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She hated re-gifting at parties.

Nancy couldn't understand how her sister could be so casual about sex, especially in front of others, but apparently, Ann's talk and actions didn't seem to upset anybody other than her older sister. Nancy suddenly wondered if any of her other sisters knew about Ann and James' lifestyle?

Her thoughts were interrupted by Ann's voice calling out to her. As she got up and went inside, she found Ann waiting near the kitchen still wearing her t-shirt and holding her finger to her lips.

"Come here," she whispered. "I need your help and I don't want James to hear."

Ann led Nancy up the stairs to the guest room where she quietly pushed open the door to reveal her husband spread out naked on the bed. Nancy gasped in astonishment at the sight. His hands were tied back to the headboard bedposts and his feet were similarly tied down to the footboard using large soft cords. His head rested on a pillow, but he was wearing a sleep mask as a blindfold.

Ann quietly closed the door without latching it and took her sister to the next room. Nancy was wide-eyed in shock. "What are you doing!" she whispered loudly.

Ann smiled and told her, "I thought this might be a good way for you to try James out. He'll think it's me, but instead, I thought you could sneak in there and suck his cock. Hell, you could probably climb up on bed and sit on it without him realizing it was you, if you wanted," she said with a gleam in her eyes.

"You've got to be kidding! I'm not doing that!" Nancy replied.

"Why not?" Her sister pointed out, "You'll be in complete control and he can't see anything. I'm telling you, you have to do this. I know it's hard for you to get through the whole idea of sharing partners and stuff, but think about how you're feeling right now. I bet your heart is racing and the thought of going in there and pretending to be me has got you both nervous and excited. Trust me, once you get started, you'll forget all that and find yourself enjoying the experience more than you could ever imagine."

They continued to argue in whispered tones for a few more minutes before Ann stopped and said, "Just watch and I'll show you."

Going quietly back to the guest room she slipped inside and stood next to the bed. James could sense her presence and turned his head in her direction. "What are you doing, honey?" he asked. Without saying anything, Ann reached over to take his limp cock in her hand and began to slowly stroke and fondle it.

"Mmmm... that feels good, baby," James said.

She stopped and leaned near his ear, "I'll be back. Don't go anywhere," she whispered. James smiled as she went back to the doorway where Nancy stood watching. Ann took Nancy's hand and pulled her into the room. Nancy's resistance seemed to grow as they got closer to the bed, but she didn't stop her sister from putting her hand over James' limp cock. Ann rubbed her sister's fingers lightly over the soft shaft and James' response was nearly immediate. Releasing Nancy's hand, Ann held the slowly swelling rod up for Nancy's lips. "Come on!" she mouthed. "Take it!"

Without knowing why, Nancy leaned down and gingerly licked at the tip of his cock. Ann gently pushed her head down to take more of the offered prize, then took Nancy's hand and closed it around James' member before moving back out of the way. Looking nervously back at her sister, Nancy slowly took more of the head in her mouth and let out a large breath of air she hadn't been aware she was holding inside her. Her hand began to automatically stroke up and down the lengthening member while her mouth continued to explore and play with James.

She was amazed at how long he grew and once again compared him to Paul. James was nowhere near as wide as Paul, but was certainly much longer. As his cock began throbbing in her grasp, she also noticed how it curved downward and slightly to the right in an odd twisting kind of way.

"Oh baby! That feels so good," he moaned.

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