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Returning to the world, a vampiress finds hope.

It was impossible to hide his erection from her now, as he had swollen to full length. His cock throbbed painfully under his jeans, seeking release.

His cock was telling him that his girlfriend was playing with herself, half naked as they drove through the night. His cock insisted, eager to be let out to play. His cock was trying to cloud his judgment. Why was he angry? He shook his head to clear it, and struggled to remember.

He felt a rustle as she repositioned herself, kneeling toward him on the front seat. He gasped to feel her hand opening his fly. God, no, she couldn't do this here. What if the cops stopped them? What if a truck passed by? He was clearly visible on the well-lit motorway, and now she was pulling his erection out of his briefs, exposing the swollen head to the light and air.

This really must stop, and he was going to tell her so, just as soon as they passed the next exit. Just as soon as she stopped caressing the head of his cock. He felt her hand snaking down between his legs and firmly rubbing his balls, which were aching by now. He pushed, trying to get more friction against her hand.

He was panting now, concentrating on keeping the car between the lines. There was something he really meant to tell her, what was it? Oh, yes, to stop. Yes, she really must stop. Very soon.

He felt her wet, hot tongue lapping the precum off his slit and a loud groan escaped him.

"Keep driving, or I'll stop," came a soft voice filled with laughter.

The warm mouth enveloped the head of his cock, licking and sucking now. Slowly, teasingly, keeping him hot and aroused, but not enough, never enough. Soft tongue flicking over the tip, then swirling around the head, then blowing hot air on him till he cried out in frustration. She teased him for miles and miles, keeping him hard and leaking but never satisfied. He longed to be able to thrust fully down her throat, to feel her lips close tight around his shaft, to feel her soft fingers teasing his balls and ass, but the confines of his trousers -- not to mention the demands of driving -- limited both of their movements.

He reached over and fondled her breasts, hanging down as she kneeled over him. Oh, God, he couldn't do this - the feel of her nipples, her wet tongue tormenting the head of his cock, this was unbearable. He didn't want to do this, he wanted to be angry, he wanted to be alone, he wanted to spurt his hot cum all over her face, into her pussy, into her ass...Christ, this so was not a safe way to drive.

A soft voice drifted up to him. "Remember that rest stop at Exit 340? The one with the little private picnic areas?"

His cock stiffened almost unbearably, and another moan escaped him. They had once had incredible sex there while on an outing; it was a scene that still haunted his fantasies. The exit was coming up, and he pulled off so erratically that it was fortunate that the service road was deserted. He sped into the park at full speed. The brakes squealed as he pulled into a spot behind some trees and jerked the key out of the ignition. Opening the door without buttoning his fly, he was illuminated by the rooftop light for a moment, leaping out with his cock bobbing, erect and protruding from his trousers. He dragged her to her feet, half naked and laughing, and slammed the door.

Gripping her soft ass and turning her away from him, he then slammed her against the side of the car.

She moaned as he pulled her wet panties off and clawed her miniskirt up around her waist and out of the way. His cock had been teased for over a half hour now, and he roughly parted her cheeks, slamming his way into her tight pussy.

He sighed in satisfaction as he heard her sharp cry of passion, pushing into her wet flesh.

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