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Shelly's big clit is larger than Trent's small cock.

It was day two and I was on my way to pick up Toni and enjoy a few activities within the nearby town.

I called Toni and she stated, "I'm not feeling well." "I'm going to spend the evening sleeping after I take some medication."

I wished her well and told her that I would be in the area. I would check on her either by phone or in person.

I stopped by a billiards parlor a few blocks from the hotel. I was there about an hour having a great time when I met up with a few of the guys from the base. We started chatting and they began telling me about some of the other guys hooking up with one of the local "Pros" in the nearby hotel. As they were leaving, some guys were running a "train" on her. I defined that as a group of guys taking turns screwing the hell of some willing and often anonymous female.

One of the guys stated, "I wasn't going to hang around waiting to screw some girl in front of a group of guys." "After all who knows what diseases she has?"

The conversation continued for a few more minutes and suddenly something made me feel like they were talking about Toni. I asked what hotel and room they were coming from. The hotel was the same. They didn't know the room but it was on the second floor near the front. It sounded like the same room as Toni. A myriad of emotions rushed through my mind and I just took off running. In the parking lot of the hotel, I picked up a big stick. I wasn't thinking clearly so I had no idea what I was going to do with it. When I arrived at the room, I pulled out my key card. I just stood there listening for a second and heard several voices and laughter.

I rammed the key card in the door and busted in like a maniac waving this large stick. The first sight I had as I entered the room is burned into my memory for the rest of my life. I saw my sweet Sister, naked and sandwiched between two naked degenerates. Two other degenerates were standing there in their underwear watching and drinking beer. I started yelling at all of them and swinging the stick. I didn't know anything about them other than they were probably fellow trainees. Before I could wantonly strike anyone, everyone was jumping around trying to protect themselves and grabbing for their clothes. As trainees, none of us could afford to get into trouble. I decided to give them a matter of seconds to grab their things and get out without giving them the opportunity of getting dressed. Beer cans were flying, clothes were flailing about with four half dressed guys heading out the door.

I slammed door and looked at Toni who barely made an effort to cover herself. The room was a complete mess. Beer and soda cans everywhere, pizza boxes, half filled ashtrays and a couple of empty liquor bottles. The room smelled awful to include the faint insulting aroma of sex. I became infuriated when I saw what appeared to be semen on her chest. I didn't know what to say or do. I just stood there looking at her and she returned a look of defiance.

Toni started yelling at me, "Who are you to ruin my night?"

I could tell immediately she was under the influence of something. I wanted to avoid management or the police coming to the room. I dropped the stick and took a second to collect my thoughts. There was a controlled, hostile exchange of words. Toni continued to just lay there and look at me like I had some nerve. I walked over and forcefully grabbed her wrist. I told her that I was going to sit on the balcony and calm down. She had better clean herself and that room up. All I planned to do at that point was talk to her. If she failed to follow my instructions she wasn't going to like my next course of action. Even in her intoxicated state she knew I was serious. She flung the blanket back with disdain revealing her naked body as she casually strolled to the bathroom.

I waited on the balcony as long it took for her to shower, dress and dump the trash.

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