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End of the road for Galen and Raija.

She gently leaned over and kissed me on the cheek then rested her head on my shoulder. When the movie ended we walked hand in hand back to motel together.

Once in our room we got ready for bed. I was lying on my bed watching a little TV while Cindy had a shower and got ready for bed. She came back in the room with one towel around her and another one wrapped around her hair. She looked great dressed in only a towel.

"Your turn Uncle Pete." As she walked by drying her hair

I remarked that I liked her outfit and she gave me a slap as I walked by for my shower. When I came out Cindy was lying on my bed still in her towel. I asked if she was going to wear that to bed.

"I think I just might" replied Cindy.

With that I sat on the edge of the bed a tried to watch the TV but was too distracted with view of my niece lying there with just a towel on.

"Uncle Pete could you rub my back for me? I think I have kink from all the driving we did today."

"Sure honey" As I started to rub her back she threw the towel of on the floor!

Now I was looking at the greatest backside of all time. I suggested that it might be a good idea to cover her butt, but Cindy just said it would get in the way. Something else was getting my way right now. As I started to massage her shoulders and down the center of her back, Cindy just laid there and purred like a kitten.

As reach the small of back she said "Right there."

I turn a little bit to get an easier grip on her back and got a better view of her ass and those bald pussy lips.

The lips were starting to become wet. She was really enjoying this back rub. As moved lower, Cindy asked if I would mind doing her legs too. Of course what was I going to say? I turned and got fully on the bed and continue the massage. Now everything was in full view. As worked my way up her legs I gently rubbed against her now very wet pussy lips. Cindy was now moaning in low purring sound. I didn't move my hand away but instead continue to slowly rub up down her lips. Cindy began to rock her butt back towards me and she had now buried her face in the pillow she had under her. I gently leaned forward and started to lick her wet lips. This sent her flying!

She rose up on her knees and pushed back into my face as my tongue entered her. My fingers were busy with her clit and Cindy was about to blow. She shook and trembled as her orgasm over took her. By this time I was ready to blow too. My cock was frothing and the front of my jogging shorts was wet with pre-cum.

As Cindy settled down after her orgasm I continued to lick her from her little rosebud asshole to pussy lips.

"Enough Uncle Pete! I need a rest." Cindy moaned.

With that she turned over to lie on her back. Her cute titties rose and fell as breathing started to return to normal. She reached up and pulled me to her as her lips met mine. This was not a niece and uncle kiss. It was full open mouth and tongue kiss. Cindy ran her hand down my front and into my shorts grabbing hold of my throbbing cock.

"Better be careful. It might go off if you keep that up." I said.

She kissed me once more and slowly kissed her way down to take off my shorts. Cindy then lay between my legs and proceeded to slowly stroke and lick my cock. Her tongue was hot and wet and I knew I was not going to last long. Cindy knew that to as my cock was throbbing in her hand. She just popped it in her mouth and started sucking for all it was worth. I erupted in less than a minute and my cum poured down her throat. Cindy never stopped suck or swallowing until I was dry.

Cindy made sure that I was done and then crawled back up and laid down next to me. We fell asleep on top of the covers, snuggled together.

Around 2:00 am I felt something warm on my cock. As I opened my eyes I found Cindy lazily sucking on my cock again.

I looked into her eyes and said "Come, get on and let's go for ride".

She slowly crawled up and inserted my cock into the tightest pussy I have ever felt.

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