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Spanish farmer takes young volunteer for ride in his tractor.

If I wore it. That sort of thing. It's complicated."

He wished that she would look up at him. The way she hung her head made him growl in response. What happened to the confident woman who had been with him all evening? She was taken. But not. He calmed himself, and sipped from his brandy glass again. "I see. It's okay little one."

She got up and began to pace, along with her mumbling reply to him. "It's not that we aren't committed. We just don't do things like other people who do this sort of thing. We don't have some set of rules and regulations. There isn't any of the stupid stuff about who has to do what. We weren't even sure if this was really happening. We just sort of fell into it."

"I see." He said. Then thought to himself, the blind leading the blind and not doing a very good job of things, from the look of it. If she had tumbled into him first, oh the things he could have taught her. Then he realized that he was missing part of her soliloquy. Her hands now matching the pace she kept up around the room. Pausing to look out the window. Then picking up pace again, when going for her glass. Picking it up to drink, then putting it down again, without having tasted a drop.

"You don't see. It's not like that. It's good. It is. It's just different. I wouldn't want to do this with anyone else. I don't know that I could stomach the fluffy bunny crap that I see out there in the big ole world of BSDM. I love him. I just don't know if I'm "collared" per say."

"Come here little one." He was growing agitated with her agitation. He held out a hand to her. He saw her stop in her tracks and pause. Looking at his feet again. "It's okay. I am not going to bite you."

She looked up at him. He breathed slowly, and softly.

She looked at him. He was so kind. How could they be talking about this? What in the world? She hadn't said or done anything to tell him about this part of herself. She quickly ran back to everything that they had ever talked about in the group that they socialized in. Replayed every conversation on-line. Tried to recall what could have possibly led them to this moment.

"Please come closer to me." He could see her confusion. Then let out a small sigh at her start to cross the room.

"I can't do this with you." She straightened her spine and walked slowly to him.

"I am not asking you to do anything but to stand a bit closer." She was cautious of him now. How had this happened? His hand was still the same one that had held hers as they crossed the street earlier. Still the same kind eyes. But now she realized that there was something else there. She didn't want to ruin their evening. It had been so lovely. She knew that she was going to disappoint him. Her answer, was in where she stood.

He dropped his hand on his thigh. He adjusted his back, and felt a bit wobbly, even sitting in the chair. She was still so lovely. Still so strong. "I am not asking you to betray your master."

"He's not my master!" Her voice a bit louder than she intended.

"Mia culpa. My apologies. I am still very much as you say, fluffy bunny, I guess. I am sorry to have assumed. I don't wish to upset you any further dear."

"It's just not like that. We don't use titles like that."

"But you do call him something, right?"

"I call him by his name."

He laughed softly. "Of course you do. I will hedge to bet though, that he calls you by a nickname, though, doesn't he?"

"Poppet. Sometimes he calls me his poppet. When we cuddle. It's not like some formal title or anything. It's just not like that for us."

"Poppet. I think that it suits you. It fits, yes. But I won't call you that. For it is a special thing I do not wish to intrude upon. Ever. I don't want to take you from him. I don't wish to step on anyone's toes."

"What do you want then?"

He could see her defenses rising up. This was not what he had wanted. He just wanted to help her. There was a need there, and he longed to satisfy it. Her head dropped back down at the floor. He reached for her hand, and forced her gaze back to him.

"When was the last time yo

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