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A new case shakes Jill while she considers being a detective.

When she called back gave me the news, and that's how I ended up here." his face had become sad with the realization of the coincidence.

"April, isn't the girl you went to prom with?" she lifted her eyebrow.

"The one and only" he grinned.

"Do you love her?" her face turned serious.

"I guess, since I already proposed." he answered ironically.

"WHAT!!!" she stepped backwards like if someone had punched her.

"And she accepted, so...that means...we're engaged!" he said with a smirk.

"Well, I see you don't waste any time!" she was now beyond caring and just went with the flow.

"Yeah, just like my 'boys'!" he laughed.

"Like father, like son" she said shaking her head.

"Hey, not so fast. I'm gonna make a honest woman out of her!" he said pointing to the ring finger.

"You'll need a ring to make it official then." her face was suddenly filled with disappointment.

"What's with the face?" he was puzzled.

"I just wished your father was half the man you've turned into." she sighed.

"Well, I guess you'll have to thank my mother for that!" he smiled ironically at her.

"Oh, I guess so." she smiled back at him, and walked to the bed where they hugged until they could whispering " I love you" into one another.

There was an irony in all that had happened that day, April fools' was supposed to be the day people would fooled you with little lies, but it turned out to be the day the big truths have been discovered.


Part three

The date

April 2nd, was the day April would give him a second chance.

When he got back home from hospital, later that day his mother handed him the phone, and told him.

"There's someone that has been very worried about you, since you didn't showed up last night. Go ahead." her loving smile was all the encouragement he needed.

He was eager to ear her voice, just as much as she was, and when she picked up, the first words he said were, "I LOVE YOU!" she immediately started crying.

"Well, my mom already told you what happened, so I want to apologies about that, and I'll promise you that the old Zach died yesterday, and today you're talking to a new man, the man who is going to marry you, and build a family and a home with you, if you still want me." his voice was candid and truth was not so difficult to speak after all.

Her answer was short and sweet, "I'll love you till the day I die, dear fiance."

"I still owe you a date so why don't you come over and we'll make the best of it, and besides there is something I want to tell you face to face" his voice was now low and grave.

Somewhat surprised by the change of tone she answered a little unsure, "Ok honey, I'll be right over."


About a half an hour later she parked her minivan on his driveway.

He greeted her at the door with a soft and sweet kiss, that turned into a deep passionate embrace, turning two into 1.

That was interrupted by the sound of his mother clearing her throat.

"Hi Ms.Thompson!" an embarrassed smiled filled her face.

"Hi April, I was looking forward to see you! Come in." she swayed the door wide open and kissed her as she walked in. "Let me look at you!" she grabbed her hands and just stood there a while admiring the young beauty her son had found.

The young girl was really beautiful, her light brown hair cascaded to her shoulder and down her back, her hazelnut eyes sparkled and her pale skin glowed. She had a V neck sleeveless shirt, and a short black skirt, black stockings and shinny black shoes with low heels.

Zach felt like the odd man out and slammed the door to bring her out off her trance.

"Zach! Watch your manners!" she gave him a disapproving look.

"Sorry mom, but you're looking at her like she was like a Tussauds wax figure!" he grinned.

"Sorry bout that April, but I was trying to figure how my granddaughter would look like" she said with a spark in her eyes and a smile on her face.

"Not so fast Mom.

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