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Kelli was in a dither when she heard I was cuming and she moved over my dick head, usurping her mom, and began bobbing her head. I can't tell you what her tongue was doing only that it didn't stop moving and swirling around my shaft and the enlarging head. I looked down at Cathy and she glanced up at me, the look of pure passion she gave me was decidedly the impetus that I needed to dive over the edge. As I began to pump my load in bursts of white hot molten desire, Cathy began squeezing my balls, knowing I loved this and that it caused me to cum longer and harder.

"Don't waste that delicious sperm." Cathy admonished Kelli, "If you don't want it I do!"

The first two bolts of cum shot into Kelli's suckling mouth but the amount and the intensity of the bursts were too much for her as she backed off the third squirted her in her face, but as she moved off Cathy directed another blast to Kelli's young breasts before she also began sucking the viscous goo from my throbbing shaft. Kelli stayed near watching her mom finish milking my still hardened shaft. When Cathy was thru Kelli moved close and they began to kiss and I saw Kelli pass my sperm to her mother's mouth. Cathy also cleaned Kelli's face of all the sticky goo I had shot onto her, then she moved to her gooey sperm covered breasts. Kelli's breasts were being devoured by her mother as Kel was panting her desire her hand moved to my still impassioned member, grasping the massively turgid rod. Her head dropped onto my lap and her mouth descended onto her daddy's cock again. Suckling like a small child, she was moaning, and squealing on my cock the effect was to cause me to release a final gob of sperm into her voracious mouth. She was looking up at me, my thick, long cock between her reddened, bruised lips, as her mother was gobbling her tender young breasts, Cathy's long nailed fingers squeezing and pinching Kel's abundantly firm flesh, I witnessed Kelli's orgasm as her eyes rolled back into her head and her mouth loll open my sperm evident on her tongue, as her cry of pure lust, and passion ripped from her throat.

"Mommy! Daddy! IIiiiiieeeeem, cummmmmingggggg!" My cock in her tightening fist, Cathy redoubling her efforts pulling on her tender nipples, with her finger nails and teeth. Kelli's only free hand dove into her little panties as she plunged her fingers into her squirting, spasming, folds of young pussy flesh. Kelli would have collapsed beside me had I not held her close to me, and it was several moments before she came around from her tectonic orgasm.

Cat was talking a blue streak as she continued to film, but she was so turned on and agitated. She was beside herself and was quickly trying to divest herself of her skirt and panties, without stopping filming. Cathy seeing her predicament helped her with the camera and the laptop she had slung over her shoulder. She placed the laptop on the table and began filming Cat disrobing. Kelli stayed close to me and I held her and kissed her tenderly and thanked my daughter for sucking my cock so wonderfully. Cat however was in a bad way, and needed relief.

"Fuck, Daddy! I need to cum so badly!" Cat sounded like a woman possessed, her level of desire had been put on hold for too long. I drew her close to me and I kissed her, as she moved between my legs. I pressed her back to the table and she sat down on the edge. Now my feasting would really begin!

I pulled her bra from her shoulders and released the catch in the back with a flick of my fingers.

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