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Two women move into the campsite next to mine...

As she moved to remove her blouse completely, Liz and I were both sprayed with her flowing milk. It ran down the curve of her breasts, down her tight tummy, and began soaking her skirt.

"Perhaps you should take your skirt off, too," I joked. "You wouldn't want to ruin it, too."

"He's right, Lexi," explained Liz.

"But...I'm not wearing any panties. I can't take it off and sit here completely naked, can I?"

"I don't see why not," I told her. Liz agreed, and told her to go ahead, adding that we would be here for awhile.

"I'm scared to move, though. I keep squirting you two with this mess!"

"We can just get naked, too, then, and throw our clothes over there where you can't get to them," said Liz. I wasn't really sure about that since by this time, I was to my full 8 inches, and hard as steel. Liz just had a wicked grin on her face, knowing that I had to be sporting a huge erection.

"Well...I guess that's ok, but only if you guys do it, too."

I hesitantly explained that because of the erotic display of her squirting nipples, I was extremely aroused, and probably shouldn't take off my clothes.

"Are you sure about that?" asked Liz, as she took one of Lexi's breasts and pointed it at me, causing the still streaming milk to squirt onto my clothes.

"Well, since you put it that way..."

I stood, and completely disrobed in front of the ladies I had just met. Both ladies' eyes were wide open when my stiff penis popped into view. I shed my clothes, and tossed them in the corner, far from where Lexi could reach them with her milk. Liz then stood and peeled her clothing off as I resumed my seat next to Lexi. When she was naked, she sat back on the floor, but this time, next to me. I wasn't going to complain at all.

"Your turn, Lexi!" Liz said.

Lexi turned to get up, and when she did, her sweet breasts were pointed right at my cock. As she rose, she soaked my penis in her warm milk. She stood facing Liz and me, showering us in her milk. Liz began to rub it into her skin as it ran down her own breasts and down to her completely shaven pussy. Surprisingly, Lexi, too, had a bare pussy. Kneeling down to return to her seat, Lexi again rained her milk down on my aching cock. She apologized, and started to move away. I stopped her, and told her it was fine if she would stay right there. She got closer, concentrating more of the stream onto my cock. I took it in my hand and started to stroke it openly, enjoying the sensation of her milk streaming down onto it. Liz leaned forward and took one of her nipples into her mouth, and began to drink. I almost came right then, but instead let go of my cock, and reached over to squeeze Liz's breasts while she drank from Lexi.

Liz got up on her knees to really get after nursing from Lexi's swollen tits. Her hands were working that tit like a baby. Squeezing, forcing more milk from it. I didn't care anymore. I reached under Liz, and ran my fingers along her soaking slit. Liz turned to give me better access to her pussy. This freed up Lexi's tits, and both were again drizzling milk onto my cock, which was harder now than it had ever been. I shoved two fingers into Liz's pussy, and worked them in and out. She was on her hands and knees with her back to me, so I would occasionally pull my fingers back, and spread her juices across her puckered ass hole. I got it really wet, and eventually started to push my fingers into her ass as well. Now, I had two fingers in her tight pussy, and my thumb was in her ass. I worked them in and out faster and faster until she finally came on my hand.

Now, Lexi was just about done squirting, but still had plenty of milk on board.

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