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A demon from Stellah's dream wants her to be his mate.

Sanjeev put all his strength and discuss this matter with Nupur in night, He told her clearly that he is observing strangers in metro groping and enjoying with her and she too not objecting, on hearing this Nupur was speechless and tried to overcome situation by explaining Sanjeev that this is part of every working women daily routine. Earlier she use to protest but soon she realized that it can't be avoided and then she let it happen as She was safe in such big crowd and each journey is for few minutes daily and groper cannot create much big nuisance in such public and in fact 90% females do understand and cope with it daily.

6PSanjeev was little confident now and decided to discuss it further and put Nupur in confidence by making her realize that he agree with the fact and do not have any objection in this daily adventure but Nupur too need to be frank with him and tell him if she too enjoy all this as seeing all this he enjoys and want Nupur to encourage more such acts and bring out her slutty desires as this is harmless fun. Nupur was not expecting such co-operation from Sanjeev but it bought a smile on her face. She agree that every day she waits for a new stranger and adventure and all this do makes her wet in her panties. She told that some gropers were able to reach to her glory hole and had even finger fucked her lot many times. She now allow gropers to do as per their wish and limits, listening all this made Sanjeev hard in his pants and fucked Nupur one more time like a beast. Nupur was now ok to dress as per Sanjeev desire and promised to ensure she will now bring her slutty side out to have good and pleasurable adventures daily with strangers in buses , metro and public places.

6PSanjeev now wanted Nupur to seduce even her boss and ensure she is getting dress in such a manner that her curves are easily visible and even her boss was now complimenting her dressing sense and her sexy appearance. Soon Sanjeev told her not to wear any panty below and she needs to go office and in metro without panty, Nupur felt awkward but soon realized it to be a new fun adventure. Sanjeev told her to wear a thin chiffon saree with low cut blouse and wear saree ultra low waist to make her look desirable. He decided to stay away from her in metro and watch her enjoy with strangers in metro.

6PWe both stick to our plans and Nupur was instructed not to show that you know me in metro. She was looking hot and sexy on that day and I was sure she will co-operate with groping and will enjoy and after we met at Rajiv chowk metro station, we got separated and got into the same coach. I was near to her but she was pretending that we both don't know each other. Metro was fully packed due to peak rush hours and Nupur somehow managed to push and made herself stand near other door giving some blockage to other viewers if something happens as we both decided to be very cautious in all such acts in public places. I was standing opposite to her and waiting for some action. I soon noticed a middle age man of around 45 years placed himself in the back of Nupur, he was not wearing good clothes and was looking like a helper working in some store or factory. I immediately messaged Nupur to check that man and she immediately turned around to see that man; she was not comfortable as guy was middle age and did not smell so good and messaged back to me to look for some other man. I don't want any time wastage as it's only a 40 minute journey and messaged back Nupur that this man is in good position and she needs to enjoy with men of all ages and status, it doesn't matter if man is even a low class worker, she needs to co-operate with him and she has to fulfill his hubby desire.

6PNupur got the message loud and clear and decided to give her best shot, she placed herself in such position that he gets tempted and make his move towards her.

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