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My sister, my lover, my roommate.

A few drinks and much talking later, Serena Williams ended up in Tiger Woods mansion. Tiger Woods watched Serena Williams naked form as she walked up to him. With her big breasts, curvy and sexy body and her big round ass, she was doing things to him. All his life Tiger Woods had never felt attracted to Black women. Until he saw Serena Williams in a bikini. That's when he silently thanked God for creating Black women. The sight of her ass stirred unfamiliar feelings in him. The sight of this Black woman turned him on. Which shocked him before he had never given a second look to a Black woman before. He'd seen plenty of beautiful Black women all over the world. However, they never really moved him. Serena Williams was something else. Her booty was nothing short of spectacular, and her body was hot. Simply put, she had an ass he wanted to bite.

Serena Williams stood a mere foot from the king-sized bed, and glared at Tiger Woods imperiously. Tiger Woods looked at her, puzzled. What was she waiting for? Serena Williams coldly assessed Tiger Woods and told him that if he wanted a piece of her sweet Black pussy, she had conditions. Tiger Woods tried not to roll his eyes and smilingly asked her what those conditions were. Serena Williams told him that if he wanted some of her pie, he had to admit he was Black. Not C-A-B-L-I-N-A-S-I-A-N. As he routinely called himself. Tiger Woods looked puzzled. On the one hand, he was dying for a piece of Serena's world-famous booty and would do almost anything for a taste. On the other hand, he spent his whole life dodging his Black heritage. Could he really start embracing it now?

Pride and lust duelled in Tiger Woods heart. Serena Williams could see the conflict in him and it amused her. Playfully she squeezed her big breasts together. Then she bent over and turned around, flicking some imaginary lint off her feet. Tiger Woods eyes zeroed in on her big round ass and all the blood left his brain and went to his dick. With a dopey smile on his face he told her he wasn't C-A-B-L-I-N-A-S-I-A-N anymore. He considered himself Black now. Serena Williams smiled victoriously. Then she leapt onto the bed, into Tiger Woods waiting arms. Serena Williams smiled inwardly as Tiger Woods passionately kissed her. Man, she had never been with a Black man who was this eager for a piece of her sweet Black pussy before. As she kissed his chest and urged him to relax, she asked him why he was so eager. Tiger Woods told her he had never been with a Black woman before. Serena Williams stared at him, stunned. Wow. Grinning, she told him he was about to discover some Black Magic. Tiger Woods thanked his lucky stars as Serena Williams went to work on him.

Serena Williams kissed a path from Tiger Woods chest to his belly and finally his groin area. She held his cock in her hands. He was a good size, both long and thick. Gently she began sucking his cock while fondling his balls. Tiger Woods closed his eyes as Serena Williams began sucking his dick. Hot damn this woman was amazing. Had he known Black women like her existed, he would have tried one a long time ago. Serena Williams sucked Tiger Woods cock to full hardness, then climbed on top of him. Tiger Woods opened his eyes as Serena Williams straddled him. With wonder in his eyes he gently fondled her breasts. Serena smiled and playfully moved his hands to her hips. She supported herself by resting her hands on his broad shoulders as she lowered herself onto his thick member. Serena Williams went down until her pussy was impaled on Tiger Woods cock. Serena Williams filled her womanhood with Tiger Woods dick, then asked him how it felt to be inside a Black woman. Tiger Woods didn't answer. Instead he gripped Serena Williams hips tightly and thrust his cock deep inside of her. Serena Williams smiled to herself as Tiger Woods began fucking her roughly. She liked his answer. Obviously he liked having his dick deep inside a Black woman.

Tiger Woods put Serena Williams on all fours.

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