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You invite a friend over for hot encounter.

Lina stepped in front of Monica and gave Rickie her best what-the-fuck-did-you-do-to-my-friend glare.

Rick threw up his hands. "Hey, I was just coming to check if cucumber girl was okay."

Monica's eyes glazed over and her core rocked. Naughty girl dropped to her knees panting. Nice girl shook her head and walked away.

Too intuitive Lina looked from Rick to Monica. "Cucumber girl?"

Rickie chuckled. "Her favorite diet food."


"What? Should I call her something completely unoriginal like babe? Like, if I say, 'hey babe, lets fuck'-"

Lina's expression indicated her jackass detector had just gone off.

"-every girl in the room might go into heat. But if I say cucumber girl-"

Oh holey fuck! A flesh quake rocked Monica's thighs. Naughty girl teetered and fell writhing upon the floor of the brig.

"-everyone will know I'm talking just to Monica."

Lina stared at Rick, her eyes bigger than her boobs. Finally she turned to Monica. "You want me to get rid of this ass?"

If only you could. "Lina, can you give us a moment? Please."

Lina pointed at her and then Rick and back at Monica again. She shook her head. "Whatever, girlfriend. Be outside if you need me."


Lina left still glancing from Monica to Rick and back again. Meanwhile, naughty girl picked herself up off the floor and pressed herself against the bars of her cage. Even confined, she wanted be as close to Rickie as possible.

When the door shut, Rickie obliged. He stepped right up to Monica. His gaze pinned her. His eyes looking down through the windows of her soul to the caged slattern trapped within. Naughty girl preened her dark tresses.

Her hair! Oh shit! Monica put a hand to her tangles. "Could you - uh - maybe come back later? After I've cleaned up."

"Yeah, sure, cucumber girl-"

Monica grabbed his shirt to keep from falling over. He continued as though nothing had happened.

"-I'd love to. But this can't wait. It'll only take a moment. I brought you a gift." He flipped open a small box. Within, two heavy glass balls nestled upon a bed of faux silk. "I thought your vegetable love might leave a few stretch marks. Keep these inside for a few weeks and you'll be the tightest chick this side of a strip joint."

Monica closed her eyes. Naughty girl ground against her bars. Holey fuckin' shit. There was no point resisting. Naughty girl didn't need no collar to do whatever Rickie said. Monica heaved a heavy breath and reached for the box.

Rickie swung the balls out of reach. "Oh no you don't, cucumber girl, they're my gift to you."

"Oh gaaawd! Monica clutched his shirt and buried her face in his shoulder while she trembled. Naughty girl dry humped a brass pole.

Rickie waited for her spasm to pass. When she disentangled herself, he said, "Take them off."

Monica shook her head. Naughty girl nodded vigorously.

"Take them off, don't make me say it again. It might kill you."

With trembling fingers Monica hooked the elastic of her pajama pants baring her wet bikini briefs.

"You should really be wearing a thong, something all lacy, unless, you know, it's that time the month."

Auto-response. "They're not practical." The words were out of her mouth before she could think.

"Then perhaps gee-strings, micro-scrunches?"

Monica's breast heaved. "Oh fuck!"

"Yeah, gee-strings, scrunches, the really small ones, maybe cage panties. Nothing like stripper wear to make a woman exude her fuck me vibe all the time. It'd be better if you wore heels too."

"Oh shit, oh fuck, oh shit." Naughty girl pranced about her cell in her new gold, see-through, barely there underwear.

"I see you like the idea." He stepped close, pinned her shoulders and grabbed her hair. He forced her gaze up to his. He rolled the glass balls in his free hand. "I want to watch this."

Naughty girl began to writhe against the cell bars once more.

Ricky pulled Monica's night-shirt up and ran a ball

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