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Stocking fetish with Linda and Archie continues.

A few more people joined the crowd. I was looking for Sue with her beer in my hands. I looked but didn't see her. I checked the balcony but no luck. I went back inside and found her on the dance floor.

There were about two dozen horny, drunk dancers on the floor. Most of them were women with a couple of guys.

The DJ started the first song. A heavy bass line began on the over-sized speakers. I think the name of the group was Parliament and their contribution to the music world was a tune called The White Horse. The DJ must have picked the disco version since it lasted about five minutes.

The dance floor was illuminated by overhead lights and the audience was in darkness. Being an aficionado of strip joints and show bars, a stripper gives a better performance if she can't see the faces that are making the comments about and to them.

Wait until later, Sue would be riding my white horse. Giddyap!

The music began and the hips and bodies gyrated and twisted. The judges went to a few of the drunken dancers and tapped them to get off the floor.

The number of contestants had whittled down to a dozen after two minutes. A couple of the women were naked after a minute or two. They were tossed fairly quickly due to lack of creativity and imagination. Their horniness didn't work for them in this situation.

I found Sue and she was about ten feet in front of me. The song was coming to an end with the chorus of White Pony being repeated by the group. She had shed her pink top and was dancing topless, her shorts and undies still intact.

During the first song, one of the judges/bouncers watched and admired Sue. She knew how to user her best assets by grinding her hips, how her hands slid up and down her body, and after, she caught a bunch of the guys and the judges attention, eve so slowly peeled the top off her head.

Rather than throwing her top to the crowd which most of the ladies did, Sue used it as part of the seduction.

Sue rode the pink top, bending her knees slightly and put the shirt between her legs, her right hand in front and her left behind her heart shaped ass. Then, she pulled it back and forth, thrusting her hips and dry-humping the twisted t-shirt.

What I always found so erotic about her was that it wasn't her nakedness that was a complete turn-on, but rather how she used her body to accentuate the passion and create a sexual desire from the audience. Sue knows how to create a sexual desire, many times just by her mere presence.

Sue worked an end of the t-shirt into her pussy leaving about ten inches hanging out of her. She moved about the dance floor. At one point she dropped to the dance floor and did the splits, the pink t-shirt hanging out of her, pressed against the dance floor.

As the music slowed down, she approached a young guy in the crowd and let him pull out her t-shirt.

The college guys eye's nearly jumped out of his head as he slowly pulled out the t-shirt from Sue's pussy.

He pulled it out and held up his trophy. About seven inches were stuffed inside of her and had her juices all over it.

The college guy sniffed it and threw it back to her.

Tonight she was on.

The DJ came back on. "Well, well, well! We got ourselves a great little strip-off going on here! We're down to an even dozen and this next song will determine the final four! So let's get them naked with Cindy Lauper's, Girls' Just Wanna Have Fun.

The dozen survivors that did not get voted or tossed from the dance floor were all women. The guys all got tossed due to their inability to be creativity and let their horniness override creativity.

The music began and the twelve ladies began the next segment of the contest. Three were tossed by the time Cindy got to the first chorus. The other nine worked their bodies to the music. Three down, five dancers to go.

Another dancer caught my. She was on the other side of the floor near the bar. She appeared to be a college cutie, tall, probably taller than Sue, well proportioned, and knew how to move her body.

What made her int

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