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Teasing wife gets what's coming to her.

Will was usually so gentle and careful with me, and for some reason being held in place at his mercy, without being able to see his face and gauge his emotions, started to make me really wet. We were still both under the duvet and every movement was slightly lubricated by the sheen of perspiration that covered our bodies as we continued to writhe against each other.

Will's hand tweaked and teased my hard nipples before moving down and carefully prising apart my smoothly waxed folds. One finger rested on my hard clit without moving, but Will pulled it away after feeling how my pussy was dripping with wanton lust for him. He still hadn't said anything, but suddenly bent his knees upward and between mine, spreading my legs wide open around him. My breath caught in my chest as he slowly but surely edged forward until the large shiny head of his cock was pressed between my puffy pussy lips. Tiny movements rubbed the tip of his shaft against my clit and I moaned with frustration and desperate desire for my big strong boyfriend. When I made the sound Will's hand quickly covered my mouth and he stuffed three fingers in, pulling my jaw downward and making me pant as he realigned his hot thick cock with my vagina and slid forward to penetrate his gasping girlfriend deeply.

Slowly but without pausing he pushed forward until the whole length of his organ was buried in my hot pussy, with my pink and swollen outer lips forced wide open and my tight little hole stretched obscenely around the base of his veiny shaft. I knew as he sank into me that Will was forcing his penis up through the remnants of the thick cum he had deposited in me the night before. Will paused there, enjoying the erotic view and the physical sensations of his teenage girlfriend splayed open and stuffed full in front of him, his cock in her pussy and fingers in her mouth, as she groaned with pleasure at being taken like this.

After a delicious pause, I felt Will slowly withdraw his cock from my pussy and the veins and ridges of his shaft massaged my inner walls. Just as I was about to whimper at the sudden empty feeling, he reversed the motion and sank back into my vaginal canal, which rippled around his shaft. He nuzzled his face in the back of my neck and kissed my back tenderly, but there was no let-up in his accelerating acquisition of my tight young pussy. My boyfriend held me tightly as he continued to enter me and then withdraw again, over and over, our sweaty skin making quiet noises as we rubbed together.

At its deepest point of penetration, Will's penis completely filled and stretched my young vagina and nudged against my cervix at the end. I had had boyfriends before Will but, as his large testicles pressed rhythmically against my most intimate skin, I counted myself very lucky to have found a boyfriend with such a large and satisfying member.

With one hand I reached back to stroke Will's face and feel his soft curly hair as he continued to make me his own in the most natural and primal way. His movements were getting much faster and there was a growing urge deep in my belly as Will's veiny organ rubbed against the moist walls of my pussy. It felt so right to be cradled in Will's arms as he took possession of my body, and my arousal was dribbling down from our intertwined genitalia to moisten Will's testicles and my squeezable little arse cheeks.

Will reached round and found my hard clitoris with two fingers, rolling it between them as he thrust his swollen organ into me and kissed my neck. I knew this was a sign he was reaching his climax and he wanted me to come before him. I pushed his hand away and arched my back as much as I could, which changed the angle of my pussy and allowed Will more room to penetrate me with increasing speed and force. He grunted softly with each insertion and I mimicked his movements with my own arse in order to maximise the depth and force of his cock's invasion.

I squealed with overwhelming pleasure and shut my eyes as my vaginal canal clen

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