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A working wife closes the deal.

Her legs were together and the material of her bikini bottoms, as small and translucent as they were, still covered her sex quite modestly. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, I had a very active imagination as was very capable of filling in the gaps.......pardon the pun.

I started on the leg furthest from me, gently massaging the thick lotion into her muscular calves. As I mentioned, the lotion was quite thick and required a bit of force to ensure that it covered everything adequately. This essentially meant that I had to give her a fairly intense massage. I ran my hands from her Achilles tendon up to the bulbous end of her calf muscle, allowing my fingers to identify the evident split in her calf muscles. Like that of a seasoned cyclist, Delilah's calf muscles presented similar muscular facets in a distinctly feminine manner. I delighted in the sensation I experienced when my hand ran across her firm muscles. I could feel her deliberately tensing them as I swept my hands deftly across their surface, my fingers inadvertently experiencing every elevation and every fold.

She had rested her head facing away from me, further encouraging me to visually explore her physique with little chance of reprimand. I drank in her sensuous physique; her flawless skin, her flawless muscle tone. As the fabric covering her ass, and the small amount visible of what covered her pussy, slowly dried in the sunlight, I watched the areas reserved purely for my mate Ding, fade into obscurity. My imagination, however, continued unabated.

As my hands made their way from her calf towards her hamstrings I began to use the advantage of a thick sunscreen to pull her thighs outwards, under the guise of spreading the lotion more effectively. As I moved my hands slowly northward, the massaging of my palms from the inside of her thighs to the outside, her legs began to spread slightly, revealing more and more of her secreted femininity. As my palms reached her buttocks, I made broader and more forceful sweeps of my hands from inside to out, delicately pulling her ass cheeks apart, carefully revealing as much as possible of her womanhood that I could without raining alarm.

On my last sweep outwards I could've sworn that Del elicited a slight moan and reacted with a slight pushing outward of her ass towards my hand. Her ass was noticeably pushed further out than when we began. If I didn't know any better, I'd say that she was enjoying my touch. As I drew my hand back up her thighs towards her ass, I allowed the tips of my thumbs to intrude under the edge of her bikini bottom from the middle of her thighs outwards. As my hands swept outwards, my thumb tips trailed the line of her bikini, gently pressuring and kneading her taut skin. I could feel her glutes flex as my hands trailed over her butt. I instinctively removed my thumb tips from under the fabric fearing that I may have crossed a line.

"There," I said. "All done." I moved back to my lounge and wiped my hands on my towel.

"Thanks Sean," she muttered in an almost sleepy haze. "I could've fallen asleep with you doing that."

"My pleasure." And it truly was my pleasure.

"You'll definitely have to come over soon and give me a proper massage."

I smiled, but on the inside I was doing backflips.

The next hour or so passed with little to tell. We lay under the shade of the palms reading our books, completely comfortable with the silence, only interrupted by Jacob and Anna bugging Del for drinks and food. Although we were handily tucked away under the protection of the surrounding palm trees, there was a noticeable increase in the ambient temperature as it edged closer to midday. The heat must've affected Del to the point of discomfort because she suddenly announced that she was going to brave the kid-infested waters and take a dip in the pool. I must admit that the idea had played across my mind as well but the thought of having to contend with hundreds of screaming children far outweighed the benefits of cooling down.

I tilted my head to look over to her a

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