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Seaside reconciliation through discipline and desire.

Lie down on the couch."

I said, "Okay," and lay on the couch. She looked at me and didn't touch me and said with a smile, "Max, you have to take off your clothes for a massage. You know that."

I looked at her suspiciously but she kept on smiling.

"What's the big deal," she said, "I've already seen everything and besides, I believe you still owe me from earlier today."

I figured what the heck and I took off my shirt. She made sure to help me. I took off my pants as well but left on my underwear. She seemed satisfied with that.

She then touched my back. Her hands were cool. The massage really felt good. She traced her fingers along my skin. This clearly wasn't a professional massage. It was too light. But it felt really good and that was fine. Harmless fun. Then she got lower and got to my legs. She worked them very hard. Too hard, maybe this was professional, and I finally said, "Ow."

"Oops, sorry, tell me if it's too hard."

Then she went extremely light just tickling me really and it felt very good. But, it wasn't a massage it was foreplay. And I was getting chills and hard. She worked her way up my thighs and it got even more exciting. Then she reached my butt. First she massaged me on my butt. "I knew you'd have a good butt." She then put her hands under the legs of my underwear and traced her nails along the skin of my behind.

"Oooooohhhh," that was too intense. I'd never felt that before. She stopped for a second and asked, "Is that okay?"

I answered, "That was really intense."

She said, "Okay, I'll do it lighter."

She then traced her fingers lightly on my butt again. And I squirmed. "You are tickling me."


Then she went to my back and all around my body. It felt really nice. She then lay down on top of me and whispered in my ear, "How are you feeling?"

I said, "Great."

She responded, "Good. We should give each other massages after runs if you feel like this loosens you up."

She continued her massage. Then she got to the waist band and pulled it down past my feet and threw it to the side. I didn't do anything and just let her. I was now completely naked and she was on top of me giving me this massage which was really more of a titillation. But, it felt incredible.

Then she started again at my feet and massaged each of them thoroughly.

"I bet your feet needed that." She said.

She pulled my legs apart a little bit. She then worked her way up my calves. Gentle rubbing and then light titillation. This went all the way up my upper thighs. I was so hard.

She then reached my butt and grabbed one cheek which each of her hands and squeezed them. Her hands felt quite big and I felt quite small. She even separated my cheeks a bit. I guess to see me inside. I asked, "Everything look okay over there?"

"Looks wonderful."

She then let my cheeks go and rubbed my butt again. She used her nails again, and it was very intense, but she stopped as soon as I groaned and writhed. She then lightly rubbed around and worked her way up my back. She lay on top of me again, but this time I felt her bulge. She was hard. It felt heavy and solid. I don't understand how she hid it in that little dress.

She continued to massage me as she lay on top of me and whispered, "Was that okay?"


"I know we are just friends, but you are so cute, and unfortunately, I have some parts that get in the way sometimes." She wiggled her penis on top of me as if there was a chance that I didn't notice it. "I wish they didn't. So sorry about this."

"I can't even feel what you are talking about." I lied.

"Really?" She pushed her hips towards me to make certain I knew what she was talking about. The novelty of having that monster pressed against me, between my butt cheeks, and the base of my penis, while I was naked, under a beautiful woman, expressed itself in my penis and throat. "

I didn't say anything for a few seconds as my heart fluttered.

I said, "It's okay. Everyone's different."

Satisfied, she said, "Okay, now turn around. I'll do your front."

I was naked and hard.

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