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Sex in the morning and toy shopping with aunt.

He wondered if he should get her out now, as it would be a waste of the rental if she didn't get to ride in comfort. Inside it was discreetly decorated as a passion wagon. He shrugged his shoulders. If this is what she wanted, so be it.


'You did what?' Bernard exclaimed.

'He seemed happy enough. It was a fair swop,' Ceejay stated, without much conviction.

'So why did you start packing up so quickly?' he asked.

'If he changes his mind, it might be better to be away from here,' Ceejay pointed out.

'It's too late now, we're stuck with the decision. Thankfully we'll be out of the country in a few days. If there's trouble we'll be well out of the way,' he sighed.

'The chairs are in the truck, and the stage is ready to haul into it. We'll be away in half an hour,' Ceejay told him.


Helped from the limo by an older man, calmed Barbara, a little. He guided her into a large mansion house. It had age to it, though it was kept up-to-date, if the kitchen was anything to go by. It was unlike her husband to spend unnecessarily, yet it must have cost him something to rent this place. Then she realised, it must be the BDSM club he was keen on visiting.

It promised to be an exceptional weekend, though all she really needed was to be mastered. She guessed it was cheap to rent a room here for the weekend.

What had been servants stairs led from the kitchen down to a basement. This too was fitted out in a modern style. One end of the huge area was a playroom. A naughty boys playroom, with all kinds of gadgets. Racks of vibrators, whips, kinky clothing on rails, and all sorts of devilish instruments. It was much like the sex store she had visited recently.

Then it dawned on her. All this could be used on her! It confirmed this was the sex club he had told her about. She hoped he knew what he was doing, though a naughty part of her hoped it got out of hand, with others joining in.

Not that she wanted to have sex with anyone other than her husband. It was just the idea of others watching them, and having sex alongside them. That would be thrilling. She tried to tell herself not to be so wicked, but arousal was damaging her moral reticence.

The sooner this man left, and her master arrived, the sooner she could receive what she craved. It was becoming difficult holding back, and she didn't want to orgasm in front of a stranger. Especially without her husband there to help her along, or protect her.

'Bend your head,' he ordered.

The firm hard tone of voice made her quiver with excitement. It was thrilling realising she was ready to be taken, even in front of strangers. The man was watching her, and she couldn't help putting on a show for him. She kept her legs apart, showing him everything. It wasn't as thrilling as being on stage at the auction, but served to keep her excited.

She stood still, with head bent forward, awaiting further instructions. He was examining her, and seemed satisfied with what he saw. Examine and crave my body, she thought. It was her master that was going to take her, no-one else, not even this strong imposing stranger.

'Stand still!' he ordered.

She felt a leather collar fitted around her neck. It was disappointing not having her husband do it with a dramatic ceremony. The man wrapped a leather belt around her waist, then clasped matching ones around wrists, ankles, and thighs. In her fantasy it would have been a serving girl preparing her for her master.

Brendan clipped a leash to the back of the collar. He tightened the sirik around her body. He ran a strand of chain from the new collar to the sirik and locked it with a small padlock. He did the same to the chains at her wrists, locking them to the leather straps. The ankles were next, so that her movements became limited.

Movement could be restricted even more, by tightening the chains.

She stepped into high heels, and he snapped little locks onto the back straps. Her feet were now trapped into the shiny six-inch high heels.

He guided her to a mirror, and watched the look of amazement on her face t

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