feeling with her hands on Buffy's ass. 'Mmmm, nice' Buffy whispered also in a trance now.

Behind her there was a blond almost totally naked girl grabbing her tits, licking her ear and neck, playing with her fingers on her nipples, slipping occasionally to her belly. In front of her, her dearest friend. Playing with her panty, moving her lips between her legs, touching her ass. Buffy was in heaven right now. Almost ready to cum and having the wildest most explosive orgasm she ever had.

The smell of her floating love juices drove Willow on top of an erotic excitement. Gently with shaking hands she started pulling down Buffy's panty, dropping down to her knees. Oh god. What a pussy. Mmmm, never had she seen such lovely wet pussy. Buffy was perfect in everything. Her little trimmed pussy looked amazing. Buffy spread her legs giving her friend full access to her private zone. First just touching her public hairs then feeling the pussy lips, and at last Willow pressed her lips on buffy's clit. Stroking with her tongue over Buffy's pussy. Gently with lots of desire. Licking her pussy lips, sucking on her hard clit.

Tara came down from behind Buffy and leaned down to her friend and she started to undress Willow, taking off her summerdress, unhook her bra. And then she put her hand inside Willows pants. Rubbing with her fingers over her pussy skin. Meanwhile Willow was licking Buffy into heaven.

Tara was fingering Willow like crazy taking her to the highest level of excitement.

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