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Rose's encounter with young Cory climaxes.

As the drinks continued, and his fingers persisted, my resistance waned. Jeff was looking better to me with every sip. I kept drinking.

"I need to get going," I repeated.

"You're not going anywhere," Teresa said sternly. "You don't need to leave tonight."

Suddenly a much different look came over Jeff's face. He realized what Teresa was saying. "No, Tonia," he grinned from ear to ear, "You don't need to leave tonight." His hand gripping firmly on my thigh.

Teresa suggested we leave and go to his apartment. I was drunken enough that I didn't say anything, just went along.

We walked to the apartment complex, next door and Jeff showed us inside. I couldn't help but notice that the guy had a big bulge in his tight jeans.

We sat on the couch, one on each side of him, of course. Some giggling started and soon he put his hands between our legs and rubbed the insides of our thighs.

"In case you have any doubt," Teresa stuck her tongue in his ear, "Tonia and I are here to rock your world! We are going to fuck you until you can't fuck anymore!"

I stared at the big bulge in his jeans and slipped my fingers down to it and grabbed it, "What's this big thing?" I teased.

"I think there's enough for two," Teresa grabbed him too.

"I think you're about to find out!" he turned, gave me a smiling look and his fingers moved up the leg opening in my shorts and pressed against my panties. "You seem ready,"

I'm sure he noticed how wet I was. Suddenly I realized that I was going to fuck this guy. I didn't know why, but I was! I was drunk. I would fuck almost any guy now.

For the next few minutes, Teresa and I rubbed and squeezed his swelling while he fingered us. Teresa seemed to like it and I know I was really getting into it.

"Let's go in the bedroom," Jeff suggested.

We all jumped up and each of was nearly ripping off our own clothes, scampering to the bedroom and leaving a trail of clothing along the way.

Teresa grabbed Jeff as soon as we got in the bedroom and they kissed passionately. Jeff reached out his hand pulling me closer and then dropping to my pussy. I felt a fire building as he started fingering me again.

In one quick motion, we all fell to the bed. Jeff guided me to lie next to Teresa and said something like; "I'm going to love this!"

With that, he jumped Teresa and shoved his cock into her wet pussy.

He started working on her pretty good, but was supporting himself with his hands so I was doing without any attention.

I tried to figure out what I was going to do and propped myself up on one arm, gazing across his muscular back. I leaned forward and kissed his massive shoulder, my tongue drawing tiny circles on his skin. I stared down at his hips, racking up and down as he fucked Teresa.

In a quick move, Jeff shoved me over on my back, pulled out of Teresa and jumped on top of me. "Your turn," he spoke with a grunt.

His wonderful body came down hard on me. I was so swollen and wet, he moved right in and hammered me a few times, saying something about me being so wet already. He must have thought I came because as I gasped and started getting into the rhythm of the movements, he backed out of me.

I grabbed at his shoulders to keep him there, but he smiled and returned to Teresa who was watching us.

He proceeded to unload a number of hard thrusts as he pumped his cock into her. They both cried out and I sat up and watched his butt cheeks twitch as he released his load.

I grabber his broad shoulders and pushed him off Teresa. "Got to get him up again," I gazed down at the cum-covered cock that was shrinking.

I lowered my face to the soft flabby cock and licked all the juices from it. I then worked it in my mouth while my fingers fondled his balls.

In a moment, Teresa moved around to help. We both started sucking and licking the spongy cock while Jeff watched.

"I'd like to see some touching between you two," Jeff directed.

Teresa seemed reserved but I reached over and gently cupped a breast with one hand and then teased her nipple with my thumb.

We'd never done anything like this befo

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