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A son learns about his mother's appetite for sex.

"Claire," a voice said.

Claire snapped out of her depressed trance and looked to Troy, who waited for her response with his eyes while his face responded to the attention his testicles were getting. He motioned for Claire to come in bed beside him, and her heart lifted.

Of course! Claire hadn't fucked Troy's brothers in front of him as he watched. She took them all three at once. So if the playing field was to be leveled, that meant Lana would have to share Troy rather than have him to herself. Claire climbed onto the bed, showing her excitement with a passionate kiss that seemed to last forever. Claire's fears weren't gone yet--if Lana decided to embrace her mean streak and steal Troy, Claire knew she couldn't compete sexually, something that had been proven time and time again. But at least now she was in the game.

As Claire and Troy's kiss grew more passionate, Claire slid her hand down his hard chest to his dick. Lana was already stroking him, but the big dick left room for four hands that size, so there was plenty that Claire could do for him as well. As Lana continued sucking his balls and stroking the middle of his dick, Claire grabbed his base and began jerking him up and down. Troy moaned at the feeling and the realization that he was getting two hand jobs at once. And then Lana gripped the tip of his dick with her other hand, and suddenly it was like he was getting three.

Troy moaned and cried out and gasped, but nothing excited him more than when Lana moved her hands on his hips, replacing them with her mouth. She sucked on his hot, fat, cum-leaking tip, bobbing on him up and down, going down so deep that she gagged, and yet her lips never even met Claire's hand still pumping him. He groaned as loud as ever and kissed Claire with the greatest intensity yet, but it wasn't until she heard Lana moaning that Claire realized her sister had moved things up a notch.

Not to be outdone, Claire broke the kiss and left a quick trail of light kisses down Troy's chest and stomach on her way to his dick. The sight of Lana slurping the cock made her boiling with passion; she couldn't decide what made her hotter, the sight of the giant, throbbing erection or the obvious pleasure her sister was getting from it. Claire gently took each of Troy's balls in a hand and massaged them as she began to lick and suck at the base of his cock. She felt and tasted the streams of saliva pouring down his length from her sister's mouth, and hoped that Troy didn't realize that not only was she not avoiding it, but she was hungrily licking and slurping at it as it came.

Troy didn't know about the saliva, but Lana did, and the idea of it struck her with such excitement that she trembled all over. She pulled her mouth off the cock and grasped the same length of it that she'd been sucking with both hands. She jerked the end of his slippery dick while dipping down to lick at him at the same level as Claire's mouth was, their tongues millimeters from meeting.

This sensation proved to be too much, and Troy tensed and tightened, then began calling out warnings that he might soon cum. Both girls could tell he was conflicted about the need to release and the want to prolong this experience, so they decided for him. As much as they wanted to feel and taste his cum, they weren't nearly done yet, so they stopped stroking and sucking him, letting him catch his breath.

Troy took deep, long breaths as he fought back the orgasm, and as he did the sisters stared at each other, their glistening lips just inches a part with only a pulsing cock between them.

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