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Gwen and Domenique make new friends.

Once we arrived home, He carried me inside then straight to the master bathroom and began to run a warm bath pouring Epsom salts and oils into the water, then he set me on my feet to undress me. He untied my dress and gently lifted it from my shoulders then he dropped to His knees and pulled the lace thong down, and I cried out as the vibrator vacated its place in my pussy, even though its vibrations had long ago stilled. There was no pain in the motion but both my body and my emotions were raw with the trauma I had just endured. I stepped out of the thong as it grazed my ankles, also leaving my heels behind.

Once I stood naked before Him, He lifted me over the edge of the tub and helped me to steadily lower myself down into the water, a single whimper escaping my lips as the warm water reached my abused ass, and His eyes were alight with rage. Instead of climbing in beside me He knelt on the tile floor outside of the tub and leaned in closely to my face. "Grace I need you to talk to Me, I need to know what she did to you. I can't help you if I don't know, tell Me now."

My compulsion to obey Him drew the words from my lips and my answer came in an entirely monotone voice, devoid of emotion as I told Him all that had occurred in the apparent half hour I'd been in the ladies room with Wendy.

"She asked me to let her see how wet I'd gotten then she told offered to help me insert the plug. I couldn't reach to do it myself so I thought it would be sort of reward to her like we'd talked about at the table. She did spend a few moments licking me there but when she started to push it inside of me it hurt. I told her when my limit was getting close and over and over again as she both reached and exceeded it but she wouldn't stop. She held me down and kept pushing and it hurt so badly. I cried but she didn't care, she just kept pushing. She called me a whore and a slut, and she asked me if this is what I liked for You to do for me and how dirty it made me. It felt as if she was ripping me in two when she would yank against the plug once it was inside of me. It hurt so badly but with the vibrator I couldn't stop myself from cumming again. I'm so-sorry, I just couldn't- I couldn't stop it."

As I told him all, hot tears streamed down over my cheeks, mingling with the sticky cool wetness of where my earlier tears had been. He listened intently but didn't touch me, as He allowed me to process the entire horrendous experience. Once I was done speaking I looked down at my hands as I wrung them unsure of what to say other than a very morbid, "The end."

At that He took my face into His hands and pulled it up until I looked at Him. "This was not your fault, Grace. Your pleasure is mine and I don't care if you were standing naked in the street, she had no right."

"But Master, I didn't stop her, I even had an orgasm..."

He placed his hand over my mouth lightly to stop my words, "That is inconsequential, no means no Grace.

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