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Unfaithful wife.

"What do you mean me?"

He looked a little anxious and embarrassed but my father and I have always been really close. After all, I told him when I lost my virginity. "All this time you have been able to see me naked whenever you want. I haven't seen you naked since you were in elementary school, and I obviously wasn't affected by you back then in the way I have been the last few years. I want you, Nick. No scratch that, I need you. Not just to see you naked or give you a blowjob but I want you and I to be lovers with no boundaries or limitations. I want us to be able to explore each others bodies freely without wondering if the other would have a problem with it."

I wasn't sure what to say at first. "So all this time you have wanted to do things with me but were too afraid about how I would react or feel about it?"

He actually blushed. "Yeah. There were times when I wanted to grab you and make out with you, or strip you naked and give you a hand job or blow job, or fuck you or get fucked by you, but I was too afraid that I would freak you out and so I didn't. I was afraid we would lose that special bond between us if I ever freaked you out like that."

He looked sad and tense about how I might react to his confession. I walked up to him and gave him a hug. "I feel the same way. I have wanted to do those things with you many times but thought you would be freaked out. I had no idea you wanted to do stuff like that. I just thought you wanted blowjobs."

This time he was the one to pull back. He gave me a big grin and asked, "So are we gonna be lovers now?"

I smiled at him. "It is not your birthday yet. You are just going to have to wait and see."

"I guess its time to eat then."

After supper, I went to my bedroom and did homework while my dad searched online looking for cheap houses to buy and sell for a higher price. It was Friday night and I was glad my dad's birthday fell on a Saturday that way I could spend the whole day with him.

I went to bed around ten, jacking off before going to bed in anticipation for the events that are going to happen tomorrow. I cleaned up and fell asleep instantly.

The next morning I took a look at the alarm clock. It was 8:10. I almost never get up this early unless I have school or somewhere to be. I stretched and got out of bed.

I walked to the bathroom and did my morning routine. I went pee, washed my hands, and brushed my teeth. I was curious if my dad was up yet so I walked over to his bedroom.

I found him sleeping silently. My dad was never the type to snore. He had his blanket covering his stomach so I had no idea if he was naked under the covers or not.

I walked over to the bed and carefully got on the bed with him. He remained sleeping, thankfully. I got so close to him that I was now face to face with him. I lowered my head and started lightly kissing him.

I could feel him stir, and then he opened up his eyes and smiled at me, then opened his mouth so I had more access to kiss him deeper. We kissed for a few more minutes, and then he suddenly grabbed me by the shoulders and threw me down on the bed, with him on top now, causing me to make a small noise in surprise.

The blanket fell away enough for me to see that he was completely naked. He continued kissing me. "I couldn't have asked for a better wakeup."

I just smiled at him and kissed him back.

He suddenly frowned. "You have way too many clothes on. It is like you are in the Sahara Desert wearing a heavy winter coat and boots."

I really wasn't wearing that much. Just a t-shirt and gym shorts with some boxers underneath. My father has never seen me naked so I began to be slightly nervous.

"Don't look like that. I have wanted to see you for such a long time. We will go slowly, okay?"


He lifted my t-shirt off me. He began stroking his big hands over my lean muscles. "You are so smooth."

"Not everyone can be a hairy beast like you."

He laughed and started kissing me down my neck.

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