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Billy and the contact team start heading to earth.

Victor grasped her asscheeks and thrust hard into her as Patty continued to grind her cunt around his cock. Her pussy clenched and clasped his hard-on as though to squeeze the life from it as she plummeted toward orgasm again. "OH GOD! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" she screamed as she erupted in a sea of creamy cunt cum, drenching Victor's thighs again. She held him tight as her pussy spasmed hard, clutching at his cock with each cum spasm. Patty moaned and whimpered as she came hard, sweat pouring over her ample body. Victor kept thrusting into her even as she begged him to stop, but he ignored her, making her cum hard again.

Patty laid her head on his shoulder and breathed deeply, gasping for air. "So good...so good...so good," she repeated over and over while she tried desperately to recover. Victor held her, with his arms under hers, and her legs around his waist, locked together by her feet. He rose up lifting her, with his cock still buried deep within her, walked two or three steps to the bed and laid her body down. Her ass lay at the edge of the bed and her legs slipped from his waist to hang over the side. Victor placed her legs on his shoulders and drove his hard cock deep into her again. "Oh my God!" she screamed as he began to fuck her hard again.

He grabbed her nipples with his thumbs and forefingers and pulled at them, twisting them as he pulled. Patty screamed in ecstasy as the hurt in her nipples instantly transformed to pleasure. Her pussy disgorged torrents of cunt nectar that drenched Victors' balls. He lifted her enough to slide a pillow under her ass and thrust deeper into her as she groaned with desire and lust. "Fuck me...FUCK ME!" she cried. Victor complied by driving as deep as he could, while continuing to twist her nipples. Her cunt clutched his cock as he thrust hard into her, her pussy drawing his foreskin back from his sensitive foreskin. Victors' cock throbbed as he felt his balls draw up tight and he exploded in a savage orgasm.

He blasted huge wads of thick white frothy cum deep into Patty's gripping cunt. Patty screamed as the hot cum bathed her pussy and she came hard too. Her cunt spasmed and squeezed his cock each time he blasted another hot cum volley into her quivering pussy. Victor continued to fuck her hard throughout both of their orgasms as they each gasped for air. His eyes rolled in their sockets from the ferocity of his orgasm. Patty's eyes were closed and she groaned each time her pussy clutched his still hard cock. Finally, Vic's cock ceased cumming and she felt it rapidly becoming flaccid. She involuntarily clutched it again and his cock slipped out of her pussy as Vic fell onto her heaving chest.

They lay there struggling to breathe, trying to regain their senses. Patty felt his warm cum slowly seeping from her still spasming pussy. Their bodies were covered with sweat, as they lay gasping for air, unable to move. Patty eyes were tightly shut and she seemed to drift off, her mind reeling from the multiple debilitating orgasms she experienced. Victor had also cum hard twice and could not muster the strength to move either. Patty smiled and slowly slipped off to sleep still breathing hard. Victor's senses began to revive. He lifted his upper body enough to lick Patty's swollen nipples to soothe them from the severe twisting and pulling. Patty moaned in her sleep as he brought her nipples together and suckled them both at the same time. Releasing her nipples from his mouth, Victor realized that Patty had fallen into a very deep slumber, worn out from the hard orgasms she had enjoyed.

Victor gently lifted his body from Patty's and sat at the edge of the bed.

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