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Chelsea's Curious Cousin.

Several other vehicles came along the access track, then quickly departed on seeing mass nudity and sexual activity. However one did remain, the four occupants surveying the scene about them until the men got out to walk down to the pool, stripped off and leapt naked into the cold water. Their wives followed along a little later, sitting in the shade to observe proceedings. Eventually that reluctant pair were persuaded to undress down to briefs and join their spouses in the water, swimming across the pool to sun themselves on an expanse of smooth granite.

The men had obviously been aroused by all the sexual activity and quickly stripped off their ladies' briefs to engage in sex that didn't appear, from the struggles of the women, to be entirely consensual in the initial stages.

Two female cyclists swept down the road to stop abruptly by the dam where they took off their helmets to view the debauched scene by the water.

I stepped up into the coach as Jane and Emma disembarked after having got out of their frocks and tights and into light tennis dresses. Not only had they discarded their tights, but, as evidenced by some fairly dramatic wobbling beneath both bodices, their brassieres too.

One of the cyclists, a tallish, redheaded woman, had pulled off her lycra speed-top to display a fully tanned torso and, when she'd tested the water temperature with a bare foot, slipped out of her bike-shorts to reveal her matching nether regions. She had the most fabulous golden hued tan all over as she stepped lithely down to the water and dived in before her much paler girlfriend disrobed and followed her in.

When I looked across the lake again I noted that things had progressed to both women then providing oral sex to each-others' husband, then pause for discussion before one lady threw her leg across her friend's spouse to take his cock within her pussy. The other followed her lead and they all shagged furiously in what appeared to be their first swinging experience; making me feel a little better about how easily I seemed to find the accommodation of multiple partners.

After swimming the two cyclistes approached the group around the barbeque, the redhead introducing herself as Bev and her friend as Cathy, both quite unfazed at the stares attracted by their hard, athletic figures; apparently accustomed to public nudity.

"Quite an orgy you've got going," laughed Bev when the introductions were concluded and she looked over at Emma who was sipping a soda. "A Fanta! I'd kill for a Fanta!"

"But would you screw for one," grinned Baz, holding out a cold can of the drink to her.

She didn't take the can immediately, but pulled out the waist band of his shorts and looked down.

"Well I reckon there may be the first half of a fuck there," chuckled Bev. "Who's got the rest?"

She peered down into several more guys' shorts with similarly disparaging comments before taking her can.

Cathy took her cue from Bev to check a few more, plunging her hands right down into their shorts and rummaging around the male appendages.

"Ooh look Bev, this one's all soft and squishy. No good. Who's got a nice hard stiffy?"

Shorts were shuffled down before they were presented with several examples of fully erect wedding-tackle of which both women made a great deal, touching and minutely inspecting the cocks before taking Baz and Boof away to spread their towels and legs on the grassy bank.

I'd noticed that both of them wore engagement and wedding rings and Cathy had a multi-colour, rose tattoo on her lower belly. They also wore multiple ear-rings and studs and I found the flat-topped, gold ornamets through the upper edges of their navels to be disturbingly erotic.

Emma and Jane were standing apart from the lunching group around me and I thought that they probably felt more than a little disconcerted at what was going on around them, so I was surprised at seeing Emma and Jock making doe-eyes at each-other.

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