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The office furniture delivery comes with a twist.

Her eyes were bulging out of their sockets. Her mouth was wide open like she was trying to say something. I just look at her and finish up my piss. Before I could get my dick back in my pants, Mrs. Cathy walks up to me and grabs hold of it.

"In all my years of being sexual active. I have never seen such an enormous piece of meat in my life. To bad my husband tiny dick couldn't have been so beautiful like yours," she says with lust in her voice.

I didn't know what to think or do. She had my huge dick in her hands and was now stroking it. I gave off little moans and tried not to look into her eyes but when I when to look, she was gone or rather on her knees, stuffing her mouth with my big dick. I had no idea Mrs. Cathy would never be this sluttish.

"Oh my god. This must be about 12, 13 inches," she says in between sucking. Her hands were fondling my apple size balls while she was greedily sucking my massive cock deep into her mouth. She only got a good 7 inches in her mouth. The rest of my cock was just dry.

She took my cock out of her after five minutes and starts to lick my thick shaft up and down like a lollypop. Wetting the parts that she didn't get to suck. She traced her mouth on the sides of my cock, sucking from piece to piece of every inch.

"Oooooh Mrs. Cathy. Your mouth is incredible," I moan as my fingers run through her golden blond hair.

"Call me Cathy my dear," she tells me while stroking my cock in her face. She takes the massive mushroom size cockhead into her mouth and nibbles on the edges. Her tongue lashes over the head furiously and then she begins to suck on the huge swollen cockhead without using her teeth. Slithering her tongue up and down my pee hole. I didn't know how much of this I could take. She knew how to give an excellent blowjob. She isn't all that bad as I thought.

"Lets continue in my room," I told her releasing my cock from her greedy mouth.

I stuff my cock back into my boxers and lead her into my kind of messy room. Boxers were all over the floor and posters of my favorite rappers were hanging all over the walls.

"Oh my god. I bet all these black rappers have huge beautiful cocks like you," Cathy said with lust in her voice again.

She pushes me onto my bed and starts to unbutton her pink business suit top. As the top drop to the floor, she was standing in her white blouse that was stretching out incredibly far from her body.

"You'll never guess what I'm packing under this blouse," she says to me teasing.

I couldn't wait to find out. She quickly undoes the buttons to her blouse and tosses it on my head. I quickly scramble to remove the blouse off my head and the next thing I know, a large bra cup is hanging off the top of my head. My eyes widen inside her blouse because I knew she must have been fucking huge.

I lift the blouse off my head slowly and behold. Mrs. Cathy or just Cathy had huge titties hanging off her chest like teardrops. From what I could see, they were all natural.

"Well. You like?" She asks me shaking her shoulders causing her huge tits to wobble and jiggle at me. "You're not the only one packing something-huge boy. I have two large weapons and I'm not afraid to use them," she teases.

I quickly grab her bra and was amaze at how large the cups were. They practically could fit over my entire head. I was curious about the size so I read the tag.

"44 EEE!!!!" I said out loud in shock.

"That's right. And there all yours if you give my that enormous juicy cock of yours again," she said walking over to me and bending between my legs.

My all ready unzip jeans provided her with easy access to my dick. She pulls my jeans all the way off my feet and then my boxers came off next. My enormous cock slaps her in the face playfully as it was sprung free.

"Oh god. So huge and delicious," she moans.

I rested my body on the bed as Cathy inserted my huge thick cock into her mouth.

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