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Before long, Tanya was in between Pam's thighs, hands forcing them apart further.

The head of her length nudged along her dripping sex. Those hazel eyes lanced down at her, fixing her to the bed.

"Fuck me," she begged.

One steady thrust, and inch after inch slipped inside, an inexorable campaign that left her sensitive channel vanquished, her broken moans and helpless quivering proclaiming Tanya's undoubted victory. Her cunt was so receptive and docile to the formidable will of the younger woman, making it a breeze for Tanya to fit all of her length, the wetness drooling out around the thickness, slicking down to her balls as they nudged against her slit. Pam gazed up at Tanya, eyes wide, wordlessly beseeching her to take what was hers.

"Fuck, you take me so easy," Tanya groaned.

Pam nodded, gasping.

Tanya chuckled at that, one hand taking hold of Pam's thigh, the other steadying herself.

That thickness drew back, until half of it was in and half was out. A strong shove pierced to Pam's core, again overpowering her cunt, forcing a strained grunt from her mouth at the impact. Her legs closed around Tanya, meeting to lock themselves against the small of her back, anchoring herself. As she fought to catch her breath, her hands ran along Tanya's body, sliding up to stroke along a heaving breast or to caress along her tensing shoulder.

Again, that prick drew back, and again it was shoved back inside to the base. This time there was less time between the two movements; the third time there was none, Tanya quickly falling into a steady rhythm of back and forth, back and forth, smoothly screwing that wet channel.

If ever the word 'wet' was an understatement, it was at that moment. Pam's channel was drenched, soaked, saturated, sopping with her own nectar, a testament to how worked up Tanya got her. Each thrust squelched along, the sounds lewd and obscene, making her blush and Tanya smirk. The lustful cadence was incredibly loud in her ears as the pace upped, as Tanya screwed that much harder, little splatters of juice spraying onto Tanya's balls and Pam's thighs. Rivulets trickled down to stain the bedding, reaching the upper edge of Pam's delicate stockings, slicking them tighter to her legs. Tanya chuckled, amused by how aroused her lover was, rewarding that devotion with several harder thrusts, a surprised and grateful cry escaping from Pam at the harder impacts. Seeing the heat blush across Pam's creamy skin, she leaned down to suck at her neck. Pam bucked underneath her, tilting her head with a submissive mewl to let her temporary owner mark her property.

And mark her she did, introducing her teeth numerous times in loving nips and bites, using her tongue to soothe whatever flesh she mistreated. Her hand squeezed harder at Pam's thigh, gripping tightly.

The pace upped more. Pam laid there, shuddering and moaning, holding onto Tanya's shoulders as she rutted, railing steadily into her accommodating depths. It was a sweet submission, bondage so divine, having this woman take her body and use it, treat it as an object of pure carnality, as a tool with which to achieve the highest peaks of pleasure.

One of those peaks washed over her; she clung tighter to Tanya, unable to come down from said peak, those furious thrusts keeping her ecstasy buzzing.

In the midst of that glorious pinnacle, she was aware of Tanya moving her legs, unlocking them from around her waist, pushing them against her chest, pinning her. She smirked down at Pam as her hips snapped relentlessly, driving hard into her soaked depths.

The moment Tanya pushed further, bringing Pam's legs up over her head, she knew what Tanya had in mind. And when a few fingers began to trace lazy patterns across her clit, the pleasure multiplied, this new source of sensation linking up with the cock currently reaming out her cunt. She gasped, gazing up at Tanya.

"You know what I want," Tanya said with a smirk.

Pam nodded, feeling that familiar tightness arise in her belly, brought upon by Tanya's masterful handling.

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