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A stripper uses her charm to turn a straight guy gay.

" Said Judy as she moved to lay beside her sister, spread her legs and started rubbing herself.

Another man came into view. I assumed he was Lenny. He immediately crawled between Judy's legs, her hand came down and for the second time in two minutes grabbed a dick and aimed it at a pussy; this time it was her own.

I watched as Lenny bottomed his dick in Judy. "Oh, fuck." She moaned. She moaned a lot. Jackson moved around the bed showing the faces of the four people; each contorted in its own definition of ecstasy. Jackson continued moving, the camera searching for the best angle, the best view, and when it found one, it lingered to allow the viewer to see the dick sliding in and out or the pussy lips moving, stretching, and expanding with each movement of the dick invading it.

Jackson pulled the camera back and I could see Chris and Judy holding hands and looking at each other, smiling as they were fucked. All of a sudden, Chris's head turned to look up at the ceiling and her eyes widened. "Oh, shit ... oh, fuck ... here it is ... I'm coming." Then her head snapped back to look at her sister. "God, Judy, I'm coming again. Come on, Andy. Come with me ... come with me ... come ...ahhh ... Oh, Jesus, God" and I saw her visibly and gradually relax as her orgasm subsided.

"Me, too." Echoed Judy. "Come on Lenny come on sweetie don't stop baby don't stop. It's your pussy, baby. Pound it. Pound your pussy, baby." And he did. Then he came. Then she came. Not once, but twice. And she moaned again. A long, low, sultry moan, which, under different circumstances, could give a hardon to a eunuch.

The video continued with Allison taking the camera and sharing directorial responsibilities with Chris. The two of them telling both Jackson and Lenny how to fuck, suck, and kiss Judy. "Harder, Jackson. Pound her harder." Or "Lift her leg higher Lenny. We can't see her pussy." Or. "Judy, suck harder."

On it went. Sex seemed to make Judy into a machine. Everybody, at least I think everybody, enjoys sex; but Judy took it to a new high. It was as if she lived for it.

When I saw her with a dick in her pussy and one in her ass, she was literally out of control. Her body shivered, shook, quivered, quaked and otherwise behaved in ways I thought physically impossible.

She came at least twice more before calming down.

Some editing had obviously taken place and at least two cameras had been used. It seemed that one camera must have been in a 'fixed' position on a tripod or something because occasionally the view cut back to the same angle. Apparently, the editor had attempted to make this tripe into something artistic.

At some point, the second camera had been put on the dresser and the action was shot by just the stationary camera. It appeared that all five participants wanted to be on camera. After all of them had been sexually satisfied they sat on the bed and just relaxed, took a break, and talked.

Jackson spoke first to Chris. "Have you decided what you are going to do about Seth while we're on the cruise?"

So Jackson and Judy were on the cruise. I wondered if Lenny went as well. And since Jackson and Judy were there, they would, in all likelihood, take care of the shipboard expenses and flight for Chris and Allison when they discovered the cancelled credit card and flight. Fuck. That would be too easy.

"I'm not going to do anything. Two weeks without a letter won't kill him."

Judy spoke. "The cruise is no problem, but you better start getting your ducks lined up for when he comes home."

"Not a problem as long as all of you keep your mouths shut."

"It isn't us you have to worry about. It's your neighbors and friends. You told them you were divorced and then moved 'super cop' here into your house." She indicated Allison, "How are you going to handle it when Seth gets back?"

"It still shouldn't be a problem.

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