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Ashley celebrates her third wedding anniversary.

Having already cum twice, he was in no hurry to do so again and could just take his time and appreciate how damn good it felt.

Violet's arm was tiring though, and she eventually dropped the crop, looking at Jared for guidance on what to do next. The big man grinned, still pumping his cock back and forth between Danielle's lips. "Let's lift her back up onto the hook. I wanna play with her tits."

That sounded good to Danielle, until she was back up on the hook, stretched out and immobile, and she realized that "play" meant "whip" to Jared. But even then, she couldn't curse him, because as the leather strands of his flogger snapped against her sensitive breasts, making her nipples swell, Violet was crawling between Danielle's legs and pressing her mouth to Danielle's throbbing pussy. The pain and pleasure was an exquisite mix of sensation that sent Danielle reeling. She cried out, thrusting her hips at Violet, which arched her back and offered up her breasts for Jared's flogger.

The snap of leather against her flesh stung and burned, but it felt so good too... like the caress of a rough lover. The sight of Danielle moaning and squirming, Violet between her legs, as little red welts began to raise on her breasts, was definitely inspiring to Jared. He wielded the flogger skillfully, snapping the ends against the tops, sides, and sensitive bottom of her huge tits, covering the creamy flesh with marks that would take at least a day or two to fade. Her nipples stood out, huge and swollen, as if begging for more punishment, even though she screamed every time the strands of leather snapped against them. Every scream sent a pulsing through Jared's cock and had Violet sliding her hand down between her thighs to play with her own pussy while Danielle's juices flooded her mouth.

Once the creamy flesh of Danielle's tits were a bright red, with some raised welts across the sensitive flesh, her nipples so dark they were almost purple from the abuse, Jared put the flogger down and lubed up his cock while he watched Violet eagerly eating Danielle out. The blonde writhed with unabated pleasure now that the flogging had stopped, her mouth open as she panted for breath. Between her legs, Violet was squirming on her own hand, obviously playing with herself while she licked and sucked on Danielle's cunt.

Moving to stand behind Danielle, Jared lined his cock up with her asshole. The tiny hole was already sore from Violet's earlier fucking, but fortunately it was still stretched out too. Danielle groaned, the orgasm that had been so close subsiding as she suddenly had to deal with her asshole being stretched. Jared's cock was a little bigger than the strap on Violet had used, forcing her tight chute even wider, and her sensitive inner tissues burned. As if sensing that Danielle had gotten distracted, Violet suddenly sucked Danielle's clit into her mouth, making the blonde cry out and arch, pushing her ass further onto Jared's cock as the two sensations ripped through her.

Her ass was so full and her pussy was so empty, and it felt good and it hurt and she needed to cum but she didn't know if she could... Danielle screamed as Jared's hands closed on her beaten breasts, the reddened flesh spilling out between his fingers, and he began to thrust up into her ass, riding the tight hole roughly. Tears spilled down her cheeks as the pain mingled with the pleasure, her frustration growing along with her need to cum and the elusive orgasm that seemed to keep slipping through her fingers.

"Please," she begged as Jared's hands dug into her soft flesh, her breasts aflame from being beaten and now manhandled. She didn't know if she was begging to him to stop or to fuck her ass harder, to send her soaring to the peak of her climax. "Please!"

She screamed with frustration as Jared pulled his cock out, leaving her shaking with need, her body clenching and aching.

"Violet, go get on the bed.

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