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When you wake up next to the woman you love.

Lily slowed her pace as Steve's orgasm subsided, and she massaged his shaft tenderly with her come-coated hand. Steve struggled to catch his breath, and beamed with utter delight at Lily. Lily gripped his shaft tightly and grinned with satisfaction.

"Wow," Julie said. "I guess that's why they call this round 'climax'!" We all laughed as Lily looked down at her come-drenched chest. Lily lifted her other hand to her nipple and rubbed in the come that had landed there.

"Well," replied Lily as she rubbed Steve's cock, "this big, hard cock was just begging for its turn!" We all laughed. Steve and I glanced down at each other, watching each other's girlfriends rub our satisfied cocks. "I told you we'd help you guys catch up!" continued Lily. "But the game must go on. Time for your turn, again," she said to Julie and I.

"Wait," said Julie. "We have to keep the score. How many points was that?"

Disappointedly, Lily replied, "Only one! One minute with a difficulty of one!"

Steve interjected, "It's too bad they don't give points for how well you do it! Because that was incredible." Lily smiled at the complement and marked down their score.

"Okay," she said. "37 points for your team, 33 for ours. We'd better get luckier from now on!"

"I don't know," replied Julie. "It looks like Steve already got pretty lucky!" she said as she looked at Lily's glistening chest. Lily laughed and tossed the die to Julie.

Steve cleaned off Lily's chest with the wipes, and Lily wiped down her hands and Steve's dick. Julie rolled a 3. I drew a card and let Julie read over my shoulder. I watched a huge grin come over Julie's face as we read it. I explained the card to Lily and Steve. "I have to finger Julie's pussy for 3 minutes. But the difficulty level depends."
"Depends on what?" asked Lily.

I smiled at Julie and replied, "On how many fingers I use. The difficulty levels go from 1 to 6." Lily gulped as I said the word 'six' and looked wide-eyed at Julie.

"Wait," said Lily. "One through five for each finger. But six?"

Julie smiled at Lily's confusion. Then Julie held up her hand, clenching her fist.

"Oh," said Lily as it dawned on her. Looking again at Julie's fist, she asked, "Really?"

We all laughed, and Julie simply replied, "Well, we'll see." She grinned at Lily's surprise.

We discussed the rules and decided that a finger would count only if it could penetrate down to the top of the knuckle. A fist would have to get all the knuckles in. I looked down at my large hands, and I knew that we didn't have a chance at a six. Lily and Steve agreed to judge fairly.

Julie sat on the couch, breathing deeply in preparation for this challenge. Steve set the timer. He and Lily pulled in closer as I spread Julie's legs. I spread her pussy, deciding to tease her clit to get her juices flowing. Lily and Steve watched Julie squirm naked on the couch as I pressed my finger against her clit. Julie touched her own breasts, rubbing her nipples sensuously as she felt me stroke her pussy. She smiled over at Steve as he watched her fondle her large, round breasts. Julie giggled and moaned for about a minute and then said to me, "Okay, babe, let's score some points."

I smiled, and looked at Lily and Steve as I began to push my pointer finger into Julie's pussy.

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