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Wife is exposed to men's college dorm.

I helped her to strip out of her clothes. The underthings she wore beneath weren't quite so plain; her bra was a black scooping number that pushed her ample tits up and together, leaving her soft breasts bare almost to the nipple. Her panties were black as well, and lacy, with a little pink bow along the back in lace above the boy cut style bottoms that left the round curve of her juicy ass exposed.

"Show me," I commanded her, and she knew exactly what I meant.

Swallowing heavily, Jess laid down on the bed on her back, and spread her supple, soft thighs to boldly expose the treasures bared by her crotchless panties. Her cunt was puffy and thick lipped, smooth and hairless and plump, her outer labia engorged and already sticky and glistening with her obvious arousal. The soft pink of her inner flesh peaked through between her soaked folds, wet and desperately awaiting attention. Her clit was stiff and swollen and peaking ever so slightly from its hood. She had a beautiful pussy, promising endless pleasure and satisfaction for both of us, wet and wanting and proudly displaying her need for her Master's touch and attention.

"Masturbate, slave. Touch yourself for me."

"S-Sir?" she whimpered softly. She didn't want to touch herself, I could see it plain as day in her eyes: no, I don't want to do this, I want you to do this, please touch me, I'm right here open and wet and waiting, touch me! Don't make me do it, I need you!

But I was nothing, if not a touch sadistic.

"Masturbate, slave. Now. Get those fingers to work in that cunt."

She bit her puffy lower lip, and obeyed.

Our eyes never broke contact as her hands slipped between her widely splayed thighs and she ran her fingertips along her plump folds, dipping into the pink flesh between her labia. She shuddered, stifling a gasp as she touched herself for my pleasure. Her fingers circled her pink, slippery hole before dipping in, one finger and then two, pumping slowly into her gripping tunnel.

I watched with intent, hungry gray eyes, devouring her as she toyed with that delicious, smooth pussy. Her juices flowed even more plentiful as she pumped her slick hole, the fingers of her other hand finding the hard nub of her clit and stroking it firmly, almost roughly, her juices squelching softly as she toyed with her flesh.

I gripped my shirt and tugged it off, tossing it carelessly into the corner without caring where it landed, my eyes never once straying from the lewd sight offered. I saw her eyes run over my exposed upper body, tracing the line of my chest and shoulders, the way my muscles shifted under my pale skin, and then down to my proud, swollen cock still jutting from my opened jeans. As she took in the sight of me her breathing quickened, her breasts heaving up and down deliciously as her fingers worked deeper into her dribbling slit.

"Such a slut," I said smoothly, my voice deep and relaxed, taking an almost hypnotic quality. "Look at how wet you are, how squishy your cunt is, all because you're being forced to play with that horny hole of yours. You say you don't want it, but your pussy damn well does."

"Please, Sir...please..." she whimpered, dipping a third finger into her gripping hole.

"Please what, slave?" I growled, my eyes flashing as she began to shake and quiver before me.

"Please, Master, please may I cum!" she cried, her back arching as her hips thrust and wriggled, her fingers working rapidly, plunging in and out of her slit as she stroked vigorously at her throbbing clit.

"Cum, slave. Cum for me, now!" I granted her release.

Jess yelped loudly, her glossy eyes screwing shut as she came. Her pussy dribbled out a flow of sticky girlcum onto the bed as she writhed in the ecstasy of release, her whole body taut and overwhelmed with pleasure.

I gave a small, satisfied smile as she sagged back down to the bed, her muscles twitching as she sucked in a lungful of air before slowly licking her lips.

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