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A beauty will always love a beast.

5" high that had the straps that wound up your calves. Then I headed to the lingerie department. I found a very sexy red/black bra with a pair of matching lacey thong panties. I also found a matching garter belt and I picked out a sexy pair of black, silky thigh high stockings with 4" lace top. I headed to the women's changing room. I got some weird looks but I tried not to pay any attention to them. I took off my clothes and tried on the bra and panties. I put my "breasts" in the new bra then pulled on my dress and tried the shoes on too. Everything fit perfectly to my surprise and the dress was perfect. It came down to mid-thigh and showed off my "breasts" very nicely. I got dressed back into my other clothes and walked out to go and pay. As I did the changing room attendant looked at me very strange and asked if there was anything she could help me with. I told her no thank you that I was purchasing everything I had in my arms. I really wondered what she thought.

As I arrived home again I laid everything out on my bed and started to get ready.

First I got completely naked again. I rubbed silky smooth body lotion all over. I smelled so sexy and feminine. Then I put on my pearl earrings and necklace. Next I slid on my sexy little thong panties, and then I put on the garter belt, and finally my bra. I slid in my "breasts" and put on my dress. After that I had to put my makeup on which took a little while. When I was done I was very surprised how feminine I looked. I put on my wig next and put a couple bobby pins in to keep the hair in place and out of my face. It was a shoulder length wig that was very dark brown with an auburn tint. I almost forgot my stockings so I hiked up my dress and slid on each stocking, attaching the garters to it. Lastly I put on my strappy heels and was ready to go. The last instruction was to leave at exactly 3:00, arrive at the adult store at 3:25 and enter the store and look around like I was shopping. It also said I couldn't wear a jacket either. That was it, nothing else was written to clue me in on what was going to happen. On my way there I was so nervous. I was also excited but more nervous because I had no idea what I was in store for.

I got to the store and went in as instructed. Inside looked normal to me, there were a few customers looking around and Greg was at the front desk but didn't even acknowledge me when I walked in. Oh well, I started looking around like instructed. First I started looking at the lingerie and wondered what I would look like in some of the clothes that looked so sexy and naughty to me.

Just then a large black man came up behind me and said, "I would like to see you model that piece baby girl." I was startled and I turned around to face him. He was about 8" taller than I was and had broad shoulders and big muscles. He said, "How you doin, my name's Marcus." I couldn't believe this; this large black guy was hitting on me.

"I'm fine, my name's Veronica."

"There is something I would love to give you, meet me in the bathroom in 5 minutes so it doesn't look too suspicious you walking in right after me."

For some reason I said ok. After Marcus walked away I looked up and saw Greg looking right at me. So I walked up to the counter.

"Hey Greg, it's me."

He said I know, and before I could say anything he continued with, "go into the bathroom and do whatever that guy wants of you." So I turned and walked to the bathroom and went in.

Marcus was sitting on the toilet. I asked, "So what did you have for me?"

"I gotz 11" bitch, come here."

Oh my god, what have I gotten into?

I got down on my knees in between his legs; his pants were already open.

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