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Gay first time.

He pulls it down, so it's wrapped around her waist and she leans in to kiss him, harder then the last time and he bites her bottom lip.

She smiles as he tugs her bra down to rest with her shirt, and she reaches for his shirt, to undo it, so she can run her nails across his abs and down his back. He stops her with another quick little smirk and begins to bite and suck on each on of her nipples in turn. She hears a rustling and quickly pulls away, turning away from him to cover herself up.

He's not going to let her get away that fast. No one is there, and he's been forced to stay calm watching her thong rise above her jeans for 11 hours straight. She gasps as he grabs her and pushes her against the rough wall. They're back to back now and he's pushing her thong aside, giving himself better access and biting her neck and her shoulder. She struggles to get away, scared that there going to get caught, and scared of how badly she wants him to continue.

"Please...stop...this is wrong..." She whispers as he continues to tease her. He can feel her getting wet, and he knows his secret little Princess doesn't want him to stop. He pushes against her, teasing her clit, feeling her pleasure as her muscles began to tense. She struggled a bit more, trying to pull away, but he just pushes harder, moved his fingers faster, makes her gasp for her breath.

"You want this. I can tell you do. You've been teasing me all day; you knew what was going to happen if you came up here with me. Don't try and get away." He whispered in her ear, his breath hot on her skin. She could feel her muscles tensing up more, and her knees were getting weaker by the second.

Her turned her around and held her body against the cold wall, as he once more began to bite at her nipples, while still stroking and teasing her soft wet cunt. He held her body tightly, she still slightly struggled to get free, so worried for no reason, they wouldn't be caught.

She moaned and pushed her hips against the rough wall, letting herself enjoy the way her body was so sensually being violated right there, in that deserted parking lot where anyone in one of the neighbouring apartments or businesses could walk by and see them.

She felt naughty, a feeling she'd never learned to enjoy before. He was making her weak, her muscles tight, her pussy wet. He was biting her shoulder again, harder this time, right on the muscle, and while it hurt, she couldn't help but shiver with the pleasure it brought her. She'd been fantasizing about him all day, when he'd been at his desk and she was leaning over, talking to him. All she'd wanted to do was throw the keyboard out of the way, and let him bend her over the desk, and take her, right there, in front of all their coworkers.

She was beginning to lose control and he could tell. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her breathing became heavier and ragged. Her thighs, her abs, all her muscles, were tightening up even more now. He pressed harder, faster, still playing with her clit, sucking on her hard nipples again, watching her shiver and shake with anticipation.

Braced up against the wall, they could both feel her about to explode. She was moaning his name now, begging him to stop again. He wasn't going to, he never would. He liked the way she looked, with her back arched, hips protruding, head thrown back, eyes rolling upwards, on the verge of orgasm.

He made her come, and smiled as he did. She cried out his name again, eyes wide, pupils directed at the sky, body trembling with a pleasure she'd rarely felt before. He pushed her against the wall and kissed her, softly, gently on the lips, as she closed her eyes, catching her breath. Slowly, she sank to the ground, legs weak, she leaned her head back and kept her eyes closed as he lit up a smoke and looked down at her.

She opened her eyes and smiled at him.

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