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Deanna rings in the new year with an eighteen-year-old boy.

I'm sorry, I won't, I should know better-"

"And I know... I know you were pregnant once." Felicia pressed a small, affirming kiss to Mary Jane's jaw before daring to continue. "I know you lost it-"

"Her," Mary Jane interrupted quietly.

Felicia bowed her head again-far easier to talk to Mary Jane's heart than her face. "Such an idiot-never know what to say. I just wanted to say something; I feel like such a monster for freaking out when you had it so much worse..."

"This isn't about me. It's about you. And..." Mary Jane put her hand on Felicia's belly for the first time.

It hadn't changed at all, but it felt so different.

"If it's about me, then it's about you," Felicia retorted. "The only way I can possibly do this is if you're in it too and you're okay too, so don't do the noble self-sacrifice bit. You know Peter will more than take care of that when he gets home."

Mary Jane gave a little nod when Felicia said 'when'. "I'm not freaking out," MJ promised. "All I feel is happy for you."

Felicia beamed. She wasn't sure there was anyone else on the planet who she'd believe saying that. "Yeah. I forgot. You're nice like that."

"Nah, I'm a ginger bitch. But us bitches have to stick together."

Felicia grunted an affirmative and let Mary Jane hold her, caressing her, soothing her where her stubborn body wouldn't let her settled mind relax it. Only Mary Jane could put her at ease, body and soul.

Maybe when Peter got back, he could take Red and give the new kitten a brother or sister.

Meanwhile, Mary Jane wondered where the hell Kaine had gotten off to. What could he possibly have to do that was more important than making sure Felicia wasn't about to bawl her eyes out?


They were good-looking.

Creepy, but good-looking. Jackal had grown them in vats, but now the nutrient flow had drained away, leaving them in glass coffins: Snow Whites waiting for a Prince Charming or three. And somewhere around giving them the finishing touches, ol' Jack had styled their hair, put them in three identical hairbands.

But not dressed them, of course.

Right at that moment, Kaine was real glad he was a boy clone.

Glad he was a straight one too. If there had to be naked people, they were good people to be naked. Or a good person to be naked, rather. Three identical bodies, slender, gamine, breasts close to their chests but perky, catching the rising, falling breaths like leaves on wind. The hips narrow, the legs long-they were almost more model-y than Mary Jane. That thin 90s, Heidi Klum look. The faces wide and innocent, expressions adorable even when neutral. And then Kaine noticed that their pubic hair had been shaved and it was back to being creepy rather than peculiarly innocent.

"Like I said. Wake them up," he said.

"You're sure?"

"No. But I'm not just going to put a pillow over their faces."

"There are other ways. A knife can be very quick, surprisingly painless-"

"Lady, are you trying not to get me?"

Sasha gave a 'suit yourself' shrug-bartender or Most Dangerous Game-themed supervillain, all women knew how to do that-and did whatever it was that told the life support machinery to kickstart them into consciousness.

Three pairs of stunning blue eyes open; three sets of perfectly sylphic breasts rose high with a deep breath and held there. Lips moistened with tracing tongues, parted in still breaths. Foggily, they looked at him, Kaine trying to reverse a decade and change of intimidation tactics and actually come off as reassuring.


"Sort of," he said. "Uhh... shit."

Before they could get uncomfortable, he fired strands of webbing over their breasts and groins. Sasha ticked her tongue in disapproval, either over him doing that after they'd risen or because he'd covered up the goodies at all.

The Gwens ran their hands over their awakening bodies, experimentally palming the strangely textured material now clothing them.

"Alright," Kaine said. "This is going to be a little hard to explain."

Their heads turned, creaking necks snapping out kinks, arms and legs stretc

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